Axel Jean Fakas

"Sometimes I just want to follow you down the hall, then kiss you to see how you'd react."

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{"I'm slightly sad, maybe because I don't have you, but I'll never stop fighting for you."}

{"I don't care if I'm about to die, because when I go out a smile will be on my face."}


|Full Name|
Axel Jean Fakas

"Just call me Axel, I mean everyone else does."



60% Italian, 25% Australian, 15% African

|Sexual Orientation|
"I'm dating the sexiest girl in school, I think everyone should be jealous."
Heterosexual ([Publicly) | Homosexual (Secretly)

|Class Focal Points|
Photography and Writing

|Current Occupation|
Librarian Assistant and Coffee Maker
||At his families local coffee shop 'Fakas Coffee'||

{"Guys in glasses are such a huge turn on."}

|Hair Color|
Chocolaty Brown

|Eye Color|
Creamy Emerald


150 lb

He has a tattoo of a two birds sitting on a tree limb on his left wrist and on his right wrist he has a bird flying to represent how he likes to leave his small town and adventure around the world.

He has one hole in each of his lobes, where sometimes he wears small diamond studs if he's in the mood.

Axel has to be one of the most accident prone people in the world, he's always following or something; therefore leaving small scars all over his body, with only one major one. On large one run downs from his right thigh to his knee where he slid down a sharp rock.

When first meeting him a few things someone might notice is his first his emerald puppy dog eyes, slight bubble face, and his smooth skin. His face isn't well defined or very sharp in certain lighting, but in other lighting you can tell how sharp his jawline can be. On his face you'll find a few freckles, mainly on the apples of his cheeks, and a small mole on the left side of his chin. His lips are very full, smooth, and pink; when smiling he has dimples. Axel's eyes are fairly large and are a brownish green mixture. His nose bridge is very defined and thicker at the end.

Axel has almost no hair for the most part on his face on his chin and his legs are always so smooth. On his head his hair is extremely thick. At the top it's somewhat straight and full of volume; as it continues down if gets more wavy and normally curls up at the ends. His hair stops at the end of his neck. He also normally wears his bangs in a rightward swoop. Most people think he has black hair, but in reality it's extremely dark brown. In almost all lighting it does look black, but in the perfect shade of lighting, usually the sun, you can tell it's brown.

He pretty much has no fat on his body whatsoever, it's muscle. He's not huge like a body builder, but he is fit and somewhat strong. He has a simple six pack from basketball an ok looking biceps. The brood shoulder boy is known for wearing the most randomness of things. Sometimes he wears suits, to appear more sharp and professional, and then the next day you might see him in a wife-beater and shorts; it's just what he's into. The only common thing he wears is thick rimmed black glasses.

{"I just want a guy with a winning smile and a nice ass."}


{Loving} {Caring} {Strong-Willed} {Protective} {Jealous}
Axel is one of the most open people someone could ever meet. He loves to make people laugh, bringing joy to others brings joy to himself. Laughter is the best medicine to him, for he does laugh a lot. Sometimes he laughs at nothing, he'll just bust out into laughter for absolutely no reason, this is annoying to people, but he can't help himself. Axel even laughs at his own jokes even if no one else finds them the least but funny; he won't let their boring nature stop his fun. Axel's caring nature leads him to put people before himself, to him other people's needs and wants are more important. He can be a very big people pleasure and normally tries to make everyone happy even if it causes him pain. Axel has tried to stop being so pleasing, he knows in the end it's just going to hurt him so bad, but he doesn't. He just stays so pleasing. He's also a boardline pushover and he lets people walk all over him from time to time, like his bestfriend in a way. He let's his friend treat him anyway he wants, for the most part its good, but it's hard for him to be around him because he's in love with him and knows that he's bestfriend is in love with (Girl 5). Along with the lines of this he's a gentlemen in his ways. Axel knows how to treat people right, which he always does. He's the type to hold the door open for people, if it's raining he'd take off his jacket and place it over a puddle for a lady to walk across, he cooks every meal for his family, and so on.

With the caring he does he tends to get a little to attached to people. It's somewhat strange that he loves to always be busy, but hates to be away from the people he's close to. There's a clinginess about him that gets overlooked because he doesn't put it out there. When wanting to spend an unusually amount of time with a person he makes it not to obvious, like asking them to help him study or hanging with the person through another friend. Axel hates to just come out and say he needs someone from the fear of looking weak, something he defiantly isn't. He's not a guy that always has to prove how strong he is, he finds it so unattractive when other men do it, but if he has to prove his strength he would. Axel has been into a few fights to prove he wasn't a complete pushover, he can't stand to be bullied and taunted like other kids, being almost outcasted, perhaps that's way he clasps onto the people he's so fond of. He may be friendly, but not everyone he talks to he becomes attached to. Like when he does travel he's always with his family, and if possible he brings his best friend along with him, Jace. He's feelings for the boy are great and he rarely wishes to be away from him, maybe because they've been glued together since they were born, from the fact that their families have always been family friends. Jace is the person Axel trust more than anyone, even though he may not tell him everything. He fears losing him more than anyone, that's way he would never tell him he is gay even though he really wants to.

Drinking is a bad habit of Axel's that he knows he should stop. Traveling a lot means that some places he's allowed to drink at the age of 18, and drunk he does get. When he's drunk it's so obvious, he stumbles, starts random fights, says things he shouldn't, in other words he's just a mess. Axel is never one to just randomly start a fight without a reason, but when drunk he does fight and for some reason he becomes even stronger, making him a little sort of unbeatable. Of course he's gotten his butt beat a few times, not that he'd ever go around admitting that, because that would just lead to people trying to fight him even more in school. That's the same reason he doesn't want people to know he's gay, he knows he'll probably get ganged up on by homophobic boys. He's only ever told his brother about him liking the same sex, but some way other people can tell as well, other homos, it's like they have better gay tracking skills than he does. He wishes he could tell if people were gay or not, if so he would probably already be in a relationship, perhaps.

Jealousy, another one of his many flaws, isn't an emotion he has every really experienced, so when it comes across him he isn't sure how exactly to handle himself. His jealousy usually forms around the people he takes interest in flirting or being flirted with by others, luckily he momentarily he is only fond of one person, but still the jealousy gets to him. (Girl 5), he hates her with almost every fiber of his being due to jealousy. When she's around Jace he gets mad and even though he tries to hide it he knows it shows slightly. Because of this when she comes around he tends to leave the group. Anger has never been a good color on Axel, he finds it hard to control himself at times. If he becomes overly upset it's like he's not himself anymore. He becomes violent, unfriendly, and is barely stands me. He doesn't like violence, as mentioned before, but if to upset he could possible hurt the person his anger is towards.

