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Trust is something you give only to those who have earned it.

a character in “Life is Fleeting”, as played by Everscale

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She has flowing silver-blonde hair and soft blue-black eyes. She is tall and slender, gracefully built. She wears mostly dark clothing, to contrast between her hair and the rest of her body. Though she would not appear to be so, she is actually deceptively strong and fast.


She did not have a gentle turning. Her back is covered in scars from events both before and after. She was stabbed to the edge of death; the event which resulted in her turning; and several people chased her shortly after, when she had still not realized what had happened to her and did not yet recognize her need for human blood.


She is quiet and withdrawn, polite, and usually seems somewhat sad. Mostly a loner, there are few people in the world that she feels comfortable with, but when she is with those few people she can become viciously protective. She hates nothing more than losing control, and so she does her utmost not to drink more human blood than is necessary to sustain herself, out of an effort; perhaps an unnecessary one; to demonstrate that control. She has been virtually alone for the twenty years since she was created; she has met only a few of her kind, and avoided all human contact. She will never admit that she avoids humans because she doesn't want to hurt them; she says that it is because she should be above the need for blood.


She needs little, preferring to use her teeth in most battles. She has never learned to hide among humans, as some of her kind have. She does, however, carry a flip-blade, just in case someone comes along that she does not want to bite.


When she was created ten years ago, she had no idea what she might become. Ever since, she has wandered completely alone and unaware of any rules that might exist in what is now her world. She lives by her own rules; the laws of the morals her parents drilled into her when she was still human. It is these morals which drives her to avoid human blood, though she sees that as weakness and would never admit it. She spends most of her life hiding in the shadows, avoiding other people all-together, though she will occasionally come out to speak to another of her kind.

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Enya Stillblood's Story