BOSTONAlabaster Sweets

Evil with a top hat. (NPC)

a character in “Labyrinth: Into the Underground and Beyond”, as played by CassilineVow

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Character Name: Alabaster Sweets

Occupation (if applicable): Formally the legendary royal Child Catcher of Vulgaria. Currently a traveling trade and acquisitions peddler specializing in all things underhanded and sinister. If you want it, Alabaster can find and acquire it for you. Assuming you're willing to pay his exorbitant and often unorthodox prices.

Age they appear and/or are:
In the small former country of Vulgaria no one ever ages, so they say. Alabaster looks to be between 45-60 depending upon how he feels on any given day.

Physical Description:
Alabaster is sickly pale and thin with inky black stringy hair and eyebrows that seem almost painted on. Although not very tall, Alabaster often wears an aging black silk top hat and matching long jacket with tails. His favorite accessory is his horse switch. Hes also fond of long black feathers which he likes to decorate his hat and clothing with. Everything about Alabaster is straight and stiff including his post prominent physical feature. His nose. Very long and pointy. Black seems to be his favorite color. puppet-like

Personality: Charismatic and frightfully chipper about both his former and current occupations, Alabaster is like a terrifyingly delightful combination of the Pied Pipper, the crooked man, and a fully grown Pinocchio. While not necessarily evil its fair to say that Alabaster enjoys dealing with more scrupulous individuals. Morally ambiguous, Alabaster has no trouble being underhanded or devious however he tend to not enjoy when those traits are turned against him and used by others. He is in many ways a small minded man and a trickster. He's also not above playing nice with the good guys when it suits his interests. He tends to have an almost child-like mentality.

History: Through most of the 20th century Alabaster worked as the official child catcher for the royal blue bloods of the small island Kingdom of Vulgaria where, under the orders of the ruthless Baron Bomburst, children were decreed to be illegal. during this time Alabaster spent most of his days luring innocent children into his brightly decorated paddy wagon with the promise of delightful sweets, cakes, and candies. Once acquired the children would be imprisoned.

Eventually a series of events involving an amazing flying car and a cooky wayward inventor and his friends helped to overthrow the evil Baron and liberate the children of Vulgaria.

This effectively put Alabaster out of the job.

With his former job coming back to haunt him, Alabaster was driven out of the country and has since become a traveling peddler with a special interest in finding and acquiring exotic things for his clientele. Occasionally this includes acquiring people as well.

Magical Ability (if any
): Although not magical himself, Alabaster's carriage/paddy wagon seems to have developed magical properties since his exile from Vulgaria.

Alabaster's wagon seem to have endless room it allowing him to carry a seemingly endless supply of wares. Because of its apparent interdenominational abilities Alabaster can use it to transport himself across the worlds.

His horse also seems to have developed the ability to talk.

So begins...

Alabaster Sweets's Story