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"Have you seen my cat?"

a character in “Lessard Family Archives”, as played by chocolateloversuntie

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Name:Avril 'Annie' Conners

Age: Teenager(Around 17 or 18)

Hair Color: Dirty Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Height/Weight: 5'10 about 150lbs

Personality: She has a very logical mind set, she sees a problem and is determined to solve it, or find an answer. Though when faced in a situation where danger is involved, she takes the logical path, to flee. She is very quiet, usaully found reading, or exaimining a piece of art, browsing the shops in Wing City. When faced with a diffucult situation, instead of freaking out she keeps a calm head and tries to find an answer. Though level headed for her age she does have her 'teen' moments where she freaks out, or becomes lazy.

Pets: A gray kitten named Gwenivere (Gwen, Gwen-Gwen)

Outfits: Her usaul outfits consist of stuff like Pajama bottoms and a tank top with a tie tyed around her neck.

Most Valued Material Item(Physical): Her IPod.

Most Valued Material Item(Emotional): Her mothers locket that hangs from her neck.

History: Her mother died when she was seven. Now she lives with her drunk of a father.

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Avril 'Annie' Conners's Story