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After billions of years of war, Good trumps over Evil and peace comes upon the land. But, in the shadows, a small group of insignificant villains and evildoers has joined forces. Can they organize and gain the power to DESTROY THE WORLD?!!

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Owner: Barel
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Character Portrait: Gacrux
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Gacrux, commonly known as Crux, gazed around where he was standing. His eyes, the brightest shade of blue filled with a playful mischief. The blonde strands danced around his narrow eyes as he scanned the rushing crowd of people, they were all intent on going somewhere. All rushing around like they were on a mission to save the world. That didn’t sound fun, saving the world; it would be more interesting if the world was destroyed. All that terror that’d run through all the people’s faces, the chaos, the blood flowing so freely from everyone. A sadistic smirk slowly spread across his face as Crux tried to decide which lovely lamb will be his next victim.

He leaned against the old, bricked wall giving off an alluring aura that caused an uptight business woman to stumble from, unusual for people like her to act. Proper and graceful, those stuck up bitches pissed him off; they hid so many emotions in themselves. A lot like him. Her generic brown eyes held a hint of curiosity and desire. His smirk widened as she regained her composure and sauntered over toward him, trying to be oh-so-desiring and seduce him. Sweetheart, you aren’t going to do such a thing, he thought while he brought a thin, long-fingered hand and crooked his forefinger as an invitation for the tight ponytailed woman. Her cheeks reddened with lovely blood, it urged him to sink his claws into her. The fact that Crux could so easily hear her heart beat didn’t help her cause, in fact it made him feel the need to kill even more.

Crux brushed his golden bands out of his smoldering eyes that made her knees tremble slightly, it was very slight but his eyes were heightened enough to notice. She stopped in front of him, her eyes widened as they looked into his smoldering eyes that seemed to be devouring her, in truth he was planning out what he was going to do to that fragile skin. He wrapped an arm around her, easily pulling her close.

“W-what are you doing?!?” she gasped out, cheeks an even darker shade of red as people around them looked at the display in interest.

He back them both into a dark alley way before replying, “Well, I am currently pressing you against my body and soon plan to kiss you,” Crux smirked darkly.

Now the stupid woman couldn’t see him, his true emotions took over his flawless face. His fingers reached up and gripped the woman’s neck tightly. She looked up at him, her eyes filled with the sweet emotion of terror that fueled his lust after her blood. He had to cut her up soon, or else he would snap and do something irrational. Squeezing the small neck with one hand, she sputtered and tried to scream for help. He grinned sadistically before pressing his lips down against hers trying to catch all the screams to be let go and returned to society in one piece. Crux gripped her fragile neck painfully tight, not allowing any sort of air save her.

It would be her last kiss and given to her by a psychopath. It was a lovely thought, really. Crux could feel her screams dying down as her consciousness was slipping. Her eyes dulled and soon shut. Her body went slack along with her eyes. He let go of her neck, now sporting beautiful marks of his love.

Picking her up bridal style, he started walking down toward his house, not far from the lovely alleyway where Crux normally lures his victims. People around him looked at them and most glared at the female in envy, wanting to be in the arms of a sexy man. He smirked darkly, those naïve idiots would cower in fear if they knew the real reason why he was caring this unconscious human. Unlocking the door, he strolled into his domain. There wasn’t very much furniture and the few pieces had claw marks all over them from when he was in a particularly bad mood. All of the windows were covered to keep nosy people from seeing what went on in the demon’s house. Most of the neighbors knew not to bother with Crux anymore, it was annoying how at first they all wanted to get to know this handsome young man who didn’t seem to own any sort of shirt.

He let his feet take them down to his torture chamber, which was fifteen or so degrees cooler than rest of his lovely home and was even darker. There was a wondrous array of knives that each had their place on the wall, although he didn’t use them as often as he beautiful “claws” as Crux so lovingly calls them. Strapping down the woman onto a table, he checked to see if the restraints were secure enough. He decided to wake up his soon-to-be-lovely guest.

