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After billions of years of war, Good trumps over Evil and peace comes upon the land. But, in the shadows, a small group of insignificant villains and evildoers has joined forces. Can they organize and gain the power to DESTROY THE WORLD?!!

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Owner: Barel
Game Masters: Barel
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One by one they came, evildoers, to attend her meeting. As they came, Jezebel sat in silence, not a word came from her. She sat on the floor, eyes closed. She could hear the voice around her talking but she did not listen to them, she didn't even care to look at the face of the people. She let them chatter among themselves while she waited to see if this was everyone. When she finally decided that this was going to be everyone she opened her eyes and stood up and began to preach, "My fellow evildoers! I am the Great Jezebel from the Stars! I have summoned you for one reason and one reason only... Too DESTROY THE WORLD! Why? Because this world is too GOOD! Corrupted by so much light that it's beyond saving! So come children of Darkness, children of Chaos! Let us join together to achieve one goal, against one foe!" Jezebel pauses for a few seconds then spoke again, "So.... we all in?"