Bayonne, NJLaine "Hassie" Blanks

"Lights out, bitch."

a character in “Left 4 Dead - The Untold Survivors”, as played by Calamity

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Name: Laine "Hassie" Blanks
Age: 17
Appearance: See profile picture.
Personality: Kicks ass first, Be freindly later.
Job: Professional zombie-slayer
Quote: "Lights out, bitch."
Theme song: Don't speak - Eagles of death metal
History: Hassie's father was a military survivalist, and taught him every thing he knows, from how to fire a gun, to how to kill you 47 ways with a twist-tie.


Two Model 1887 Shotguns, Two desert eagles, and a P90 sub-machine gun. Ammo, water.

So begins...

Laine "Hassie" Blanks's Story