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Jareth the Goblin King

a character in “Labyrinth: Into the Underground and Beyond”, as played by CassilineVow

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Age they appear and/or are: He looks about 37. As for his actual age…Who knows?

Physical Description: Jareth is actually only about 5’11. Although his long wild Tina Turner like hair does tends to make him look taller. His hair is blond and seems to act more along the lines of a mane then actual human hair…But maybe that’s just because of the constant glitter that seems to be embedded in it. Jareth changes his clothing often but has a decidedly flamboyant masculine style. Most often he can be found wearing a billowy white poet’s shirt with skin tight riding breaches and high black boots. His sports a sharp and highly correct British accent and is wiry with artistic hands and gaunt elf like features. His eyes are unnerving given that one pupil is dilated making the eye look almost black while the other is a light blue.


Personality: Jareth is essentially…The most conceited man you’ll ever meet. Arrogant to a fault he delights in tormenting anyone and everyone he can with witty and demeaning commentary. Typically Jareth only seems to care about himself and has an annoyingly superior air about him. When motivated however he has the ability to be exceedingly charming and sharply polite; although most see this as manipulative tactic on his part.

It is fair to say that Jareth can be a bit of a child when things aren’t going according to his plans and he is by no means above cheating to get what he wants. He is also not particularly forgiving or greatly compassionate. This is all very deceptive however as his devotion to protecting and maintaining the Labyrinth seems to suggest he does care about some things.

In moments of retreat Jareth has been known to express moments of vulnerability, humor, and even despair. Making some think that there is perhaps more to the Goblin King than meets they eye.


Common accessories include a riding crop, a masculine looking horned amulet, leather gloves, and various glass orbs that he will often pull out of thin air.


History: There isn’t much known about the Goblin King in general save for the fact that he seems to have a special bond with the Labyrinth and its denizens. Whether Jareth is actually a King or not is debatable; although the goblins seem to follow his commands and treat him as such. As do many of the other creatures in and around the Labyrinth.

It seems that he is mortal or was mortal once upon a time. Few have actually seen Jareth out side of the Labyrinth walls and some still claim there is some terrible circumstance that keeps him so removed from the rest of the Underground.

Magical Ability (if any): Jareth’s power is rooted in the heart of illusion. He seems to have a certain measure of control over the Labyrinth and can produce realistic fantasies and objects using round crystals that he commonly has on his person. He is also seems to have the ability to change his appearance and location at will…At least within the confines of the labyrinth itself. That being said the Goblin King consistently sports gloves with everything he wears which might or might not have bearing on his illusionist like abilities.

His crystals allow him the ability to change forms, produce objects out of thin air, and observe the going on in other locations.

It is suggested that Jareth also has the ability to take the form of a white barn owl which he can then use to transport between worlds. It is unclear however if Jareth can cross worlds at will or if there must be certain conditions and or stipulations before he can cross over.

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