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"What is life but one grand adventure."

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{ "A breathe of fresh air is a great thing to take and a better thing to be." }







ImageS T R E N G T H S
SNOWBOARDING || The years of experience help her out-shred anyone.
FEARLESS || Her adrenalie-junkie nature result in her being basically fearless about most things.
SPRINGY || Air can bounce back from all falls and injuries with a smile, ready to go again.

SCHOOL WORK || She lacks the dedication, focus and ability to ever get out from under the under-achiever title.
LOYALTY || Air, due to her nature, isn't the type of friend to notice you or be there in the dark moments.
SITTING STILL || She can't sit still to save her life.

Being locked up | Small spaces

ImageP E R S O N A L I T Y

Air got the nickname Air because it was quicker to say, but it's perfect because fits her for two reasons.

The first because she’s a massive airhead. She’s recognisable as coming from wealth purely from her academic results. Anything that goes into her head seems to automatically float away, it’s why her grades are atrocious and she’s always the last one to get the joke. Despite her upbringing, Air has never had any dedication to formal learning, and her parents have suffered through every phone call home. She’s too unfocused. She doesn’t follow instructions. She gets distracted all the time. She isn’t anything like her siblings.

The second reason is because she loving getting air. Air is a snowboarding fanatic, and after being raised on the Japanese slopes, she’s not just one for speed, she’s also always taking a tumble down the halfpipe. Just ask her, she'll tell you how she’d much rather be spending her years snowboarding than stuck at the boarding school with no slopes for miles around. Air doesn’t let that stop her though, and can always be found tearing it up on her skateboard, an okay replacement for her snowboard. She’s an outdoorsy sort of girl who can’t stand being locked up for long. She is made for adventure and adrenaline, nothing else is worth getting out of bed for.

Of course, Air’s rather empty head makes her a chill person to be around. Coming from a wealthy family where she had nothing to worry, she literally has no worries. If her naivety to real struggle doesn’t rub you the wrong way, Air’s relaxed, chill vibes can be refreshing to be around. Though her distracted nature can make her a rather disloyal friend who isn’t always there for the hard times.

ImageL I K E S
Snowboarding | Heights | Adventures | The outdoors | Skateboarding | Japan Slopes | Pop music | Dancing | Bubblegum | Rice puffs | Cartoons | Rollerskating | Speed | Adrenaline | PE | Sport | Anything with wheels | Teriyaki chicken | Lollies | Sunshine | Winter | Snow | Puffy jackets | Half pipe | Flips | Funny people | The colour purple

School work | Boring people | Tears | Stress | Heavy metal music | Tomatoes | Reading | Essay writing | Broken bones | Injuries | Cowards | Dirty clothes | Cleaning | Dishes | Menial tasks | Manual labor | Mathematics | Her father at the moment | Teachers who don't understand her | Small rooms | Musky smells | Itchy clothes

Air’s dad is some bigshot CEO for some fortune 100 company, or something. Every time he talks about work all she hears is ‘business, business, business’. All she knows is that her father is always working and that money, for her family, has never factored into their lives. Her and her four older siblings were raised with diamond encrusted, silver spoons in their mouths. They spent most their time in the sprawling estate just outside New York city, with cooks, cleaners and nannies and then would head to their Japan estate with another collection of cooks, cleaners and nannies for winter to ‘visit family’, and spend all day on the slopes.

Then when they were old enough, her father, a Laurel alumni, would send them off to Laurel Academy with a giant check. The money made her older siblings bratty, but her father never minded their behaviour because their grades at Laurel academy were top notch. Air on the other hand has always been a serial underachiever and has spent the last three summers at Laurel Academy as punishment.

Played By: Unicorns.are.real
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Face Claim: Hirai Moko

So begins...

Air Hirota's Story

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Every year on the day before Summer classes begin, a bonfire is held. Now, thanks to a pyrokinetic staff member the bonfire is able to be massive, without much risk of it toppling over and harming students (usually). It is held a little ways off from the dorms on the beach by the lake, and the main bonfire is often surrounded by smaller firepits with different food options at each one. There is always, without exception, some form of alcohol and some form of drugs available, and the teachers tend to turn a blind eye to it, leaving not five minutes after students arrive. After all, many of the students have families too powerful to persecute them, and the school grants a good amount of freedom besides.

Music is played throughout the night, sometime alternating between speakers and student run bands if they request to perform. Dancing around the bonfire is common, and usually the bonfire is kicked off by a partner dance that by now all of the Yearlies have learned, even if they don't ask or get asked to dance. There has been drama started over the dance before, but it really just depends on how seriously one takes it- often times friends will dance together, after all. But everyone looks forward to Breadbowl posts afterwards about which dances meant something, who made what mistake, who snuck away with whom, etc. Nothing is kept secret for long at Laurel.

