Camp Half-BloodNikki River

I have never understood the living.

a character in “Life at Camp Half-Blood”, as played by Everscale

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Role: Daughter of Hades


Name: Nikki River
Nickname/Alias: Nik
Prefered Name: Doesn't care
Age: 17
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 110 lbs
Special Abilities: Shadow-travel, dead-raising, dead-speaking, command of Hellhounds, (what else do children of Hades do?)
Years at Camp Half-Blood: brand-new

Fighting Style: Swordsmanship
Weapon(s): Twin swords

Battle Form(s): ? twin... swords...?
Secondary Form(s): two chopsticks she puts her hair up with


She is distant and wary around most people, even her siblings. She thinks humans are completely bizarre, doesn't understand most of what happens or much of what people say. She is a bit of a loner, and though she wishes she could get along with people, she simply does not know how.


Twin swords; or more accurately, katana; that turn into chopsticks which she sticks in her hair.


She has spent most of her life running and hiding from the various monsters that chase her. For a while, she traveled with several other demigods, but every one of them was picked off over time. Now, she has finally reached the safety of Camp Half-Blood.
And has no idea what she's supposed to do with herself.

(She's a total newcomer. Needs to meet the other players.)

So begins...

Nikki River's Story