AriniaSpecial Inspector Kenneth Deladrier

A member of the Special Investigation Corps assigned to the Kappaletta case.

a character in “Liars”, as played by Cypher

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Inspector Deladrier is a large, intimidating Caucasian male who is in his late thirties (38, to be exact). He stands at 6'8" and weighs 186 pounds, with a high percentage of muscle and low percentage of fat. He has overlarge knuckles, gained from a lifetime of cracking his knuckles, either with his own hands or against some poor sap's face. His slicked-back dark brown hair is marked by streaks of silver, and his brown goatee and sideburns are specked with white hair. His torso is a criss-crossed, interlaced network of scar tissue obtained from years of dutiful service against so-called "special cases" (ritual murderers, psychotics, et cetera).

He generally dresses like a normal civilian, with very few distinguishing features. He wears a navy-colored windbreaker, neutral-colored t-shirts, jeans and hiking boots. The inside of his windbreaker has his badge on it.


Deladrier is straightforward and to-the-point, preferring people to follow his orders directly and to the letter. He isn't afraid to use words or fists to dole out punishment for failure. This leads him to be very "lone wolf" in his demeanor, and his colleagues always keep him at arm's length. His superiors have accosted him on multiple occasions for his demeanor, and he has earned the nickname "Masochist" because of the fact that he has spent more time in the commissioner's office being disciplined than any officer in the precinct's recent history. Another character flaw is that he likes to drink on the job and isn't afraid of being intoxicated while pursuing a case, believing it allows him to toss fear aside and center on his goal.

Yet people continue to put up with his demeanor. Why? He's an excellent investigator. He's brought in more headcases than anyone else in the Special Investigation Corps' recent history, and he pursues his job with such fervor and focus that even the most dedicated beat-cop pales in comparison.


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