Pain. With him being so protective of everyone else's feelings, he'd do anything to keep the people he loves happy, even though it hurts himself. For instants, he's in love with Jace, it's been that way for a long time for him, but he'd never want to ruin the friendship and bond he has with the boy. He would never tell him how he always thinks about him, how much he wants to be the person he kisses, he just wants to be completely honest about everything, but since he can't it hurts him. Jace is the only person that Axel could cry in front of, the occasion is rare, but the main reason he cries is about the fact he loves someone that doesn't love him. He's usually one to open up and speak his mind, but when around Jace he can't, which makes him depressed a little, but he doesn't let that affect his life. He may feel pain, jealousy, anger, and so many other mixed emotions from the fact that his bestfriend doesn't notice his love; he could never stay away from Jace though, he'd rather be miserable, like he slightly is, then lose him. When it comes to Jace he's so defenseless to him. Axel has always taken favor to guys that are taller, stronger, and more dominate, even though he doesn't really liked being pushed around, "I like to take care of the people I love, for once I want the person I love to take care of me."

|Habits & Oddities|
*When he's unsure what to do he'll start to hum to fill in the silence*
*If Axel is around an attractive person he can't: A.) Stop staring them down, B.) Can't help wrapping his arm around their shoulders if he's having a conversation with them, and C.) Bit his bottom lip*
*"Oddly enough I love to be tickled... I just like being touched by others and tickling brings me joy."*
*"As weird as it may be, I collect glasses, so one day when I find someone to 'actually' date I can make them wear them.... I just love seeing hot men in glasses."*

"My brother, my bestfriend, and I tend to travel a lot together, like on breaks and stuff. Going out with them is always an adventure waiting to happen!"

"Swimming is always a good cool down for me, being submerged in water is so refreshing."

"Basketball has to be my favorite sport, followed behind baseball of course. Being active is a good thing in everyone's life, in my opinion of course, so exercise is really for me as well, I mean I have to stay in good shape!"

"I think everyone should know how to dance, I've been taking lessons for a while now, and gosh, guys that can move their hips... man does that take my breath away."

"Knowledge is the key to everything, if I ever want to make anything of myself I better gain some knowledge, and I also just love to read!"

A Little Cockiness
Shirtless Men
Men That Know How To Dance "I wouldn't mind if a guy wanted to grind on me."
Blue/Green Eyes
His Thighs Being Touched
Being Tickled
Being Touched In General
Getting Flowers
Being Able To Trust People
Overly Vain People
People That Don't Know How To Dress
Boys That Don't Know How To Move Their Hips
To Many Piercings
Baggy Pants
People That Smell Bad
People Trying To Fight Him
Being Bit By Bugs
Rude People
Not Getting His Way
Keeping His Sexuality A Secret
Getting Drunk
People That Break Promises
Girl 5

{"Everyone deserves to have some personal things, but if you have a lover... they deserve to know everything."}


Strengths and Weaknesses

*Speaks English, Spanish, French, and Italian(S/T)
* Jealousy(F/W)
* Family/Friends(W)
* Drinking(F)
* Jace(W)

As Straight As A Circle
"Sometimes I hate my town, for pretty much one reason: I can't be myself. I've lived here for eighteen years of my life and I can't even be like: 'Hey, I'm gay!', unless I want to be beat up by someone. So yes, I'm homosexual, no, I'm not the gay kid with the high pitched voice, that screams like a girl, that paints their nails, no, I'm the kind of gay that likes acting like a gentleman and wants a real man to call my own."

He Should Have Been Friendzoned
"Love... sometimes it feels like an extremely cruel word. I have been with this boy pretty much since birth and I've basically loved him ever since. I want to hold him in my arms and tell him I love him more than anyone else in the world, I want to look up at him with a smile and then him playfully mess up my hair, I just want him. Jace is just someone really important to me, to the point I want my whole life to be revolved around him."

Almost Secret Love
"My Junior year I started talking to a Senior a little more than I should have, he was my brother's friend so I was use to seeing him around and everything. At first I couldn't understand why my brother liked him as a friend, he was just so cold and always glared and was rough with people, but when my brother was no longer in school the two of use began to start hanging out with each other. I was use to it, he began opening up to me, just me, no one else but me and I really liked that.... it made me feel special. One day when we were alone he kissed my cheek and told me he really liked me, but he could tell how much I cared for Jace the way I looked at him and that he knew my brother would never forgive him if we were together.... nothing would have happened I don't think, I loved Jace then and I still do now."

The Guy Worth Fighting For
"What kind of guy do I like? Well I'm sure everyone has their dream partner and for me there's no difference. For starters I like guys that are tall, tall is sexy, but not skinny tooth pick guys, muscular tall guys are sexy. Brown hair with a swoop for the bangs, it's too perfect. When boys have eyes that can turn from blue to green, a smirk that could melt snow, and dimples that I could sleep in... it makes me speechless. When it comes to personality it's not to complex, I like guys that are kind of hard to crack, that act all cold and only open up when they get really close to me, it's a turn on. Deep sexy voices... soft hands and thick lips... Manly, don't forget manly! Girly guys simply just get on my nerves so much, I want a man that knows how to fix cars or something and doesn't mind getting down and dirty! I could go on for hours about the dream guy I want, not that anyone knows."

Don't Kiss And Don't Tell
"(Girl 3) and I have been dating for sometime now and we still haven't had our first kiss, maybe because our friendship is completely fake and we're both gay. I love the girl as a friend though, and we do tell people we 'kiss', but her and I both know the truth; I just couldn't waste my first kiss on a girl."

Furious Green
"Why does green always represent envy? Well, maybe because everytime you're around the thing you envy you want to throw up the color green. Whenever I'm near (Girl 5) that's what I feel like doing. I don't like saying bad things about people, but I know she's a whore, the way Jace talks about her I know it; I just want to get rid of her so bad. She cheats on him and then thinks she deserves him, but she doesn't! He deserves a girl that could treat him right, with nothing but love, but no, she just toys with him for whatever reason! No reason could be good enough to cheat on the best guy in the whole world, there will never be a good enough reason to do anything bad to him!"

Breaking The Closet Door
"Fairies and faggots are just two things I would be called if anyone found out I liked men. It's sad to think I'd be called names and beat up for just being with someone I truly cared about... the thing is I already know I'm going to come out which is my biggest fear. Rumors are rumors, and I don't think everyone would just believe I was gay, mainly because I don't fit any of the stereotypes, but when I meet that special person and I happen to still being going to school at the moment... I will let it be known. If I'm ever in a true relationship I don't want to keep them a secret, the same way I don't want them to keep me. So, I'm not afraid of being caught, I'm afraid of coming out."

