Suburbia,Hailey Evans

A quiet seventeen year old girl with just one wish: to be able to choose.

a character in “Learning to Love”, as played by Lavender

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Full Name: Hailey Anne Evans
Nickname: Hal

Hailey is somewhat tall, maybe five feet and nine inches or so. She's slender but isn't lacking a chest or hips. She's got long, wavy flaxen hair that's normally worn up in some sort of messy bun or ponytail. Her eyes are indigo blue, and she has long lashes, along with a sarcastic side-smile. She dresses casually and for comfort, not for fashion's sake.


Hal has a generally quiet disposition, not liking to engage in conversation too much unless she finds you intriguing. She's painfully sarcastic and will go out of her way to make a mocking remark. She doesn't put up with ridiculousness, mostly when it comes to people, and she doesn't care what people think about her. She keeps to herself, finding solace with her photography and graphic design.


Her camera, her messenger bag and its contents (cell phone, journal, pens, chap-stick, hair ties and bobby pins, her camera stuff).


Hailey was born on a chilly December night to Laura and Will Evans, a married couple who had already had a son named Jordan two years before Hal arrived into the world. She grew up as their youngest child, as they never had any more children, living in a middle-class home with a comfortable lifestyle. Her father was a businessman and her mother stayed at home. When Hailey was eight years old, her mother was diagnosed with cancer, and only lived two years after the diagnoses. The family that was now just three was heartbroken for a long while, but they continued on with life as best they could. Will met a woman named Fiona five years later and they eventually started seeing other, before he proposed and they were married when Hailey was sixteen. The kids weren't too happy about it because they didn't necessarily like the woman who was trying to replace their mother, but eventually they dealt with it. The next year, though, another disaster struck: Mr. Evans was in a fatal car accident, and didn't survive. The children were now left with his widowed wife, much to their dismay. Life, as of now, has been tough for Hailey but she's trying to keep a smile on her face.

So begins...

Hailey Evans's Story