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After billions of years of war, Good trumps over Evil and peace comes upon the land. But, in the shadows, a small group of insignificant villains and evildoers has joined forces. Can they organize and gain the power to DESTROY THE WORLD?!!

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Owner: Barel
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The hair on the back of Jason's neck stood on end before the creature in the corner of the room surged at them. That freak that seemed more shadow than substance came a Sadisuto and Jason. Its shape twisting and changing as it moved to envelop them. Jason snarled and stood protectively in front of Sadisuto as he allowed his body to shift. Tapping into his ancestral blood line may have looked little different than Jason merely flexing his muscles but the truth was much more substantial than that. The blood in Jason's veins became alive with power and strength boosting his already supernatural abilities. His skin toughened granting him resistance to any and all forms of physical attacks. His animal savagery swelled within him as he eyed the monster coming for them.


Jason popped his claws and roared out in challenge that filled the cave with deafening sound. The set of eight, four on each hand of razor sharp mage wrought steel claws jutting out of Jason's fist could cut through anything and would tear this thing to ribbons.

"You will... give me... the energy... I NEED! Feed me... and gain... STRENGTH! Reject me... and know... SUFFERING! Feed me... Become a part... of the VOID!"

It howled out in maddening savagery. Jason just clenched his fists, claws at the ready.

"Ya want something to eat ya ugly freak?! CHEW ON THIS!"

He roared before he dove at it and plunged his claws into the swirling mass.