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Enter the Maze.

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THE STONE AND HEDGE MAZES is a part of Labyrinth: Into the Underground and Beyond.


There are no Places in THE STONE AND HEDGE MAZES.

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The maze itself is home to a plethora of plant and animal life of all shapes, sizes, and oddity. Typically strangers might even come across a goblin or two as the denizens of the Labyrinth commonly wander the maze mostly in drunken stupors. The maze is also home to random travelers and the homeless or reclusive of Jareth's kingdom. Yes, even in a Kingdom full of goblins there is such a thing as the social classes.

Typically the stone maze is the quieter of the two areas and you are more likely to stumble across secret meetings, drunken and or passed out goblins, and unhappy magical enchantments in need for some new company. The stone maze is also much harder to navigate if your just visiting than the hedge maze is.

The hedge maze on the other hand is closer to the Goblin City and thus much more dangerous to navigate through despite the fact that it seems pleasant enough. Lots of fights between goblins and other creatures such as gnomes happen here. There are also an abundance of homeless. It is not uncommon to find creatures and things hiding in the hedges and a person should be very careful of their arms and legs as the hedge maze has a tendency to shift suddenly and without warning.


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