Labyrinth: Into the Underground and Beyond

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An evil influence has seeped into to the Labyrinth’s boarders; a dark Sorceress known as Ariadne who has somehow gained control of the nomadic Junk People of the Arid Flats and is nursing a Civil War within the Goblin Kingdom.

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Owner: CassilineVow
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Note: Years ago a good friend of mine started this story on another site. It was a raging success and so with her permission I am resurrecting the interactive story here.


We're all familiar with Sarah William's adventures in the underground. Now it's time to tell yours.

Currently I am offering three separate but related main plot lines set in three different settings. Game play will be a little different in each of them with the possibility of cross-over.

The Above: BOSTON

On the surface everything seems perfectly average in Boston and the realm of magic seems restricted to children's books, fantasy films and TV, and the occasional well orchestrated illusion made with smoke machines and mirrors. Sure, every now and again something weird seems to happen. Like that time you put your coffee cup down only to turn around and find it missing. Or the time you had to finally put great grandma Bessy in the nursing home because she kept insisting that little people were living the walls of her house and stealing her jewelery.

Maybe things are more subtle than that. Like the time your mom instinctively seemed to know every time somebody hurt your feelings even when you never said anything. Or the time your older sister Mary Jean was told by the kindly lady down the street that her unborn child would not only be a boy but also have blue eyes and a fondness for strawberry jelly...On EVERYTHING.

Lucky guesses, random chance, coincidence?

There's no such thing as ghouls and fairies, witches and sorcery. And there is certainly no such thing as real magic. Right?


(Those interested in playing in the setting of Boston will have characters that on the surface don't seem extraordinary. Maybe they don't believe in magic or maybe they do and no one else seems to agree. The truth of the matter is that while the Above World has certainly developed and told us not to believe in such things; magic does still exist in our world if you know how to see it and you pay really close attention.)

The Above: EUROPE

The Europe setting is similar to that of Boston but is told from the perspective of the magically inclined who know perfectly well that other worlds exist and the Above world still maintains some connection to the world of Fairy. Many of the characters in this setting were either born in the Underground and crossed over to live in our world or are individuals with indirect magical ties. Some know about magic but have never seen the Underground while others seem to live in both worlds easily...Or not so easily.

The Underground: The Labyrinth and Beyond

The idea here is that somehow someway you've landed yourself in the Labyrinth/Underground. Whether you started out in the Underground and are just trying to live your life or you somehow landed yourself there unwittingly for one reason or another...The point is your stuck dealing with the Labyrinth or another place in the Underground and it’s various oddities and people.

There will be an ever adapting major plot line running at all times as a guide.

You are undoubtedly destined to play some kind of part in the greater outcome of the Labyrinth's plight. Its up to you whose side you'll take or if you'll be taking sides at all. Whatever your character's investment or purpose for being in the underground, one thing is certain. Great adventures are to be had!

(This setting is the core of this RP. All events in the other setting will correspond to the events happening in the underground as they are all connected. Please inquire Via PM if you would like further information.)


Note- Please read all the informational OOC threads before submitting an application.


*Please inquire with the GM if interested.

-Hoggle the Dwarf
-Sir Didymus
-Meridine (Sarah's oldest daughter)


Required application Information:

Character Name:

Occupation (if applicable):

Age they appear and/or are:

Physical Description:



Magical Ability (if any):


Race and or species grouping:

Personality strengths: (Pick a few and describe in single words. These should help characters who want to become Knights.)

Personal weakness: (Traits that hinder the characters abilities to uphold the expectations of Knighthood.)

Possessions: (For example Sir Didymus carries a scepter on his person just as hoggle carries his various 'Jewels')

Technical Skills: (such as alchemy, botany, medicine, archery, fencing, logic, or magic.)

Motivation: (Why does your character want to be a knight?)

Quote: (Your character quote is meant to define your characters general philosophy as a knight and can be as abstract or as specific as you like)

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Setting: BOSTON2010-06-28 05:40:16, as written by CassilineVow
After surviving the invasion of his sister who eventually left for work. Toby went about with his house keep because...Well there wasn't alot else to be done. Most of his friends still had to ship his file to him and although Toby could have always started looking for work or a new car he was still keen on treating his first week back in Boston as if he were on vacation. There were always chores to be done however and Toby had come home from Europe with a whole suitcase of dirty cloths not including what he'd been wearing the last three days.

Therefore the laundry was certainly due to be done.

Gathering up his cloths from the last few days along with his suitcase, Toby tromped down to the basement to put his soiled things in the wash. That was the thing about being back in the states, most homes had the washer and dryer located in the basements instead of the main floor. As Toby casually started hauling things into the washer the two envelopes that had been addressed to his neighbor happened to fall out of the pocket he'd forgotten them in.