It is already dark out, with a full moon above and bright stars, the nearest city being too far away to outshine the night sky. Later on fireworks will be set off, and sparklers are resting all over the place for the amusement of students.

It is now about ten or so minutes before the bonfire "officially" kicks off with the first dance, but most students have already arrived and are sitting about the fires. Predictably, some are already stumbling over their own tongues thanks to the weight alcohol puts on them. Thus, the best and brightest of their age group prove themselves to still be young after all.

"Let's set the tone to a dramatic summer, shall we?"

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Sean was silently simmering about exactly how much time he’d have to spend in front of this fire to officially say he’d shown ‘school spirit’ when a little voice cut through his impatient thoughts. "Hi Sean.”

Sean was a little shocked that anyone here really wanted to approach him, but he leaned back and looked up into the face of Pepper. He nodded slightly in understanding, they were new-ish friends. He was still warming up he supposed, trying to decide if she was a good friend to have or something. She seemed a genuinely caring and supportive person, even if she did associate with the walking trouble that was their self-appointed Queen, Brooklyn.

“Oh, Salt and Pepper.” He nodded to acknowledge her presence.

“Do you mind if I sit next to you?” She asked. “I'm a bit lonely here..."

Sean sniffed and rubbed at his nose as he looked around at the empty logs surrounding him. He had kind of liked lonely, but he wasn’t the type of bastard to leave a sweet girl like Pepper hanging. Despite what you might have heard about him. “Well, I mean, I do have a lot of friends due to turn up any moment, but I suppose there’s room for you.”
He smirked to himself and looked back out towards the throng of people, although it hardly seemed possible it looked as if the crowd had tripled in volume.

The time seemed to stretch out endlessly between Sean and his new log-mate. So he turned to Pepper and said the first thing that came to his mind, “I, uh, like your top thing.” He gestured vaguely to the white top she was wearing before he turned away and took a long, slow drink from his cup. Small talk wasn’t exactly his forte.

There was a group of boys all wearing caps not to far from him, and through the gaps of their bodies, Sean managed to spot Cayden. He had his hand half raised to wave over Cayden before he caught himself. It was hard not knowing what was up with the guy these days but it would be far worse if Sean had stuck around and hurt him. In fact just thinking about his old friend had the air around Sean raising by several degrees and he hoped Pepper accounted the heat to the fire in front of them.

He took a deep breath, and a long sip of his drink, forcing his body to uncoil and relax. “Who knew the academy even had this many students, huh?” He said in a much easier tone of voice, and leaned back on the log. “I reckon I’d be lucky to know a total of ten people in this entire place.”

Air was running late. Well running late was probably the wrong expression for it. Air had been late, but she had also been blissfully unaware and uncaring. In fact, she’d been enjoying the empty courtyards and hallways, and had used them to practice her skate boarding. It was only when she skated round one of the dorms and saw the flames reaching upwards that she even remembered the bonfire. And so with a grin and wind swept hair she hurried towards the celebrations, completely under-dressed by any fashionable standards.

She tucked her skateboard up by a tree and ducked into the crowd letting the movement of it sweep her up. She didn’t see Kat anywhere and like usual, without the older, smarter, more mature girl to toddle along behind, Air was a little lost and very spacey.
She spotted Brooklyn, Daniel and Petra who had always been nice to her, but they were around Lucy, and honestly, Air didn’t have the mood or energy to be around Lucy. The two of them would never get along.

Eventually the crowd spat Air out in front of a drinks table, and with a shrug of serendipity Air poured herself up an alcoholic drink. Though when she heard Drake’s voice carry through the crowd, Air spun around. Of course, she’d failed to notice Cayden next to her, and as she moved off to find Drake, she also failed to notice that she’d knocked the drink in his hand.

It only took the girl a few bounds to find the dorky boy and with a grin she threw her arms around his neck. “Heya!”
She said as she released the poor boy, completely ignoring Thayer and Keevan, who he was with, after all she didn’t really know either of the two boys. “How huge is that fire?” Air laughed a little and stared up at the huge bonfire roaring away.