It's Like Losing My Heart
"Jace, if I lost him in any form possible I think I could possibly kill myself. We rarely fight and the times we have it leaves me depressed, when we fight I always have this falling sensation that I'm never going to get him back. The main reason we ever argue is over the people we're dating, and it's crazy how jealous I get and sometimes it's like he is too, but I know better. We've been friends since birth, but one day he'll get married and probably move away with his kids or move away for college. When this day comes I'm of course going to want to go with him, but that can't happen."

What Does The Fox Say
"Ok, Ok, when I was younger I kind of had a bad experience with a fox... as in I went into the woods with my dog and then it was devoured by one of the evil creatures! For some reason people find the little orange things so cute, but nope, I don't live that life style, I hate those things.... it ate my dog! I feel like they're blood lusting things that could eat a human if they really want to."

{"Would you like to go on a journey with me?"}


|Place Of Origin|
Cleveland, Tennessee

|Birth Date|
February 14th

Sitting on the edge of the bed, he watched the movie with one of his closer friends. "You don't have to sit down there all by yourself, you can come up here with me." Looking back at his friend, he gave a smile before scooting up to his friends side. "Is this better for you, Marcus?" Asking the question they both exchanged small laughter. Marcus reached rested his right arm on the shoulders of Axel, "You could always lay back." Giving a smile in responses, Axel took the gesture as a friendly thing and just laid against Marcus' chest without a second thought. "So, how's school been, kid-o?" Sighing, Axel positioned his head so he could see Marcus, but still remain comfortable. "Well, my grades are good, I've been in about two fights in the past semester, I'm making all A's, and Jace's been devoting most of his time to (Girl 5)." Marcus just seemed to grin about what had just left Axel's mouth, which left him a little confused. "What is it?" "You're just really cute is all." Axel's face grew bright red at the compliment and he immediately popped up from his resting place. "What's that suppose to me?" "Isn't it kind of clear? I think you're cute." "Cute? Like a three year old?" Marcus laughed, adding on to the confusion already forming to Axel. He wasn't sure what he meant, he was pretty sure he didn't mean it in that way, because no males in town were as special as him to his knowledge. "It means I find you attractive, stupid. Now don't go ruining the moment." At that his face became even more heated, he wasn't prepared for this. He was kind of use to girls coming on to him, but was this man, Marcus, coming on to him too? Axel then tried to speak, but he couldn't get any words out, not that he had any words in mind to say, so he stared humming. A few seconds passed where he stared at the wall and could sense Marcus's eyes on him, until finally Marcus broke the silence, by gently taking hold of Axel's chin and holding the gaze face to face. "I know you're gay, other people my see through you're act, but I know better. I see how pissed off you get when Jace doesn't notice you, but now you know how I feel to your oblivion about me." He smirked while Axel tried to process it all before saying, "You're gay?" "I'm bisexual I guess, I've taken interest in you, but soon I'll be going off to college and you're in love with Jace, so I'm not even going to waste my time trying to make you mine." His voice had started of full of happiness and slowly faded to the monotone sound that his expressed to most people. He had been right though, Axel was in love and had no interest in anyone else, and that was probably why he hadn't seen this coming this past year. "Let's keep this our little secret, ok?" He had no time to say anything before Marcus softly kissed his cheek and left Axel's room.

"Don't touch me, I'm tired of this crap!' When Jace reached to grab him he quickly pulled away and continued walking. They both were pretty upset and the anger between them could probably be cut by a knife. "You are acting like a little kid, Axel!" Axel groaned at the situation, he just wanted to go home and relax in his nice bed, not be here arguing with his bestfriend. "I don't understand why you're mad at me-" "Um, it's kind of obvious." Scoffing at the reply made, Axel stopped his angry walking and just stared. "What, what am I suppose to know?" Jace took in a deep breath before speaking. "I mean ever since you started dating (Girl 3) we've stopped talking as much." They both held each others eye contact, as if they were having a secret conversation between themselves without even realizing it. "Well, you did the same thing when you got your girlfriend-" "That's different! When I started dating her I still answered your phone calls-" "Sometimes you did, like after the fifteenth time I call. You only ever call me once and never try again to get a hold of me, you don't even leave a message!" "Do I need to start calling more or texting you all the time just to let you know I want to come over for the night?" Axel's jaw slightly dropped at the sound, why was his friend acting like this? "I mean, you've almost ignored me for a week since this relationship started, are you acting this way since you and Marcus aren't friends anymore?" It was true that Axel was a little hurt that him and Marcus weren't friends anymore, after the kissing thing Marcus has just stopped talking to him and then Axel ended up dating (Girl 3). The way the relationship between the two of them started was strange, they were just taking about how weird it was being single pringles, some way she had figured out he was gay (he wouldn't admit to it though), so the two decided to just go around school saying they were dating and began holding hands. "I've just had a lot on my mind lately is all. Jace, you're my bestfriend, and no girl or boy could ever break up our friendship." Jace nodded his head in agreeing, causing Axel to smile. "Good, my cars out front." Pulling Jace into a hug, he began to feel revealed that this had settled the way it did. "Now, let's go."

"Why the heck did you have me sit on the couch? Is this going to be some dramatic family meeting or something?" Axel growled at his brother's rudeness. "Just shut up!" Sitting down he began to hum. "Fuck, you're humming, what did you do?" Now he was to the point where he was about to punch him, but instead he forced out some words, "I'm in love..." Looking up he searched his older brother's eyes for answers and in response his brothers face lit up. "You're in love with your girl? I was so afraid you were going to die alone!" An awkward chuckle left from the younger one. "Not with her." His statement received a raised eyebrow. "Then who with?" Axel let his head fall down before building himself back and up looking at his brother. "I've been in love with Jace-" "You're fucking with me right, you're just shitting me?" His brother had already jumped up off the couch. "You're not gay, I know you're not gay! You know how I feel about fag-" "I don't know what you have against homosexuals, but I don't want to hear it!" Axel stood up to try to calm his brother down, but instead his brother punched him across the face. "I guess I deserved that." He might have been mad about the punch, but he still joked about it. "I can't count how many times he's been over here, I beat you two have been sleeping around with each other this whole time." He began to pace in anger, while Axel just laughed. "I haven't told anyone but you, so please calm down. Besides, if Jace knew he'd probably stop being my friend." His statement just got a sharp glare in return. "I'm not sure what to do anymore, I don't think he should come over anymore or go on trips with us or anything. At that his anger to began to spike up, [i]"That's not fair and you know it! He's just as straight as you!" "I swear if you two do anything he's dead." "He could beat the crap out of you." "Ugh, just let me think about his in peace, please." Nodding his head Axel left the room, feeling better about himself for finally telling someone his secret.

|Relationship Status|
Taken(Publicly) || Single(Secretly)

|Family Tree|
Father || 50 || Owner of Fakas Coffee || George Clooney
Mother || Dasiy Fakas || 45 || Out Of Town Brain Surgeon || Halle Berry
Brother || Age: || Job: || James Franco

