La CiudadDrake

If you can see me I am dangerous indeed. But is as nothing to the peril you face if you cannot see me, and all you can hear is my laughter.

a character in “La Ciudad, City of Love and Death”, as played by doomer5656

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


Name: Drake
Race: Human
Age: 37
Occupation: Wetboy
Powers: Ability to meld into the shadows and become almost invisible. Illusions includes but not limited to: Changing facial features and faking a death.

He stands at about 6'5 with almost pale white skin and gray hair his eyes are light green. Although he is muscular you can't tell from the baggy cloths he wears. When he is 'off duty' he wears gray cloths. When he is on a job he wears slightly baggy black silk along with shoes that are almost like slippers. His torso is covered is scars from when he was a child.


When he is working he is a cold blooded killer who doesn't know the meaning of mercy, and will go through anyone to get to his deader. He prefers to work solo as others would just heed his objective. When he isn't stalking a deader to slit his throat he can be found at a local pub. He has a taste for hard alcohol as it keeps his demons at bay. When he isn't killing someone or drinking himself into a coma he is a cynical man with a sharp tongue. When not in a pub he is either meeting with a client or working in one of his safe houses.


He will easily have a half dozen weapons on him at any given time. He favors poisoned throwing weapons like knives and darts to dispatch enemies at a distance. He will have daggers for slitting throats and back stabbing. He also will have a long weapon such as a bastard sword. His safe houses contain hundreds of weapons that he keeps clean and in order he has Flanged maces, Round-head maces, Morning stars, Quarterstaff's, War hammer's, Flails, Chain whips, Lances, Pikes, Javelins, Throwing knives, darts and axes, Spears, Tridents, Poleaxes, Scythes, Sickles, Halberds, Daggers, Broadswords, Longswords, Claymore, Cutlass, Falchions, Flame-bladed swords, Gladius's, Scimitars, Kukris, Machetes, Rapiers, Bastard swords, Battle axes, Long Bearded axes, Bolas, Short and long bows and Cross bows. He has these and many more that he uses depending on who he is killing, the disguise he is wearing or depending on what weapon he wants to use to spill blood.


He was born and raised in La Ciudad under an abusive father who beat him and his mother. When he was 7 he began to work as a street urchin and slowly he gathered money. At the age of 9 he had acquired enough money to buy a small blade. When he got home one night to the usual scene his mother, on the ground in tears while his father, bottle in hand stood over her. He steeled his face and attacked his father stabbed him in his lower back repeatedly. As he fell he continued until the body was unrecognizable. Covered in blood he was baptized into a world of death.

He left home and changed his name. He turned to crime to get money to survive. Spying and stealing being something his short stature allowed him to excel in. Slowly he gained money which he used it for training. He paid to learn about the various weapons and the art of using them. Training under herbalist's to learn what herbs could heal and kill in a variety of ways. He trained under several small time assassins who taught him many skills. He was taught how to muffle his footsteps and throw his voice. Like a sponge he absorbed this information.

At 15 he went after his first deader, a man who had made many enemies with his taste for death and young girls. He entered his estate in dark cloths and nothing but a short sword as a weapon. There was only one guard who he slipped by easily. He found the man in his chambers with a girl younger than him tied up. As she saw him draw his blade her eyes widened and she began to roll around trying to escape. The man woke to the movement and found himself looking at a boy with a sword. He seemed to be dumbfounded. Instincts took over and he moved with grace as he lunged stabbing the man through the chest pinning him to the bed. He covered his mouth as he drew the blade out and continued. He looked over to the girl who was crying with fear. He remembered his teaching leave no witness's he quickly drew the blade across her throat. He watched emotionless as her eyes glazed over and her soul left her. He wiped the blade on her torn night gown and left. He found out at 18 that he was gifted with powers. He found his job easier now that instead of having to blend in to the darkness he could now become it. He also found he could create illusions. Since then whenever he has killed someone he puts on a different mask.

19 years later and he hasn't missed a deader. Throughout the city he has a dozen safe houses which he switches between monthly. Each safe house exactly the same, hundreds of weapons and every herb known the man. He remembers his training and keeps traps on every door. He recently heard about the enormous bounty on Lash. He will never leave his profession even if he does get the bounty. But for a bounty of that price it means alot of blood. As it so happens he has a taste for blood and money.

So begins...

Drake's Story