The Wizarding WorldNaomi "Argent" LeBlanc

Healer. Transfigurationist. Herbologist.

a character in “Life--Or Something Like It--After Hogwarts”, as played by Drake Nightwing

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Argent is a young woman, 19 years old, standing at 5'9''. She's rather ample and curvy bosom and bottom, and with quite a pudgy stomach on her otherwise thin waist, with definite wide hips, thighs, and rounded shoulders. Her frame is definitely one that's definitely got a bit more to her than the average woman. She, like most others hailing from the Dragon Islands, has a rich golden-tan complexion, which compliments her dark brown hair with natural blond highlights rather nicely. Her eyes of a natural sapphire blue, and her lips are full and red.

She, however, almost always has a rather passive--almost bored expression on her face. If she doesn't, her thick eyebrows are usually furrowed in a near constant disapproving, pout-like stare. Very rarely will she smile. However, she gives off a rather alluring, almost exotic aura.

Argent often wears a white T-shirt that rather emphasizes her curves, and is rather low-cut, exposing a good amount of eye-candy in her upper regions....or a white short-sleeved shirt that goes up to her neck, but completely bares her midriff, alongside a pair of standard pants, alongside a decent pair of sneakers, with a flowing black and silver-hemmed robe. When in really warm, almost tropical areas, she changes her outfit entirely to go barefoot, wearing little more than a bikini and a grass skirt.


Argent could best be described as the strong, silent, no-nonsense type woman. She is very businesslike, and rarely smiles, not one to generally tolerate goofing around. However, she is not a total stick-in-the-mud, and will engage in some pranks every once in a blue moon. Despite her outwardly cold personality, Argent does truly care about others and will go to great lengths for those whom she consider friends.

She is rather hard to read, however, since she doesn't often show emotion in her mannerisms and actions--Argent is zen to the practically the point of stoicism. She almost always adamantly refuses to speak, preferring to rely on body language to communicate with others. She is, however, not one to distrust most people, and will accept people readily easy, discarding almost all prejudices against them despite what others would say about them. However, she generally tends to treat others in a unique manner--often referring to the people she works with by certain monikers and refusing to acknowledge them by their actual names. Because of this, she may come off as a little rude. This is mainly due to the fact that Argent hates her true name of Naomi.

Argent is fairly skilled at dueling, though her best strengths lie in Transfiguration and Herbology. She's a trained healer and professional Mediwitch-in-training, with a fairly proficient skill level in both wizard and Muggle medical knowledge.


Argent carries around a racksack of various herbs, plants, spices, and potions, along with ingredients and supplies for a prepared Mediwitch. Both magical and Muggle supplies are carried to treat everything from splinters to Splinching, to broken bones to being able to reattach lost limbs.

Her wand is 10 inches long, made of holly with unicorn hair core, and said to be rather pliable.


Argent hails from the Drago Archipelago, having originally been born and raised on the island of Black Rock, approximately 70 km east of Dragon's Nest Island.

Having lived in the Dragon Islands almost all of her life, Argent has never actually attended Hogwarts--pursuing her education and training at Black Rock Academy, and later on becoming a part of the Dragon Island's volunteer militia, the Temple Guardians, while originally applying to the Southern Temple of the Elders on Dragon Nest's Island to become a priestess. It was there she met Drake, and the two struck up a quick, long-lasting friendship that culminated in a deep relationship...that eventually fell through. Heartbroken and angry, Argent and Drake split ways.

Argent tried to focus on her duties to the Guardians and to the Temple itself to get over her pain, only to be contacted by Diego and Alicia Nightwing when their youngest son Dimitri suddenly and inexplicably went missing. Recalling that their elder son was last known to be in Romania, she has decided to hunt him down to deliver the news and obtain information on the whereabouts of the younger sibling....with little knowledge of the true situation at hand, or of the events about to unfold.

So begins...

Naomi "Argent" LeBlanc's Story