{"My favorite song explains how I feel about you."}

"Find A Way"|| Safetysuit
"Hold on, what's the rush, what's the rush we're not done are we
Cause I don't need to change this atmosphere we've made if
You can stay one more hour, can you stay one more hour

You know I'm gonna find a way to let you have your way with me
You know I'm gonna find a time to catch your hand and make you stay

Hold on, I'll be here when it's all done you know
Cause what's the point in chasing if I can't enjoy your face and
We can't be wrong tonight, can we be wrong tonight

You know I'm gonna find a way to let you have your way with me
You know I'm gonna find a time to catch your hand and make you stay
I don't care what clothes you wear, it's time to love and I don't care
You know I'm gonna find a way to let you have your way with me

And if I was running, you'd be the one who I would be running to
And if I was crying, you would be lining the cloud that would pull me through
And if I was scared, then I would be glad to tell you and walk away
But I am not lying, I am just trying to find my way in to you

You know I'm gonna find a way to let you have your way with me
You know I'm gonna find a time to catch your hand and make you stay
I don't care what clothes you wear, it's time to love and I don't care
You know I'm gonna find a way to let you have your way with me

If I was running
If I was crying
If I was scared
You know I'm gonna find a way to let you have your way with me"


So begins...

Axel Jean Fakas's Story

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Time: 3:00 A.M.
Date: Friday, January 13th, 2013
Location: Cleveland, Tennessee
What's Occurring: Last Day Of School Before Christmas Break



ImageFor some reason or another he hadn't been able to sleep for the past couple of months, which really sucked. He could feel the tiredness of his eye bags, he didn't have to see them to know they were purple and blue shades. He knew if anyone saw them they'd freak and ask what was wrong, so he had been covering them with concealer her borrowed, without asking, from his mom. He was so tried and ready to just fall asleep, to doze off until a world that wasn't real, but lately that hadn't been working for him. Every night he tried keeping himself entertained by doing things likes reading, watching t.v., dancing, and just other pass times that's made him forget about the fact he needed some sleep; at the moment he just watched at the ceiling. He felt slightly lonely, but it's not like he could just call someone up at three in the morning, that thought had already crossed his mind and he had decided it wasn't the best idea. School starts in just about four hours, 7:50, that's not to far. Optimism was key for him.

"Ok, this is enough of the silence!" Finally growing tired of the loneliness, he sat up and let his feet touch the warm white carpet. He's room wasn't very grand, in fact it was very simple. The bed was barely big enough to fit two people in and was pushed up against the right wall next to the door, the same wall was covered of pictures of so many things that Axel had taken pictures of, on the opposite wall there were random black and white poster of old famous stars and more pictures he had taken, there was also a keyboard in front of the window (which he was trying to teach himself to play), the view from the window was beautiful though. Outside the window was nothing but snow falling atop of trees and floating on the pond in his backyard. In the summer he'd swim in the pond with his friends, the closet thing to a lake in Cleveland since there were none. In fact Axel lived out in the woods with his brother, he wasn't in the school zone for Cleveland High, but he went there anyways.

Once he was completely up on his feet he walked over to the wooden door, pulled the golden nob, and then made his way down the hardwood floor. He only took about three steps before reaching his destination and stopping in front of another wooden door. Raising a clenched fist, he hit the door before opening it himself. As soon as he entered the warm he was attacked by coldness, he immediately got cold chills all over his body. "Why the heck do you insist on sleeping out here? You're going to catch your death!' His voice was barely below a yell as he called to his brother, who forever reason thought it was okay to sleep in the screened-in patio during the winter. It was cold to Axel, but he knew his brother was probably finding warmth from the fact he was lying on a bed that he had drug in himself years ago and was bundled in a cocoon.

"Why the heck did you come in here? We have to be at school soon!" Before Axel had time to react his brother had already brought his arm back and threw a pillow towards Axel's face. When it hit him it didn't hurt at all, it was the most comfortable thing ever either, but at least there was no pain. The pillow bounced off the ground followed behind his glasses. "If you had broken those I would have made you buy me new ones." "Like hell I would. Can't you go bother someone else?" He watched his brother flop around in the bed before quickly falling back to sleep. Thanks for the heart warming conversation. Feeling the defeat he sighed and left the room shutting the door behind him.

Knock! Knock!

"Who the fuck could that be?" The groan from his brother's room only made him laugh as he walked through all the twist and turns to make his way to the living room to the door. Normal people probably would have thought it was crazy he was about to open the door at three in the morning without any weapon, but he wasn't worried, he could handle himself against an intruder.

Opening the door he was kind of shocked to find a girl wearing a black leather jacket with silver studs. The outfit was sexy in it's own right though, with the tight white shirt, the skin hugging high waisted pants, black heels, and black leather gloves really said something about the girl. "Nice glasses, babe." Saying so with a smirk seemed to put her in an even worse mood. "Move out of my way." She pushed passed him and entered his home without asking. She was not in the mood for his jokes. "My fucking bike broke down about half a mile ago, so this was the closest place to civilization to go. Out of anger I broke my shitty phone, so I'm going to use yours." "Go ahead, Blazer, I don't mind." By the time he had spoke she was already heading for the phone.

ImagePicking up the house phone she quickly began to dial the number of her girlfriend and listened to the rings. Blazer wasn't exactly sure if she had answered or if was just getting a machine, but she decided that shed speak regardless. "Hey, it's me, I just wanted to let you know I won't be able to pick you up on my bike today, it kind of broke. So, Axel has agreed to pick you up instead. Bye, love you." Sighing she hung up and place the phone back done. "I never knew I said I'd pick her up." He was trying not to laugh as Blazer glared him down. "Well, now you are." "I might not have enough room." "Your car can seat four people, how do you not have enough room? "Sometimes I pick up Jace-" "Yeah, I don't give a damn. I'm going to take a nap and I'll see you in a few hours." He decided it was best not to say anything as she curled up on his couch and feel asleep within minutes-sometimes he fought that she even slept, she was so full of anger that he thought that she just ran off of evil. As he stood above her he watched her shiver, Crap. Taking in a deep breath he laid next to her, wrapped his arms around her, and pulled her in close to keep her warm.



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Clara pulled the duvet back over her head, hand flailing about searching for the snooze button on the alarm. She refused to believe that it was time to get up already. She wasn't asking for forever, just a few more hours of wonderful sleep. Clara's musings were interrupted by her mother hammering at her door. "I'm awake!" Clara yelled at the door, kicking the duvet off. She rolled out of bed, the floorboards refreshingly cool underfoot. Clara took a moment to gather her bearings before starting her usual morning routine. She really wasn't looking forward to school. Not that she was bad at it. Quite the opposite in fact. It was just the people, especially her.