"Oops. I forgot about you." Toby mutter as he scratched behind one ear."

The next thing he did once his laundry was loaded was to pick up the letters and head out the door. Not ensuring they got where they belonged would have made Toby feel like as arse since he personally hated not getting his mail on time. Briskly walking up the front porch the young man knocked soundly on the door and began to wait. While he would have done just as well to leave the mail in the mailbox Toby wanted to hand the letters over directly and apologize for not binging them sooner.

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Setting: BOSTON2010-08-22 19:38:24, as written by Essa
Rodney closed the book, he couldn't quite follow the words. Fairies, goblins, magic...he enjoyed reading, but not children's make believe stories. He lifted himself off of the old, handmade quilt his bed was covered with, and returned the book back to it's rightful place.

Humming a tune as he lightly skipped down the steps, Rodney decided to make himself something to eat. Surely Eva wouldn't mind, and it wasn't like he was a stranger in the house. He stuck his head in the fridge, and grabbed out some supplies to make a sandwhich. It didn't take him long to make, and soon enough he was resting against the green counter and shoving food into his mouth. He breathed in through his nose deeply, the house was unusally quiet. And he suddenly missed the old stories, songs and voice of the old woman who meant a lot to his best friend. He swallowed, and bowed his head in respect and let memories of old begin to wash over him.

A knock of the front door brought Rodney out of his thoughts, and he snapped his head in it's direction. "Um..." He said, looking around, trying to decide if he should get it or not. It was then that he realized that he was making whoever was at the door wait longer than theys should, and he set his food done and rushed to the door.

He opened it awkwardly, and placed a smile on his face. 'Hello, what can I help you with?" He said, quickly and quietly observing the man, wondering if he knew Eva. Thinking of the women, he realized she should've been home by now. He held in a frustrated groan and looked back to the man before him.

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Eva followed Jareth out of the house, and looked back in time to watch the steps and door fade from existance. A small smirk appeared on her face as she watched the magic become undone. It looked as if nothing had ever been there, the blades of grass even standing tall and erect where the life-like illusion had been just moments before.

She was quiet and didn't inturrupt Jareth when he was speaking with her, she could hear the sincerity in his voice and she knew this wasn't an everyday occurence. She nodded here and there, where she agreed with him or showing that she understood. Eva breathed the air in deeply, and noticed they were nearing the edge of the lawn. She saw that Jareth had stopped, and she turned to him.

At first she noticed the gloves, even the slightest clothing change she managed to catch still amused her. However when the crystal was produced her amusement changed to awe at the sight. It may have been simple enough to the magic folk there, but Eva was still new to this and probably looked like a young child on her birthday with her face lit up like it was. She grinned, and carefully took the crystal from Jareth. She observed it quietly, and repeated the images in her head of how to activate it.

"Thank you Jareth." She looked up at him with a smile on her face, then back to the edge of the hedge.

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In spite of his injury Jareth's pace was quick and purposeful as he began to lead them through the various twists and turns of the great maze. Where most people, even those who called the maze their home, had to stop now and again to check there bearings; Jareth seemed to maneuver the maze with an almost instinctual ease which occasionally put a fair amount of distance between them at times. It was clear Jareth was not accustomed to people tailing him and every now and then he would come to an abrupt stop and wait for Eva to catch up with him or back track to ensure she hadn't gotten lost. All of this, he did in abject silence with the exception of an occasional grunt.

Yet Jareth couldn't ignore the fact that he was injured and after an hour or so his focus did start to break down and his pace began to slow. Not alot, but enough to notice.

"Well have to stop if only for a little while." Jareth finally remarked as they approached a part of the maze that was less stone and more hedge. "Were about to enter a more dangerous part of the Labyrinth and I don't dare take you through it unless I'm better rested. We’re in a good place though. Another few hours and we should be able to cut around the long way to the part of the maze that boarder the enchanted forest. There’s a shorter way but it requires us to walk through a part of the Arid Flats and THAT is certainly somewhere we’d do best so completely avoid. Damn this shoulder! I should have known better than to turn my back before that harpy witch fully left my sight. And now I have no idea what’s going on in my own kingdom or who might be lurking at our heels. It’s bloody infuriating.”

Jareth sighed and tried to mentally center himself. It did little good to moan about his errors in judgment now and he knew it did absolutely nothing to better their situation. “You might as well come and sit in the shade of the wall for now. Once the double suns rise fully there won’t be any shadows to speak of. It’ll be important to enter the enchanted forest before dark. With any luck the white huntress will be alerted to our presence before we can get up to too much trouble in her domain.”

Taking his own advice Jareth neared the final stone wall that separated them from the hedge maze and gingerly slid down it so that he could sit in a curled position with his back supported.

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