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After billions of years of war, Good trumps over Evil and peace comes upon the land. But, in the shadows, a small group of insignificant villains and evildoers has joined forces. Can they organize and gain the power to DESTROY THE WORLD?!!

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Owner: Barel
Game Masters: Barel
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Kamon Diamonte, a familiar name to anyone in the practice of stealing, but just a name unknown to Luce. Honestly, she wasn't even paying attention to him at this point, but was more alarmed with somebody literally flaming in the cave. With one arm behind her back gathering frost, she was ready to freeze the woman who wanted to blow up (God, there's a lot of freaks here and that's a lot when it comes from a witch) until an bright light blinded Lucinda and forced her to bring an arm around her eyes. When the bright light was gone, the flaming girl was still there, and the witch was about to blast her with a little ice but the big guy beat her to the punch. She flinged her outside as a matter of fact, as easily as one would do a rock, and suffered some ugly burns to boot.

In an attempt to pry her eyes from the sight, Luce decided to look back to the armoured idiot, only to find out he'd somehow was now wearing a white suit, cloak and top-hat like a penny-store magician. People might say it magically happened but witches always hated that shit; magic is fucking hard to control/use and people clap for the human who imitates it? No way. Obviously, it didn't help Kamon in Luce's books and neither did his little imitation of her voice. Penny-store magic for a penny store magician, how befitting. Lucidia merely shrugged her shoulders "I calls them as I sees them." she said, nudged Darious and waved goodbye to him as she walked to socialize with other people, finding herself standing next to a girl with a laptop. Maybe the fact that she looked the most normal or hadn't pissed/try to piss her off yet.

"Can't there be some regular evil here?" Luce moaned as she watched Crazy Vs. Crazy guy with crown & Hulking animal converse. Before she could hear her response, the cave shook, sending small rocks down from the ceiling, as the man with the shadow of a beastly clawed arm started to speak. "Way to take the words out of my my mouth, buddy." The witch thought as she twirled Griselda in one hand to pass the time until finally, a woman sitting o the floor, introduced herself as the Great Jezebel, and that they were going to destroy the world. "WOOOO! Destroy the world!" Lucidia shouted, just waiting to get the necessary respect a villain deserves. Catalyst was soom to catch her attention though she grossly misunderstood his hunger and need for energy as overethusiasm. "And you can take that as a yes from him too!" Luce said enthusiastically, grin wide in anticipation, and excitement for what would come next.