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While people begin to settle more into the cheery atmosphere of the bonfire, and become steadily more buzzed, different collections of people clearly are forming. The most notable of them are the drinking games, as they tend to let out a roar of noise every few minutes as someone lands a good toss, a team wins a game, etc. Amid one such group is Emerson Hill, engaged in a game of drunk jenga that is becoming steadily more perilous with every block drawn. The fact that most of the blocks require someone to take a shot, finish their drink, or do something stupid that they may want to take a drink to brace themselves for, has hardly improved people's mastery at removing pieces. Tipsy as she is, Emerson is still the clear winner among the group in terms of ability to take pieces out of shaky locations with ease. Right now, her hand is on a single piece supporting the entire tower. She looks around at the crowd with a cheeky grin, raising her eyebrows as everyone leans in with suspense. With one smooth motion, she pulls it out, and the entire tower moves down an inch without shaking. She leans back looking like the victor of an olympic medal, to the cheers of the people around her. Reading the dare, Emerson takes another drink.

Her phone buzzes in the pocket of her short denim overalls, and Emerson makes a critical mistake: she pulls it out with a flourish. In this action, her elbow hits the jenga tower and sends it tumbling to the ground. Her face falls with disappointment, though mostly in jest. Someone hands her a can, "Rules are rules."

Erin wrinkles her nose at this. She had been enjoying the game, but the loser has to shotgun beer and she really doesn't want to feel like a frat star at the moment. She sends a quick response to Kat first, and then accepts her fate.

To: Kat
Get ready to be both proud and disappointed in me. Good news: I left my room and also had a poptart so I'm not drinking on an empty stomach. Bad news: I'm about to dishonor what little family I have left.

With that incredibly cryptic message, she puts her phone to the side and makes a valiant effort with the can. She's only done this maybe twice before, always at the bonfire, and it is a sorry sight indeed. If nothing else, she manages to keep it from getting on her clothes. Upon finishing, she feels like an absolute mess and a half. And then she catches sight of Sean and then Petra, one after the other, and immediately wants another drink.


As soon as Keevan catches sight of Drake approaching, he closes his mouth. He'll tease Thayer about his crush (which is most certainly requited but both members of it are way too deep in it to apparently notice) to the end of the earths in private, but when someone else is near Keevan does something he very rarely does: shuts up about it. This is a true testament to his respect and friendship for Thayer, given what a gossip and chatterbox Keevan otherwise tends to be. "Of course dude, the more the merrier!"

Keevan only really hangs out with Drake when Thayer is also around, but he enjoys the guys company. After all, they're actually in the same year- if anything, it's kind of funny how Drake is sort of Thayer's mentee, while Keevan is his best friend. Perhaps it helps that Keevan and Thayer's talents and interests are sort of on opposite ends whereas Drake has a lot that he and Thayer can work on together. Maybe if Drake were the writer and Keevan into photography, their positions would be flipped.

Likely called over by a text from Thayer, Jenny is the next one to join the group. Keevan tries to suppress a grin, but makes less of an effort to look over at Thayer for the guy's reaction to Jenny being so close behind him. He wonders, in hindsight, if Thayer had secretly hoped the clearly fake falsetto earlier had been coming from the tiny brunette girl standing behind him now.

Before Thayer could even really have a chance to respond, although Keevan suspects it will be with a scarlet blush, a stammer, and then a desperate attempt to seem completely cool and definitely not secretly in love with the girl, another girl bursts into the group. This time, it's Air- the peppy, if slightly ditzy, Influential. Keevan doesn't really know her that well, but she seems nice enough, same as Drake. And that's who she makes a beeline to in the group, completely ignoring the rest of them. Keevan has to scoot a bit out of the way to avoid being knocked over by her in all of her energy. Keevan glances over at the giant fire and grins, he can't help but agree that it is a pretty wicked sights. Perks of having students who can control fire at this school include wicked bonfires and firework displays. Meanwhile all he contributes is a gossip rag.

It's a pretty fun gossip rag, though.


For the first time that night, something resembling a smile lights itself across Daniel's face when Brooklyn slips herself underneath his arm, something that doesn't require much effort considering the height difference between the two. He has to admit, as she's the first person he genuinely likes to show themselves at the fire Brooklyn did genuinely make his life better by showing up. He hears someone whisper behind him, "I bet Brooklyn likes to party so much because otherwise Daniel's too much of a robot to be decent in bed." With that, the smile immediately vanishes back to his typical blank expression. It's not the comment of him being a robot that bothers him, because in many ways he tends to encourage the rumors that he's an emotionless asshole. Instead, the constant insinuations that he and Brooklyn are dating tend to get under his skin.

It's not even that he has a problem with people thinking that they are together, really. They are typically found side by side at all times anyway. It just irritates him a bit that people feel like they can whisper behind his back without him finding out about it, without consequences. Lions may not need to worry about the opinions of sheep, but that doesn't mean the baaing doesn't get annoying from time to time. He turns a bit, as though cracking his back, and makes direct eye contact with the two who were smiling and chatting behind them. They immediately look away, and he flashes a smile that is more teeth than friendly intentions. Without another word, they push through the crowd to distance themselves, and Daniel's menacing smile fades to a smug expression before turning back towards the rest of the group.