Clara was brushing her teeth when she decided to check her phone. She padded back to her room, picking up her phone. The display told her she had a voice message. Clara frowned at the time. Who the hell was calling her at 3am? Her frown disappeared and Clara smiled to herself when she heard Mazzy's voice. Clara finished brushing her teeth and bounded down the stairs.

"Clara sweetie," Clara turned to look at her mom, "do you need a ride to school?"

Clara shrugged her jacket on, picking her bag up, "It's alright mom, Axel's picking me up," her mom looked momentarily confused, "You know, Mazzy's boyfriend." The word 'boyfriend' made Clara want to choke. She had never been entirely comfortable with Axel and Mazzy's fake relationship, but she couldn't really say anything about it. Not really. Clara gave her mom a quick hug, "See you later."

Clara sat on the front porch, waiting for Axel's car to pull up. She pulled her sketch pad out of her bag and flicked through until she found the line work she was looking for. It was going to be a picture of Mazzy if she ever got it finished. She heard the unmistakable sound of a car engine at the bottom of the front garden. She looked up and saw Axel's car, Mazzy in it. Clara couldn't help the smile that spread across her face and slid her sketchpad back into her bag. Clara climbed in the car behind Mazzy, giving her girlfriend an awkward hug over the seat, "Morning beautiful." She murmured into Mazzy's ear. Clara sat back and nodded to Axel, "Morning." She said, forcing a small smile. Axel was probably a nice enough guy, but Clara had the unfortunate knack for getting very jealous of Mazzy's closest friends and Axel seemed to bare the brunt of her jealousy.

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Image"Get the fuck off of me." With a aggressive elbow to the rib cage, Axel found himself on the ground in a small amount of pain. "Couldn't you be a little nicer? I just did that to keep you warm!" "A blanket would have been a better choice." Sighing he didn't respond, only because he knew she was right and for some reason hadn't thought of that. Resting himself up on the palms of his hands he watched as Blazer got up. "It's time for us to go pick up Clara, so hurry up." Giving her back a dumbfounded look he slowly raised to his feet. "I'm not even ready for school yet!" "Then I recommend you get ready in the next five minutes or you'll be leaving like that." Knowing the nature of the young girl he didn't say anything, all he did was smile and then retreat off into his bedroom to get ready.

Once in his room he went straight into his closet. What shall I wear today? Axel wasn't the biggest on fashion, but he still cared about his appearance. Quickly scanning through everything he pulled out a red plaid shirt and white t-shirt. This won't be the best thing in the world to wear, but it'll do. Pull off his blue pajama shirt he quickly changed into the two new ones he had picked out and left the plaid shirt unbuttoned. After that he slid out of his shorts and grabbed a pair of blue jeans that had already been sitting on his bed, and put them on. Walking over to his dresser he picked up a baseball cap, placed it on his head, then left the room.

Entering back into the living room he found Blazer jingling his keys in one hand and his cellphone in the other. "You shouldn't just leave your stuff laying around, anyone can steal it." A smirk decorated her face smugly as he took back his things from her. With his phone back in hand he began touching the screen to get to his messages. "Texting your boyfriend?" Axel rolled his eyes to her playful tone. "Let me text Jace before we leave to see if he still wants a ride in peace please." Blazer calmly laughed at him. She found him not being honest to his bestfriend so stupid, she was honest with hers and now they've been in a three year relationship. "The correct answer was yes." Deciding not to respond to her jokes he began to text:

To: Jace

Hey, today my car's going to be packed full of girls, a.k.a Blazer and Clara, do you still want a ride?

"What's taking so long, are you sexting him or something?" Blazer whined lazy as she began tugging on his arm to hurry up. "Um, no and I just finished so lets go!" Winning a smile from the tiny girl they both walked their way over to the door. "Wait!" The exclaim brought Axel to a stop as he waited to hear what she had to say. "I thought gay people were suppose to have style, because that hat is a mess and aren't we forgetting your brother?" Giving her a blank expression he said nothing to her, but he yelled to his brother to get ready

ImageThe car ride was silent, expect for the fact that Blazer had some 80's music blasting that he had never heard before. "That's her house right there." Watching her pointed finger he pulled over to the driveway. Sitting on the driver way was Clara, the most beautiful girl in the world in the eyes of Blazer. She loved her so much, and couldn't wait to get her alone after school either. "Move over for her." Blazer told Axel's brother as she watched her girlfriend.

Opening the door for her girl she smiled and then scooted up so she could get in the back seat. The whisper in her eye from her girlfriend sent shiver through her whole body. "Are you trying to turn me on, baby?" Asking the question she turned around to Clara so she could see her better. "Behave yourselves child!" "Shut up, Pastel." "I'm the adult here-" "I don't give a fu-" "Watch your mouth or I'll fail yo-" "Morning back to you!" Yelling above two of them caused them to stop bickering quickly. "We might have to squeeze another person in here, warning." Sighing he checked his phone to see if he had received a text, so he'd know where to go.


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Jace sighed softly as he sat at the dinning table at home. His hands gently rubbed his pants while he waited for his parent's to answer his question. His father taking steady bites of Jace's mother's disgusting eggs. Maybe it was him trying to hold the eggs down so he doesn't hurt his wife's feelings or maybe its because he just actually liked what he was eating. Raising an eyebrow he flinched a little as the preacher raised his head to look at his son. "You may take your mother's car today. I will drive your sister to school unless you want her to go with you." He said, looking Jace over for a moment. "I think someone is coming to pick her up sir. Thank you," Jace said then slowly rose from his seat, glancing over at his mother who stayed quite he then hurried to grab his bag. This was when his phone buzzed and Jace took a careful look at the text message from his best friend.

To: Axel

Sounds like fun but I'm going to go with a no. My mom is letting me use her car for once so I'll meet you and Lola there. Thanks though dude!

After texting his best friend back he looked around, "I'll see you later little sister! He called out before quickly exiting the house, grabbing the keys on the way out. He hurried to the car, hoping in because well he didn't want his dad the preacher to change his mind like he did a lot. He turned the car on then pulled out of the drive way once the car warmed up a little. Stupid cold weather, He thought then took his phone out once he stopped at a stop light.

To: Lola

Hey babe, I'll be at school in a few.

Once he finished texting his girlfriend he put his phone away, driving his mother's convertible closer and closer towards the school. They had been a little farther than most kids from the school but that didn't bother him. He liked the school and that was all that matter really. He went to a station with some Christian music and preaching on it, something he listened to often when he could especially if he rode with his father to school. It didn't bother him. He was still a virgin, he was going to wait until marriage, had always been faithful in a relationship, and not to mention he rarely ever cussed. He didn't commit sins as much as some people would think. Like a preacher's son had planned on rebelling like some did. No he wasn't that kind of person and probably would always be that kind of person. One who went to church every time it was in session. Not because his father was a preacher but because he wanted to and he was able to.

