The half brother.

a character in “Labyrinth: Into the Underground and Beyond”, as played by CassilineVow

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Character Name: Tobias Crispin Williams, commonly known as Uncle Toby.

Age they appear and/or are: 26

Physical Description: 6'0, medium build, lanky. Strawberry blond. Short hair slightly curly.

As a brother, Toby William shares an almost telepathic bond with his sister and her children and seems very aware of and sensitive to their inner most feelings. Although his own inner most thoughts and feelings are often a mystery to his relations. Like his sister, Toby is very imaginative and because of this the siblings were able to share many similar hobbies and interests that brought them closer together as they grew up.

Now an adult, Toby is a very caring, nurturing, and shrewd. Gifted with an eternally youthful spirit. He can also be a tad controlling, manipulative, and selfish. Like his sister Toby is a strong person however his skin isn't as thick as Sarah's is and and a result Toby is much more emotionally sensitive and prone to having his feelings wounded. When slighted its hard for him to let things go and he can be moody and elusive.


Born a Cancer.

Tobias Crispin Williams was something of a surprise being conceived just a few months after Irene started dating Sarah's father Clint. Being friends already it didn't seem that unreasonable for Irene and Clint to marry and although the nuptials were carried out sooner than either of them expected the couple agreed on their quick marriage under the logical assumption that a wedding would have eventually occurred anyway between them.

Toby was born four months before Sarah came home from Europe. While the act of keeping both the marriage and the pregnancy from Clint's daughter until she returned home was heavily debated, Irene's request was ultimately honored on account of a strong fear that she would lose the pregnancy.

Sarah was justifiably shocked by the news and exceedingly angry for a long time about the situation. Clint and Irene stuck by their decision hoping that with enough time Sarah would acclimate herself to the situation. It was an uncomfortable process.

When Toby was about 18 months old Sarah was asked to babysit him. Unfortunately something that should have been an easy task turned nightmarish when Sarah managed to somehow wish for Toby to be taken away from her. What transpired was an epic adventure into the magical realm of the Underground where Toby was won back by Sarah and returned home.

From that time Sarah's attitude towards Toby changed and over time the half siblings became inseparably close.

Eventually Toby went away to college but dropped out after two years despite maintaining an exemplary GPA. Afterward he went to Europe and traveled extensively picking up odd jobs wherever he happened to be living at the time. During this period he wrote extensively to Sarah and her children; visiting at least twice a year.

Recently he's come home less and less frequently, calling more and visiting less with no explanation.

So begins...

Toby Williams's Story