LeVanterYukiko Kuran

"Are you still breathing?... Let me fix that for you"

a character in “Levanter winds”, as played by Radical_Dreamer909

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Yukiko Kuran



Will not reveal her real age.
Looks: 23

Drinking of the alcoholic sorts
Tormenting of humans and lower class Vampires
Being outside underneath the moonlight
Being alone
Music that doesn't sound like meaningless noise

Too much noise
The sun or anything too warm

Tends to wear black without even noticing. She sticks to form fitting clothes and dresses.

Yukiko, a pure blood, was born into arostocriscy and lived a luxurious life with virtually no worries. It is unknown why she has come to the village.

Yukiko has many gifts, but her choice of weapon tends to be her forsight

At times, she can be a bit bitter towards other people. Perhaps coming to Levanter will put Yukiko at peace with herself.

Being overpowered

So begins...

Yukiko Kuran's Story