LakeClan's Rise

LakeClan's Rise

The cats of LakeClan have not always held their lush territory. Only seasons ago they were hardened city dwellers. Now the cats that drove them from the streets has pursued to the new territory, and their fighting force is large. Can LakeClan survive?

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It has been nearly a season since LakeClan was formed. There has been peace for some time, apart from a few run-ins with badgers and foxes. All has been well, and new generations are being born not knowing the harsh ways of the city. But the peace is soon to be broken by the very cats that nearly destroyed the budding clan as it tried to escape the city.
Claw and her group have been ambushing patrols and maiming young cats, never killing them but leaving them with lifelong scars.
Talonstar is on his last leg, also being a main target of the fierce city cats. He has been stripped of all but one of his lives, and it looks as though greencough will claim the last. The clan is being pushed to its limits.
Can these roughly assembled cats truly become one as a clan and defeat their enemy? Or will Claw finally strike down all who opposed her?

Talonstar | Tom | One Life Remaining


Medicine Cat::

• Featherfoot
• Goldenstripe
Apprentice:: Buzzardpaw

• Buzzardpaw




In addition, there will be an option to play as a cat of Claw's rogues. Their system is less structured and is far more brutal.










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Re: LakeClan's Rise

I don't know if my character was rejected but if not can you please look over it to see if you want to accept it because I really love the idea of this roleplay and would like to know whether or not I got rejected. Please and thank you.

Re: LakeClan's Rise

@Sköldpadda. Well, when you decide that you have enough characters to begin, then you can write out the first post and give us the OK to start posting. If that makes any sense. ^.^

Re: LakeClan's Rise

Thank you Starlight :) I would have done somethin like that myself but I only use my phone and it won't work on there... I will definately edit these in once I find my laptop. You are a rockstar.

Now, please forgive my derpness, but where exactly is posting for the roleplay going to happen? I don't quite understand this site yet.

Re: LakeClan's Rise

I hope you don't mind Sköldpadda, but I went ahead and made these.

This one is Claw

This one is Buzzardpaw

I got bored earlier and tried to make your cat characters by the way you described them. Here, you can copy and paste this and put it in your Character Sheet.

Code: Select all
Claw: [img][/img]
Buzzardpaw: [img][/img]

Sorry if it was rude, and if you want me to change anything, just tell me. ^.^

Re: LakeClan's Rise

Sorry people's I wasn't even aware this was here. Yes deputy will be reserved, as will an apprentice position and a medicine apprentice position. Elidor, I'll reserve your spot too.

Re: LakeClan's Rise

Could I reserve 2 apprentices? Sibling cats, one is a regular apprentice and one is the apprentice to the medicine cat

Re: LakeClan's Rise

Could I reserve the Deputy, please?

Re: LakeClan's Rise

Can I reserve a spot as a warrior?

LakeClan's Rise

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