Petra is the next to approach the group, and her immediate comment is on the sobriety of the group. Daniel glances down at the cup in his own hand, still untouched as it will likely remain for the rest of the night. He looks back up at Petra and shrugs, "You all are free to drink- I'll play chaperone."

Every one of them knows that the young man doesn't touch alcohol so long as it can be avoided, and he tends to end up taking care of everyone else when they get a little too messy. And if something is to happen, if someone sees something they shouldn't or makes an untoward comment about one of the group, even if it's about Lance or Lucy, he tends to be the first one to take care of it. His friends are ruthless, certainly, and able to fend for themselves, but he likes to help keep their hands clean where he can. A little bit of sentimentality, perhaps.

In the distance, the student class president for the seniors stands up on a picnic table and calls out for everyone's attention. "Welcome to the summer semester, everyone! We're gonna be starting the first song in a minute, so find your partners, or a comfy sit to watch everyone else have fun fro-" a student at the base of the picnic table shoves at the young man's legs, causing him to stumble, "Okay, okay, don't worry about the fun then. But if anyone is looking for a partner, you know where to find me." The guy winks, and then jumps off the picnic table as the groups of students return to chatter in a dull roar that fills the area.

Daniel turns from watching the speaker back to the group, "Well, if either of you need a dancing partner let me know, but otherwise I'll hang back."

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XXXXXXXXBrooklyn Winslet
X【 Rising Senior | Influential | #7d7d7d | HERE

Brooklyn had a good feeling her arrival did make her group's life better. She was aware of the neutrality among them. The members of the Unholy Trinity as they've been called behind their backs and Brooklyn's popular-kids-in-training were not as close of friends as people liked to believe. Brooklyn was aware she was the glue holding all of them together and it was as ego building as it was exhausting. But hey, no one said being a Queen was easy.

Minor chatter filled the group until Petra finally arrived. Her mention of the group's sobriety was both truth and tragedy. It wasn't a party until everyone was wasted. "I'll take a drink if you're offering, love." Brooklyn wouldn't turn down a drink if Lance was offering.

"You all are free to drink- I'll play chaperone." Brooklyn had a feeling Daniel would try to play the adult since he was better at it than her. She was looking forward to trying to get him wasted since it was their last bonfire, but old habits die hard. "Boo!... Fine, but I'm getting a dance tonight from you if you're not drinking. I'll be nice so you can wait until everyone's too drunk to remember your dancing skills." Or lack thereof, but Brooklyn wouldn't point that out tonight. Tonight was about fun and recklessness, her two favorite things.

Brooklyn took a drink from Lance and downed it with one gulp. It wasn't enough to do anything, but she'll be party hyped having her party favor. Brooklyn fingered her phone case which hid tiny, candy-looking tablets. It was a small dose compared to what she's used to, but her parents monitor her spending so taking out a large sum of cash would be a red flag. It would be enough to get her party on though. It was easy to hide it when the class president made an announcement about the first dance of the night. A simple sleight of hand and those pills were down her throat and into her system. Time to get her party on.

"Let's dance!" Petra's hand was the first one offered and Brooke was quick to grab it, almost pulling her to the floor. "I BETTER SEE YOU BOTH OUT THERE TONIGHT!" She shouted to her minis. It didn't take long for Brooklyn to get into the rhythm of the music and people were eager to be seen dancing next to the Queen and her BFF on the dance floor. Brooklyn didn't care at the moment she was too busy having fun.

lX【 Rising Junior | Power | #aa0909 | HERE

"Sorry man, I would've brought it, but I'm as dedicated as you." Drake teased. "We'll get a lesson in this week." Drake did love photography, but the love between Drake and his camera wasn't as intense as Thayer's love for his. He had missed their annual photo sessions and he wanted to show Thayer this new camera trick he found for taking pictures. The guy probably knew it already, but Drake would one up his master one day.

It didn't take long for Drake to notice a sneaking Jenny behind Thayer. He caught her look of 'don't say anything' and hid a smile as he took a drink from his cup. The two of them were so oblivious to the crushes they had on each other. It was cute, but Drake wanted them to just kiss already. It reminded him of every romance movie he marathoned with Genevive. Their 'girls' night' only blew half of Drake's man cred.

