The one who knows.

a character in “Labyrinth: Into the Underground and Beyond”, as played by CassilineVow

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Character Name: Crysta Ethden

Age they appear and/or are:
9 1/2

Physical Description: Taking mostly after her father Malcolm, Crysta is small for her age with light brown hair and blue eyes. Like her mother at that age Crysta is most identifiable by her mop of long wavy hair which almost seems too big for her head.

Bright, gentle, and kind. Crysta is a serene contented child with a sweet disposition and sharp sense of humor (for a 9 year old). Despite her young age she is very introspective and can often times make remarkable observations that are wise beyond her years. She can also be very sensitive at times and is often the first to sense disturbances in her home life or environment.

Crysta was born on St. Valentine's day in the the early morning hours and was very excitedly received by the entire Ethden and Williams families. After their first child Meridine was born rather quickly into their marriage Sarah and Malcolm intended to wait a few years to try for another child. Unfortunately when they were actually ready to add to their family the Ethden's found it difficult to conceive a second time and three years quickly stretched into eight despite there not being any medical reason for the delay.

Finally Sarah did manage to get pregnant and around the middle of February Crysta was born. Sarah and Malcolm agree it was the best Valentine any of them ever received.

Magical Ability (if any): Born a Pisces, Crysta showed signs of psychic sensitivity at a very young age. As she's grown the family has become accustomed to Crysta's occasional predictions which seem to include knowing when friends and family are going to call or show up, finding lost objects, and recognizing individuals without knowing them. Being very open minded Sarah and Malcolm have done their best to nurture their daughter's natural gifts and to limit certian stresses that can sometimes overwhelm their youngest daughter. Sarah is particularly watchful of Crysta's abilites, secretly fearful that her child could one day fall victim to the fairy realm as she once did.

Of all the family member's Crysta seems the closest to her uncle and the two seem to share a special, almost empathic bond that is similar but different than Toby's connection to his half sister.

So begins...

Crysta Ethden's Story