Finally pulling up to the school he parked his mother's car, grabbing his things such as his bag and his bible pushed into a specific pocket he then closed and locked the door to his mother's car before going to meet up with his girlfriend. He took his nice time walking towards her, smiling a little that is until she saw her friend standing next to her. Of course he wasn't happy that she was cheating on him, maybe not on him with her best friend but he knew she was cheating on him he just didn't want to believe it so he stayed with her. Making his way over to her he also noticed what she was wearing. It was too cold for that outfit in her opinion but as soon as he made it to her he looked at her face then kissed her gently on the lips. "You look beautiful but that looks pretty cold." He said taking her hand in his. Jace, trying to be nice, gave a nod to his girlfriend's best friend. "Do you mind if we wait for Axel to get here or do you want to go ahead and go inside?" He asked his girlfriend, looking at her again, and raising a single eyebrow in a questioning way.

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ImageImage"Ok kids, would you guys like to get food before going to school?" The first person to respond was of course Pastel. "Can we stop by Chili's to get food?" Axel looked into the mirror above his head and stared at his brother's reflection with a dumbfounded look. "What? That's where I normally go for breakfast." Blazer quickly cleared her throat and entered her say into the conversation. "We'll go to McDonald's, end of discussion." Her words of demand made the car fall into a calm silent state, aside from the laughter of Axel. He was slightly irritated from the fact that he didn't get to pick his friend up this morning, but still it was hard for him not to laugh. Being cracked up by something was always common for him, he was just that type of person.

As he drove the roads got busier and more hectic most likely from people trying to get to school as well. As he pulled to a stop sign he heard the complaining of his brother. "What's wrong back there?" Questioning it, he looked to his right to see that Blazer had unbuckled herself and was leaning over the back of her seat kissing Clara. "Sit down before you get me a ticket!" Blazer frowned, kissed Clara one last time, and then turned back to the correct sitting order and buckled herself in. "Better?" She asked as she used her hands overly dramatically as speaking. Shrugging his shoulders towards her, he then let his attention drift back to the road, where he then started the car back up and began to proceed to the nearest McDonald's.

Upon arriving he was happy to see that there was no line at all. It was a rare thing to come to a McDonald's in town and ever find one without a line.

Feeling a little lucky as he drove, he slowly pulled up to the sign that said 'Order Here'. "How may I take your order?" The voice was defiantly male, deep set, and pleasant to the ears, which immediately put a smile on the face of Axel. "Give us a moment please." Responding to the male voice. Twisting his position in his seat he made it so he could see everyone in the car. "So, what does everyone want?" "Just order a lot of everything so we all don't pick one thing and then decided later that we want something else." The suggestion, from Blazer, wasn't all that bad in Axel's opinion. "That cost a lot of money though. Do you want to pay for all that?" Pastel had to be the one to interject something so simple and somewhat brilliant. "I'm just saying if you end up getting something I decide I want I'll take it from you." Sounding as siren as possible made Pastel shut his mouth, and on the face of Blazer reigned a grin of victory. "Now that we've got this all settled we can order now." Nodding to agree Axel began to speak the order: "I'd like to order six hotcakes, six hash browns, six sausage biscuits, six sausage burritos, and six iced mochas, please." "Is that all for you?" "Yes." "Thank you, $73.74-" "What the-" Before the rude, unpredictable, loud outburst from Pastel could be finished, Axel had pushed on the gas and sped to the first window.

"A lot of food requires a lot of money my friends, please pull out your wallets." His fellow passengers gave their money to him easier than expect, and to his surprise they already had out their money. As he took it from them he was the one that had to dig around his pocket, pull out his wallet, and retrieved three tens. As he tried to straighten all the dollars and the falling change out, he felt a small body reach over him letting down the window. As the window went down the car was attack by coldness, causing most to gain goose bumps and shivers. "How about you look up?" Blazer gently used her index finger to raise his head, as she creepily smirked, and raised his head to look at the cashier. Looking the man over Axel could tell he was older than him, Gosh he's extremely good looking. Biting his lip he slowly gave the man the money. "Keep the change as a tip." His words were hesitant, but he liked it, giving extra money to attractive people was a kind thing to do. "Oh, um thanks..." "Axel, and you're welcome," glancing done at the mans name tag, he then let his eyes divert back to the siren blue eyes of the other man, "Riley." It seemed like the man was about to respond to him, but before he did he was bombarded by all of the order.

Without a word bag after bag came floating into the car and lastly the drinks. "Have a nice day, Axel." Riley had an award winning smile, that made Axel want to melt, but inside he nodded, waved, and then pulled off.

"What was the point of making me look at that boy?" Snapping his head to look at Blazer and her giddy smirk; he wanted to slap her. "I just wanted you to hurry up on our orders and all... why'd you get six of everything?" "And why'd you let that guy have our change?" Of course Pastel always made his witty comments into a conversation, but they were quickly ignored. As Blazer reached for the food she was slapped. "The extra stuff is for Jace and Lola, they're kind of our friends to I guess. "I board line hate Lola; Jace is ok though." The truthful blonde undoubtedly laughed at her own remark, along with Axel. They both shared a dislike in the same person for two complete different reasons; it was just another reason why Axel loved her. "How can you hate the hottest girl in school?" Hearing those words could have made Axel purge, to his amaze he kept himself from doing so and finally pulled into the school.

Swiftly shifting through all the food all the gang left the car together... looking fierce. Walking on the school grounds it seemed like they all looked like idiots carrying around McDonald bags, but they didn't care.

It didn't take long for Axel to spot Jace, and when he did he's face lit up. "Hey, stupid, I brought you food!" Making his way over to him and Lola he held out the bag of food and the last three remaining mochas. "We bought so much food, and I thought you two might want some... and there's enough for you as well." Taking a glance to Lola's friend before looking back at Jace.

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'Who said anything about trying?" Clara asked. Mazzy unbuckled her seatbelt, Clara mimicking the action, knowing the look on Mazzy's face. Kissing Mazzy was way up there on her list of favourite things to do. She ignored Pastel "Problem there maestro?" She asked, pulling away from Mazzy for a second. Axel told Mazzy to get back in her seat and Clara smiled at the adorable face Mazzy pulled before giving her a quick final kiss.

Clara was as amazed as anyone to find McDonald's near enough empty. There was something fundamentally wrong in the world when McDonald's was this empty. She fished her purse from her bag, pulling out some notes to give to Axel. While they were waiting for the food, Clara drew patterns on the back of Mazzy's neck, finishing on a heart when the food arrived. Clara knew what Mazzy was getting at when she told Axel to look up. Clara gave the guy a look too. Sure, the guy was attractive enough, but he did exactly nothing for Clara. She only had eyes for the girls. One girl in particular.

