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After billions of years of war, Good trumps over Evil and peace comes upon the land. But, in the shadows, a small group of insignificant villains and evildoers has joined forces. Can they organize and gain the power to DESTROY THE WORLD?!!

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Owner: Barel
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Character Portrait: Sadisuto Kunshu
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Sadisuto stood motionlessly as the Void being - Catalyst began to talk. The darkness was beginning to fill the air and he could even feel the darkness making its way toward him but he made no move to stop it. This was what he wanted. What he desired. Darkness. Corruption.

"You denied me the energy I needed, but still, you want to be fed?" Catalyst spoke and Sadisuto replied almost immediately "because I am selfish..." He spoke, the lust for darkness in his voice was visible to anyone who heard it. His hand still raised high and blood was still pouring out of his wound but he waited.



"I will give you your desire, after you know." The creature finally spoke after what seemed like eternity to Sadisuto even if in reality, it was only for about 1 minute. The black ichor wrapped itself around his waist and Sadisuto shuddered involuntarily. the ichor was very gentle, caressing every part of his skin like a lover took care of their loved one, slowly buried itself deep into his core. Once again, Sadisuto didn't stop it and let it do its job. Corrupted him.

The maw opened wider, and swallowed it whole.

Sadisuto blinked and looked at where he was standing with glazed eyes. Silently, hesitantly, he raised his hand and touched the darkness. He immediately retracted his hand as he touched something soft inside that darkness. He looked around. Where was he? Where was the beginning? and where was the ending?

Shadows. Crimson rain. Fire. Passion. Desire. Rage. HATRED. The Void contains all these things, and so much more. Would you still desire me and mine, after you know the dangers of it all? Suddenly, a voice whispered in his ears, it was seductive and at the same time, gentle and soft. Sadisuto opened his mouth to answer but closed it again as the voice continued. Don't answer, it is already known. Sadisuto's whole body relaxed slightly as he could feel some of his tension eased with each sentence the darkness purred into his ears.

Do you know what it is to lose yourself within the Void? You would be considered sane among the others The voice spoke again and the air around him filled with a sound like someone was chuckling. Sadisuto nodded his head, the glazed look still hadn't left him.

It feels of home, doesn't it? The voice asked, something akin to sadness lingered in its voice and Sadisuto opened his mouth and echoed, slightly confused "...home?..." He looked down and mumbled, more like to himself than to the shadow "...home is lost...don't have a home anymore..."

Desire. Sanity. Fear. Death. Life. REBIRTH. Will you still accept the changes within, after the pain begins to grow? The shadow asked again and Sadisuto asked in confusion "...pain?..." But his question met with nothing as an instant later, his breath hitched. Something was moving inside his body, like a snake, warping and warping Sadisuto tightly with its body.

And immediately after that, there came the pain. It was unlike anything Sadisuto had felt in his life before. It burned his body and at the same time, it froze him. It felt like hundreds, no...thousands of hot knives all cut into his body at the same time and then twisted and twisted until he was nothing but a bloody pulp, laying there at their mercy. He fell on his knees, holding his stomach tightly as white, hot, unbearable pain shot through his body like electricity. Biting his lips hard to prevent himself from screaming out loud, Sadisuto breathed heavily. Finally, it stopped. The pain stopped. And before Sadisuto could prepare himself, another sensation filled his senses. Pleasure. Undeniable, unhealthy, dark, twisted pleasure. It filled him with something completely strange and for a moment, Sadisuto could feel that he could do almost do anything. He swallowed, drinking hungrily that addictive sensation.

Finally, the shadow left and Sadisuto, once again, was standing inside the cave of the league of villains. His breath hitched again as darkness briefly filled his core and then left. "You have what you desire. Embrace it, deny it, it will not matter. It is a part of you now, just as you are of me." Catalyst spoke up and Sadisuto's eyes focused on the dark being in front of him. He smirked and moved his hair a little so his eyes would be seen more clearly. It was no longer blue but black, a deep, evil color. He turned his head and used his hand to touched the shadow on the cave wall silently.

"...home..." He mumbled and looked at Catalyst again. "Hello...brother..." He spoke dryly, greeting the creature as a brother figure for he was a part of the Void now, very much like the creature in front of him.