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After billions of years of war, Good trumps over Evil and peace comes upon the land. But, in the shadows, a small group of insignificant villains and evildoers has joined forces. Can they organize and gain the power to DESTROY THE WORLD?!!

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Owner: Barel
Game Masters: Barel
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Another creature had dared to come between him and his prey. Which would have normally sent him on a tirade, but this new creature made the mistake of placing its own clawed hand into his awaiting maw. The crimson eyes turned towards the new prey, drooling with black ichor. "Let... the contract... commence..." It hissed, sinking its fangs deep into the new creature's flesh. Catalyst relished in the hotness of the iron tinge, red liquid, and felt his body become stronger with each passing drop. "You will... become apart of... the Void..." He hissed softly, sending tendrils of shadows and ichor to wrap him closer to his own shadowed self.

Other tendrils of ichor slowly burrowed themselves into the prey's hand, forcing themselves into its body, towards its core energies. "You will become... apart of me... just as I will... become part of you." He whispered softly, then mimicked the other creature's giggle, "You will... enjoy it... but only after... PAIN!" The teeth sank deeper, as more tendrils shot into its hand, coursing up the creature's body. By this time, he had let go, and slowly, the shadows receded in upon himself. A plain, grey buttoned up trench coat appeared beneath the shadows, along with grey boots of the same material beneath that. Metallic claws clicked and clanged, when the shadows vanished around them, followed by a red veil, and shadowed eyes beneath a hood.

"You should get that looked at," Catalyst said to the bestial creature, "Then again..." Shadows engulfed his own arm, causing him to enact the 'contract' he had forced onto the creature. The tendrils within it flared brightly, secreting more energy for the bestial creature to use to regenerate itself. Shaking his arm to dispel the shadows, he turned towards the group, and, with a bow spoke with a rasping voice to the crowd, "I am Catalyst. Envoy and Child of the Void." To the giggling creature, he whispered, mimicking its own giggle, "You sure you don't want what he's got?"