On the drive to school, Lola somehow came into the conversation. Clara wasn't the best at following conversations first thing in the morning. "How can you hate the hottest girl in school?" Pastel asked.

"Well her attractiveness is subjective," Clara said, looking at Mazzy, "And you're a teacher now big guy, you shouldn't care."

Clara smiled politely at Lola, "I'm just gonna head to my locker," she announced to the group, pointing to her bag before heading in to the school. Clara shrugged her jacket off, the inside was proving to be much warmer than it was outside. She was thankful that the outfit she had chosen that morning wouldn't kill her in the artificial heat. Clara folded her coat and shoved it into the bottom of her locker. Clara emptied pretty much the entire contents of her bag into her locker, saving only the books she needed for her first few lessons. Clara closed her locker, leaning against it, waiting for Mazzy to appear.

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Image"I'm just gonna head to my locker." At the words of Clara made a smile pop to Blazer's face. Unfortunately she couldn't just follow her, she was Axel's fake girlfriend, but watching Clara from this angle was no complain. As she walked away Blazer watched her ass in the tight jeans, it was a very great sight to her. Blazer couldn't begin to describe how attractive she found her girlfriend in all her simpleness. It was hard not to follow the love of her life around at all times, but some way she managed it, no matter how much it hurt. Like right now she wanted to be by her side walking her to her locker, but instead she watched her vanish into the school building.

Once Clara had left Mazzy took Axel's hand in hers, only because it made their relationship seem more real, and smiled. "It's so cold out here, I feel like my balls are freezing off." Snuggling up to Axel for warmth she could feel him breathing in and out quickly, as if he were silently laughing. "You have balls?" The question was stupid, it was obvious she was just using it to describe her coldness, and it was also clear he was just joking, but she was to cold for his kidding. "I think it's kind of clear to say I'm the one with the balls in this relationship." As she shivered underneath all her leather she could feel an arm wrap around her to give her even more heat. Axel pulled her into a hug. "To be so beautiful you lack so much class," joking with her he bent over and kissed her forehead, "how about you go inside and get warm?" Grinning, she gave him a kiss on the cheek, and then took his iced mocha from the cup holder. "Thanks, babe!" Calling so to him as she ran up to the school before he could try taking back the drink, even though he couldn't if he tried.

It didn't take long for her to find Clara leaning against her lcoker. "Was someone waiting for me?" She couldn't help but grin at her gorgeous girlfriend. Once she was next to her she pulled her into a big hug. "You want to stay over at my place tonight?" Slowly releasing her with a sigh, she began to twirl Clara's hair with her finger tips. "My parents want be home," saying so with a wink, she was then temped to kiss her, but fought off the erg. Out of everything Blazer hated about school that was the main thing, not being able to kiss her girl. Every day since they had started dating in the seventh grade had been a struggle for her to fight off what she wanted to do. Blazer had always been the one that usually just did what she wanted, but sometimes she knew she couldn't. She knew if her parents found out about their relationship she'd probably have to go to a different school, she just couldn't handle that. Everything they wanted to do always had to be in private, but being in private with Clara was never a bad thing at all.

Looking around the full hallway she knew there was no way she could sneak in a quick kiss like she wanted to. "Are you ready for class? I mean, math is first for me and it just sucks, because I'd rather skip all day with you." Skipping was something that Blazer could talk Clara into doing, sometimes they'd completely skip school and Blazer would have her sister call the school pretending to be their parents to help them get away with it, but today was the last day before Winter Break, so there was no point of skipping. "As long as I have you in class with me I can survive though."

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Lola smiled widely as Jace kissed her. "You look beautiful but that looks pretty cold." He said taking her hand in his. Jace, trying to be nice, gave a nod to his girlfriend's best friend. "Do you mind if we wait for Axel to get here or do you want to go ahead and go inside?"She was about to respond when Axel showed up. He came with food and she nearly groaned, she was hungry but she was controlling herself "Y'all remember my sister London, right Prom Queen yada yada. Anyway she got engaged to some rat bastard. And he went and broke her lil' heart. So the whole family is dieting with her. Dear God almighty it's been hard." She said in her southern drawl. Her voice sounding like honey, all sweet and slow. "Jace, Baby, you know how I love sweets. Anyway I baked four cakes she ate em' all. " She pouted, crossing her arms over her ample chest "Every last one. Last diet I do with her, but I digress. Aaanyway I will take a Mocha, thanks hon" She said with a smile. One of her slow lazy polite smiles. The one's she reserved for people like Axel. People who hated her but still stuck around her.

She hugged Jace's arm. As much as she hated to admit it, she was cold. Her friend laughed at her. "Preacher boy is right, Lols you need to start layering up. As much as we all anjoy watching you prance around in your lil' skirts..." He said pausing "What was I talking about" He snapped his fingers" Your ass is cold."
Lola stuck out her tongue "Will you hush I'm fine. Now go chase after your little witch girlfriend and leave me alone" She said but she grinned so he knew she was joking. He bowed "As you wish Princesss" To which she scowled. Everyone knew she hated being called princess. She hated it with a deep passion. She then noticed Pastel among the group. She bit her lip before huddling closer to Jace. She hated herself for cheating on Jace but she always seemed to do it anyway. She really did love him she just loved sex too.

She turned to Jace "Speaking of which Mama said you should come over for Dinner." She pecked hi, on the lips "I'll make that pie you like"

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ImageImageWith his school bag slung over his shoulder and the food bag in his right hand. Unlike the others he didn't just jump out of the car and rush to anyone, it was way to cold for that and he wasn't looking forward to really seeing anyone so early in the morning. Like the idiot he was he had forgotten to put a jacket on this morning, which was just another reason he dreaded getting out of the heated jeep. Some days he wished he could just skip teaching for a day, even if it was the last day for a while he. A huge reason Pastel had come back as a student teacher here, was because he's highschool experience was amazing, in his ways he wasn't completely over highschool; college was much better though and he was indeed thinking of going back for the fraternities.

Finally talking himself into leaving, he opened the door letting the cool breezes hit him. It was cold, it could have been worse, he would survive at the least.

Walking up the sidewalk he wasn't going to stop and chat with his brother, until he realized Lola was in the little huddle. A grin was drawn onto his face at her sight. He liked Lola for a few reasons, her body mainly, but her personality was somewhat like his, which made her even more appealing to him. He knew being with her in the way he was was dumb, he was a student teacher and would immediately be fired if the school board ever found out. She wasn't completely worth the risk in general, but her skills in bed made it worth it to him.