The way Thayer looked at her after playing a game of guess who with her was precious. To Drake, they were perfect for each other. Drake is the captain of Thayervive ship. Jenny is like his big sister and Thayer is his mentor so he couldn't ask for a better pairing. When Thayer stopped to take a picture of her, Drake couldn't help the knowing grin he shot Genevive from behind Thayer. He was listening to Thayer's advice and absorbing the information, but he wanted to pull a Sebastian and start singing 'Kiss the Girl.' He couldn't help the line he whispered to Thayer, "Are you going to add that to your personal collection?"

A pair of arms grabbed him from behind and Drake found his favorite skateboarder attached to them. Air was one of his closest friends at the academy, mostly due to her constantly needing him for homework and their annual Dance Dance Revolution battles. A smile came across his face as he gave her a proper hug. "Hey yourself! The fire is super big although they could add another layer of wood to the outer frame of the fire. They'd have to birch or pine to keep the light going on the fire. Darker woods burn longer, but produce more heat and less light. I guess since we have some students with fire abilities so it's not a big effort and- and I realized I've been ranting about how to make a fire." Drake sighed, running a hand through his hair. "Nerd much?"

When the class president began his speech about the annual first dance, Drake could feel himself freeze. He wasn't a terrible dancer since he is credited as number one on the Dance Dance Revolution machine at the local arcade, but he didn't feel like showing off his amateur skills in front of the popular kids. The last thing he needed was for them to have more ammunition against him. He took a drink from his cup, relishing in the slight burn.

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"You get used to the people. Sort of" Sean sighed and looked out at the crowd, his eyes cutting towards all the familiar faces. That was the problem , he thought, but kept the notion to himself. It was a little bit of a downer though, and really cut a little bit too close to home He and Pepper weren’t that close yet.

"Do you already have a partner for the dance?" Sean looked at Pepper’s friendly face, blinked twice and then looked out at the gathering dancers. He hadn’t even realised they’d already called for the partner dance. I tradition invented for embarrassment and scandal if you asked him. Sean had only participated once, and that with Emerson when he was still in the wooing stage of their relationship. So the answer was easy, no he didn’t have a partner lined up. But neither did he care to.

“Yeah, look, I don’t.”
Sean awkwardly rubbed the back of neck trying to think of the best way to let her down, he knew she was only asking as a friend but that didn’t change the uncomfortableness of it all. “But no. You’re, um, nice, but I’m not dancing.” Apparently, that was the best way of doing it. Sean leaned back and finished off his cup of punch, and decided he needed something stronger. “I’m going to grab a drink. You’re welcome to accompany me to the drink table?”

With that he got to his feet and braved his way through the dancing masses to find the drink table, immediately pouring himself the strongest thing he could find. Next to him he noticed Cayden scrubbing at a stain on his pants. Sighing and despite his brain telling him to ignore it, Sean grabbed a napkin and held it out to the boy with an awkward smile. “Good to see someone’s night is going worse than mine.” He would always hate seeing Cayden getting the shit end of life and he could feel his jaw ticking in irritation at whoever caused the problem.

Air grinned as Drake hugged her back and then went on a rant about the bonfire and the… wood? She just nodded along, and acted as if the whole thing hadn’t just flown straight in one ear and out the other. “Nerd much?”

She laughed and nodded enthusiastically, “The biggest?”
She said with a grin, not meaning her words meanly, since she considered Drake the smartest person she knew. She gave a confused look up towards the flames, trying to make sense of Drake’s rant and learn something new. “I think I get it? Dark wood makes dark fire?”

Then she was distracted by Jenny who raced off to the dance floor with a gorgeous trail of flowers blooming behind her, Thayer not long going after her. “Are those two dating?” Air asked as she bent down to pluck one of the daisies Genevieve has left behind and begun spinning it in her hands. “She’s so amazing, isn’t she? And he takes all those amazing pictures? Wouldn’t they be the cutest couple?” Air and Jenny had always been on friendly terms, but she hardly knew Thayer, only by reputation.

Then she looked out to everyone dancing and smiled at the Keevan and Drake. “How about a dance then?” Air wasn’t the type to hold back, or be daunted by the populars, after all they all treated her well. She grinned at Drake and bumped into his side playfully, “Hasn’t the king of Dance Dance Revolution got a reputation to keep?”

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[Sorry if this time skip seems a little bit abrupt, but in the interest of moving things along I'm going to jump further on in the night. If no one has any posts for that, then we'll skip to morning.]


A few hours have passed since the night's festivities began. The music is still playing and people are still drinking, but the night is looking to be on its way to winding down. Those with less energy have started to leave for bed, and thus those who are more inclined towards energy and chatter and whatnot are the ones who tend to remain.

Time: Midnight
Weather: Scattered clouds, comfortable temperature