Crux pulled back his hand and gave her a hearty slap, rough enough to make her scream in pain. His lips twisted into a sadistic smirk when he heard that melodious sound. His very being was buzzing with the familiar excitement of torture. He watched the woman’s eyes open in the dark, they were absolutely terrified. It was delicious. He reluctantly closed his eyes in order to evoke his favorite pair of weapons, his claws. His hands were now covered in a metal glove with long, sharp claws seemed to have grown out of his knuckles. Crux let the claws lightly trail against the trembling woman; she was ghastly pale which caused him to frown.

“Are you alright?” he asked in a mockingly worried tone of voice. She stared at him incredulously; the question was so stupid it seemed to have pissed her off.

Then, out of nowhere, he sunk his claws into her stomach causing her to scream out in pure pain while he was relishing in the way the metal glided into her stomach. The beautiful crimson poured out, staining her once white button-down shirt. It made her beautiful. Crux stared at the woman in fascination before whispering how beautiful she was. Even though she was in too much pain to hear what horrible things he had said. The pain was too unbearable for her to take; she just wanted to die already and not play whatever grotesque game this angel was playing with her. Her eyes watered with tears as he cruelly pulled out the sharp utensils of torture from where they were nestled inside of her.

He bent down to the level where he was looking at the blooding wound and slowly licked the staining blood that was still spreading over the shirt. It tasted metallic, his favorite. Crux ripped off her shirt to see more of the blood, the lust for blood that raged wildly for him to continue with to bleed his new toy. He raked the metal claws over the woman’s chest, leaving deep gashes that poured blood all over her now beautiful skin. She was screaming again, but the life in it seemed to be fading, he frowned in annoyance. Had he already fatally wounded her? He sighed; humans were so easy to kill it got annoying after a while. Crux leaned down licking the freely flowing blood as the life in the woman drained from her.

She was gasping, trying to hang on to the last shred of life. Crux watched this pathetic spectacle before him, all the while grinning manically. She should just die already, but those emotions are so pretty all that fear and pain….delicious, I can almost taste it! Humans are so pathetic.

Her brown eyes were filled with glassy horror to how she was going to die before all emotion left. Licking the blood from his claws, he watched the woman seize to scream and simply went limp. Sated for the moment, Crux walked back up out of the basement, not wanting to bother with the dead body he walked into the bathroom, flicking on the switch the light bulb sputtered to light, its dull light flooded the small room. He looked into the mirror; blood had smeared his flawless face and covered his metallic claws. Crux breathed in the smell of blood before getting rid of his lovely claws. He washed his hands with the cold water from the sink, trying to get rid of any evidence he had just killed himself. Although, his eyes gave it away what with its abnormal brightness and deep satisfaction, he laughed loudly to himself. That was so much fun. I wish it didn’t end so easily, takes the fun out of everything and finding a place to dump the body was such a chore…

He scrubbed his face of the remnants of the beautiful blood, the tips of his hair got wet along with that process. Crux sighed in exasperation thinking about how wonderful it would be if killing was legal. Then his life would be complete. The thought of joining the army so he could kill was slightly tempting, but all those rules and surveillance would be the death to him.

He adjusted his blood red hoodie, zipping it up until only his neck tattoos could be seen by the public eye. Crux was late for that weird meeting about evil; he didn’t know how that person had found a way to contact him. He didn’t have a phone or email, but that person did. Whoever it was, had to have been quite crafty. He sighed one last time before leaving his domain with an expressionless mask. Might as well go to that meeting and see what it’s all about.

He had ended up in front of the cave, walking the whole way, as Cruz heard a woman voice “My fellow evildoers! I am the Great Jezebel from the Stars! I have summoned you for one reason and one reason only... Too DESTROY THE WORLD! Why? Because this world is too GOOD! Corrupted by so much light that it's beyond saving! So come children of Darkness, children of Chaos! Let us join together to achieve one goal, against one foe!"
Walking into the cave, Crux witnessed a mass of chaos occurring. With his expressionless mask he ignored all of it and said “Sounds interesting enough.” That was an annoying speech, but eh. More killing? Right? It sounds like it.

He studied those around him; there were many different sorts of people. The woman who had spoken had a childish look to her, but he wasn’t going to write her off as a weakling just yet. There was also a woman, who looked like a witch with her odd garb. Also a few vampires and other sorts of monsters, he laughed on the inside. This was going to be an interesting to say the least, perhaps not enjoyable. Until, of course, Crux gets to kill.