"Good morning, kids." Looking at the three younger people he smiled, being the oldest made him feel powerful. Taking a glance at Lola's outfit made his grin turn into a smirk, he loved how in the dead of winter the girl still chose to wear such a short skirt.

Bringing his coffee up to his lips he took a sip, "What happened to your coffee?" Taking in one complete last scan of Lola he then turned towards Axel. "Blazer took it, so you should give me yours." Taking another sip of his drink he then scuffed. "No, but I'll give you some help." Taking the cap off of his brothers head, he put it into his bag, and then pushed Axel's bangs up by combing his fingers through them. "Got to stay looking good for Blazer." Turning back to the other two he opened his mouth to speak directly to Lola, "I'm sure people have mentioned how it's way to cold for that, but I'm sure you're also aware of how that isn't dresscode, right? I mean that skirt is really short." Then looking over to Jace he grinned, "I beat you enjoy the view-" "Don't you have a class to go to or something?" Sighing he looked down at his watch, "Well, school's about to start, so I better get to my class. Can't wait to see you all during whatever period y'all have History." "Ugh, my first period is all boys, wellness... what fun. At least I have some friends in that class." Smiling at his brothers fake sad voice he tried his best not to laugh. He may have hated his brother's sexuality, but he still loved him. Patting his brother's shoulder without a word, he then walked away into the school building without saying a word.

Walking into his class room he found most of his students already sitting down and ready to learn or something. "You guys excited about learning today?" Most of his students weren't paying attention, expect the females that all seemed somewhat content in what he had to say.

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ImageJace smiled, listening to his girlfriend, and ignoring his girlfriend's best friend and all of his comments about his girlfriend. "Jace, Baby, you know how I love sweets. Anyway I baked four cakes she ate em' all." Was the most recent thing that he heard his girlfriend said. Letting out a soft chuckle he shook his head. "Thought you said that your entire family was dieting with your sister. Even if you don't really need to be dieting what are you doing baking four cakes?" He mentioned then wrapped his strong arms around his girlfriend, gently pulling her close to him in an attempt to warm her up even just a little. Not once had he recognized or even noticed that Pastel was here. Reaching out he smiled, "I'll take a mocha, thanks Axel." He said as he took the mocha. Taking a single large sip from his drink he returned the same arm around her while he continued to hold the mocha in his hand.

Image"Good morning, kids." The sound of Pastel's voice just made him so angry. He hated Pastel with a deep passion, why? Well it didn't help that Jace's girlfriend was "hooking up" with him every now and then not to mention that Pastel was a complete ass. Jace was still pure, refusing to give up his purity until the day he got married, but of course while he vowed to give his loved on anything they wanted he couldn't give her one thing so she decided to go get it from someone else.The world must have been moving in slow motion while Jace glared knives at Pastel. Jace wanting so bad to say something didn't because well he didn't want to upset anyone. "I beat you enjoy the view-" As soon as Jace heard him say this he tightened his arms ever so slightly. No, no he didn't. He wasn't looking for what Patel was looking for. Taking quite a few huge gulps of his mocha he tried to resist saying anything to Pastel. He was a bigger man, he wasn't going to blow this out of proportion or even get too mad. Or if he did get mad he wouldn't show it. He wouldn't get too emotional because he knew many girls who wouldn't like him if he got emotional. Jace cleared his throat after taking a sip, glaring daggers at Pastel as he walked away. After several minutes he looked back at his girlfriend.

"Speaking of which Mama said you should come over for Dinner." She had pecked him, on the lips "I'll make that pie you like" He had just remembered her offer. Slowly he unwrapped his strong arms from around her, tapping a finger against his chin as he thought. "That sounds great. I would love to but I can't stay for to long if I do. My parent's want me to be at home most of the time to take care of church stuff with my dad." He added as a response, giving her a big old bear hug. Lifting her off the ground ever so slightly he glanced over at Axel grinning at him as he rushed over to him. "Almost forgot!" He chuckled, slinging an arm around his best friend's neck and carefully pulling him close to mess his hair up for him. After a minute of messing with his best friend's hair he released him, giving him a shoulder hug before returning to his girlfriend. He would have swept her off her feet but because she was wearing a skirt he decided not to.

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ImageWatching Jace's face tended to be slightly priceless. He seemed mad the second his brother arrived until the second he left. "If people were able to kill others with intense glares you would have killed my brother, Jace." His brother being dead didn't seem to upset the thoughts of Axel to much, maybe because the two of them weren't really that close anymore. Ever since Axel had told him about his sexuality the two had become distance and had fights with each other, both physically and verbally. Axel had swung back from time to time, but he tried his best never to cause to much harm to Pastel, but Pastel wasn't so caring. Some days, Axel would come to school with black eyes and bruises, but of course he'd never rat out his brother, what would be the point? Sometimes he wanted to move out to get away from his brother, but he'd have no where to go since his parents moved out of town.

Watching the two love birds made him sick, purely out of jealousy. He hated Lola so much, but he knew how much his best friend cared about her. Watching his friend intensely he noted the grin in his direction. "What?" He question was answered, but not in the responses he had been expecting. Before he knew it Jace's arm was around him, pulling him into, and then went to messing up his hair. "Pastel just fixed that for me!" Even though he complained and wiggled a little he didn't want to be let go. Amazing would have been an understatement for how this felt to him. Being touched by Jace in the simplest ways were blissful and cherished as they happened. Simple things like this forced him to dawn on the fact everything they ever did was simply just as friends, because Axel was in the friendzone, he was probably even familyzoned. The way they both acted with each other could make them be considered brothers in a way. They were together alot of the time, as if they were family.

The pleasure of being held by Jace was short lived when he was done touching his hair. When he was let go he groaned because of it, but instead saying the real reason why he just complained. "I don't have to see my hair to know it looks a mess, and now I'm going to walk into school looking stupid all because of you." When Jace went back to the side of his girlfriend it made Axel sad. Their relationship was a stupid one in his opinion, Jace was always complaining that Lola was cheating, what fun was that? He found her idiotic for that, but he also found himself stupid for really caring. He had told Jace that he should just break up with her if she was going to keep cheating, but of course that never happened. He also found himself stupid though, that he had given up a chance to be in a relationship for this. Axel might not have been in love with Marcus, but at least he would have been in a more enjoyable relationship. Dating Blazer had no perks whatsoever.

"Well, school's about to start and I have to get to Wellness with some of the coolest boys in school," as he spoke he playfully hit Jace's arm. Wellness was his favorite class for a few reasons: with his ADHD being active kept him entertained, he had friends in that class, it was all males, and he got to watch attractive people undress. "Beside the fact that the bells about to ring, it's also cold out here." If he had been normal he would have just left the two of them to freeze, but being Axel he always tried his best to nonchalantly stayed glued to the side of Jace.