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Karma has near inhuman composure, and as such is a mediator in many conflicts. She always displays a calm, centered demeanor and nothing has ever swayed her. She is the voice of reason and hope for the Ionian people, believing that the truest way to master the world was to master oneself. She has a deep-seated dislike of the Noxus empire, and as such was quick to volunteer herself to the Demacian team in the upcoming conflict.


Karma carries two bladed fans, which she uses to channel her magic.


Karma grew up in a middle-class Ionian family, separate from the other children her age. She would often spend her time meditating and calming herself, and she looked after the antiques in her parents' store with care. As she grew older, she became her town's mediator and dispute resolver due to her ability to remain calm and impartial in all situations. She slowly became well known, and when the Noxus forces invaded Ionia, her ability to calmly play on the commander of the invading forces allowed her to maneuver herself into a position to protect her people. Soon, she was hailed as the face of the Ionian rebellion.

Karma was taught by Janna to use her fans as weapons to channel magic, and soon became not only a face and speaker, but also a defender for the people of Ionia. She is greatly respected by other members of the Ionian command, even Soraka the Starchild. Karma was present the day Soraka gave up her place in the stars to save her people from Warwick, and it is the day that Karma failed to protect her people. She was defeated, and was prepared to die at the crazy hands of Warwick when Soraka cursed him, and it was her who brought Soraka to the League.

Due to her composure and calm, Karma is often underestimated by those around her. Even all this time later, after Karma has proven her ability to stay steadfast in battle and in the council rooms of Ionia, people believe her to be a pretty face that does not need to be worried about. She uses this to her advantage, and can often bait others into their own destruction.

So begins...

Karma's Story

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Setting: Demacia2012-03-03 20:56:02, as written by ZenMon

Demacian Throne Room

The massive throne room of the Demacian Palace was unnaturally quiet. Instead of the usual maelstrom of notifications, audiences, servants and other important tasks of the nobility, there were only ten figures in the room. Four women and one man stood in a semi-circle before several steps leading towards a raised dais. On the dais stood two thrones, one larger and more grand than the other. The larger throne was currently occupied by Jarvan IV, the recently coronated King of Demacia. Two his left and right were two advisers from his fathers regime. Farther onward to either side were the last two survivors from Jarvan's expedition several years earlier. They were recently promoted to the heads of his personal bodyguards. Jarvan was adorned in his battle armor rather than the elaborate trappings that the rest of the nobility wore. To his right, propped up against the side of the throne, rested his trusted lance. To his left, resting on the arm of the throne, lay his helm. He did not wish to wear the crown in such a private meeting. It seemed superfluous. Nobody spoke. The tension was high in the room. One of the servants shifted uncomfortably.

Jarvan stood and descended the steps so he would be on the same level with the other heroes. Clasping his hands behind his back, Jarvan slowly walked past each one of them before returning to the middle of the semi-circle. He cleared his throat before addressing the gathered heroes.

"Heroes. You have been gathered here to right a great wrong. Our beloved king, and my father, Jarvan III was killed in a cowardly act by our most hated foe Noxus. The people weep and grieve for the loss, but we must remain strong. Once our task has been completed, we can then mourn the loss of the king properly." Jarvan stopped in front of Garen and Lux. "Garen. Lux. I cannot hope to imagine the fury burning in your hearts as the loss of the king. Your family and my own have defended Demacia from her enemies for centuries. I wish to entrust this most personal mission to you both. Kill the Sinister Blade of Noxus. Katarina Du Couteau." Garen stiffened a little at the mention of Katarina's name. Jarvan noted it but continued on.

Jarvan stopped in front of Leona and Karma. "Leona. You have protected your homeland and brought glory to the Rakkor on the Fields of Justice. I hope you will be able to defend your allies as they strive to crush Noxus. Karma, you have lit fires in the hearts of your own people as they stood proudly and defiantly against Noxus. I hope you too shall light fires in the hearts of your allies and sow distrust amongst your enemies. May you both help give the citizens of Demacia the closure of Noxus' defeat."

Jarvan finally stopped in front of Shyvana. "Shyvana. I found you in the wilds those many years ago, weeping for the father you lost and burning for vengeance against those who wronged you. I know that you, more than anyone else here, knows the fury that I hold in my heart. I ask of you, my friend, to aid me in destroying the ones who killed my father as I aided you destroy the ones who slew your own father. I implore you to use fang and claw to end the lives of the Noxians on the Fields of Justice."

After addressing all the heroes, Jarvan returned to the dais and stood before the throne. He donned his helm and took up his lance. He turned towards the heroes before him and spoke once more. "In five day's time, Demacia and Noxus will clash upon the Fields of Justice. Prepare yourselves! Upon that field the wrath of Demacia shall fall upon her enemies! Glory and retribution await us! Fight! Fight for home! Fight for honor! Fight for vengeance! FIGHT FOR DEMACIA!!!"

Garen bowed in front of Jarvan after he was finished speaking. "My king, I go now to prepare myself for the upcoming battle. I shall return in the evening, but for now I am off to the Fields of Justice. We should discuss any tactics you might have for the upcoming battle later, my lord. Until then, farewell my friend." He strode quickly from the room, thinking ahead to his usual meeting on the Fields of Justice.

Jarvan watched his departure, remembering a warning he had received earlier in the day. Beware. There are spies for Noxus loose in Demacia. Trust noone. Jarvan fervently hoped that his friend was not involved with Noxus. He would hate having to end the life of his lifelong friend and trusted guardian.

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Setting: Demacia2012-03-10 04:03:17, as written by LSunday
Karma nodded to the king. Anyone who was to stand up against the people of Noxus would have her support in any conflict or field of battle they chose to confront their foes on. Her fans were nicely folded up in her hair, always ready to be pulled out on a moment's notice. She raised her head again and looked serenely around the chamber. The room was well-adorned; a different style than her home city, of course, but beautiful none the same. Her hands stayed crossed behind her back as she turned to those she would be joining in battle. She knew several of them from her many peace missions around the continent during the previous Noxian upheaval. "King Jarvan, I am honored to be fighting in defense of the common good. The crimes against your people are unspeakable, and I look forward to fighting beside you all on the field of battle," she stated to the room, "yet I believe it is best for us to prepare ourselves for the conflict. If you all agree, we should prepare ourselves for a skirmish on the Field of Justice sometime soon." Her facial expression hardly wavered as she spoke. She thought little of the hardships that were to come as the eve of battle approached, or of the betrayal to her people that was soon to be brought to light.