Sarah Ethden. The woman who was. (NPC)

a character in “Labyrinth: Into the Underground and Beyond”, as played by CassilineVow

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Married Name: Sarah Ethden

Maiden Name: Sarah Williams

Sarah has come a long way from the awkward teenager who spent more time roaming about Boston in home made costumes with her beloved dog than she did focusing on homework or boys. For one, she eventually grew into her face. She also sprouted up another foot and stopped wearing her hair so long and down all the time.

As an adult Sarah is now a striking mature woman nearing her late thirties and for most of the people who have seen her they tend to find it hard to believe she's got two practically grow children in her house as well as two full grown sheep dogs (a few of Merlin's great grandchildren), and a successful personal business with her British born husband.

Its amazing how things like love and happiness can keep a person looking young and vibrant. No?

Even if her hips never quite shrank completely back to their pre-child bearing size, Sarah has managed to make curvy look awesome. Of course it helps to have a husband who is her biggest fan and who has the libido of a teenager. That would keep any woman looking and feeling young for sure.

Having lost most of the baby fat as she transitioned from a teenager into an adult, Sarah's face is more sharp and angular than it was in her childhood which has only seemed to add to her already alluringly transfixing dark blue eyes and perfectly shaped brows. As an adult she's certainly become a fierce and beautiful example of womanhood.

She's also not afraid of sugar or carbs. Mmm. Cookies.


In her childhood Sarah was often times characterized as being contrary, impulsive, opinionated, selfish, and a bit oversensitive. Being the daughter of a successful entrepreneur and a free spirited stage actress this strong and intense personality was perhaps to be expected.

Despite that her biological parents eventually divorced, Sarah thrived on the lavish attention both parties tried to provide her with in order to compensate for not making it as a couple. Sarah was even allowed to occasionally go on tour with her biological mother as she carried out acting contracts with some of the more respected playhouses in Europe.

This early exposure to the often times eccentric and demanding yet free wheeling community of the theatre had a profound effect on shaping Sarah and served to fuel her creative interests both as a teenager and later in life. It also served, along with her being an only child, to ingrain a certain amount of pride and self entitlement in Sarah's attitudes.

When in Europe Sarah was treated like an adult and when she came back to her father's home the limits and rules that came with being treated like the kid again were reintroduced, her father's expectations naturally chaffed. Between that and the beginnings of puberty, Sarah became quite capable of throwing fantastic fits and childish tantrums, often spouting "it's not fair!" at the top of her lungs every time she felt like she wasn't getting a fair shake right before or after she slammed her bedroom door in people's faces.

During her teens Sarah also got a shock when, upon returning home from a year abroad, Her father announced that he'd met someone special while she was away and was not only in love and remarried but was also a proud father again.

After that things became very tense in the Williams household for a good awhile for obvious reasons.

Eventually though, Sarah's bad attitude and hostile animosity towards her father, step mother, and new baby brother turned itself around. This change might or might not have been strongly influenced by her experiences in the Underground when she accidentally wished her baby brother away along witha a few other subsequent adventures after that.

As an a adult Sarah is both pragmatic yet kind. Serious and determined, yet also open minded and deep. She has also often admitted she's still a bit selfish and vain at times.

Motherhood surprisingly suited her even though as a young person she often claimed that she didn't want to have children or get married. Her family is her life now however and Sarah is VERY protective of them.


Born a Scorpio.

Sarah's biological parents divorced when she was 10.

At 13 she was given permission to spend time with her mother Linda in Europe while her mother was on tour with a prominent English based acting company. Sarah spent nearly 18 months living and traveling abroad.

When she finally returned home to Boston, Sarah was shocked to discover that shortly after she left her father Clint had started dating a society woman named Irene, fallen in love, and had quickly gotten re-married. She was also shocked to find a four month old baby brother waiting for her in Irene's arms.

Sarah took all of this information and sudden change in lifestyle very hard and felt deeply abandoned and betrayed by her father upon returning home. Often acting out and completely disregarding her new step mother and her half brother Toby, while often melodramatically comparing herself to Cinderella and other put upon princesses and maidens. Sarah found refuge from her feelings in the world of make believe and fantasy. Although she pleaded to be allowed to go back to Europe both Clint and Linda agreed it would be better if Sarah stayed in Boston and was given time to acclimate and adapt to her new family situation.

During this time Sarah spent most of her time either at school, up in her room, or in one of Boston's many public parks with Merlin. During these excursions Sarah often tried to recapture the mystery of her European theatre experience and tended to recite bits from her favorite stage plays. One of her many favorite stories was a small leather bound play her mother had found in an old bookstore one time while shopping in London. She'd sent it to Sarah as a early birthday present.

One night while frustrated over having to baby sit her fussy baby brother Toby Sarah unknowingly activated the books unknown magical properties which resulted in her baby brother being abducted by goblins and taken to a magical castle in the center of a magnificent maze.

intent upon undoing her mistake Sarah was allowed to enter the Underground and undergo a complex quest to save her brother before time ran out and Toby fell victim to a terrible undeserved fate. While in the underground Sarah made several friends and unconsciously learned things about herself and life that caused her to drastically change her attitudes once she returned home.

Although she never traveled into the Underground again, Sarah discovered she could conjure up a window view into the Underground whenever she wished using reflective object like mirrors.

Unfortunately over time this ability seemed to fade and eventually Sarah could no longer connect with the magical world or her friends. After some time Sarah was forced to accept that she might never see her Labyrinth friends again and moved on with her regular life.

While away at Dartmouth where she worked towards a double major in English Literature and the Preforming arts, Sarah met and feel in love with a slightly older student named Malcolm Ethden. Graduating ahead of her they married during Sarah's junior year of college and had their first child a year and a half later.

Sarah and Malcolm have two children. Both girls.

Malcolm Maxwell Ethden


Meridine Ethden (17)


Crysta Ethden (9 1/2)


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