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"I have enough problems in my life, lets not add any more fuel to the fire." WIP

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{"What a powerful word... Love. A word that I never expected I would say."}

{"Go Away."}


|Full Name|
Van Viker Maxal

Most of his friends call him Viker, while other just call him Van. He doesn't really care about his nickname as long as it isn't something stupid or rude.


18 and is about to be 19

55% Hispanic, 40% American, and 5% German

|Sexual Orientation|

|Class Focal Points|
Music and Art

|Current Occupation|
None because he believes he should focus on school first considering how bad he is doing in school right now.

Outer Beauty
{"Personally I think my Outer Beauty looks better than my Inner Beauty but what do I know?"}

|Hair Color|
Black Hair with occasional blonde highlights when he gets bored and wants a new color in his hair.

|Eye Color|
A Dark Green, Greyish color. Some times appearing to almost be a black color



He has several tattoos, pretty much too many to really count. Some meaning nothing while others meaning something. All a mystery though. He doesn't try to hard to hide them, but doesn't feel the need to tell the stories to each one of his tattoos this is why all the tattoos he has will remain a secret for now.

Both of his ears are pierced but he doesn't always wear a piercing in both ears.

Several scars litter his body not only from abuse that he occasionally gets from his father but the many incidents he got into some not so dangerous and dangerous fights with other boys.

Van can be an attractive male, usually if he clips his hair and mostly if he really wants to be. He has short black hair, cut up all nice and clean instead of his occasional long hair that he slicks back. For his size and weight he is surprisingly a very muscular man and it is evident that he works out often. The many tattoos, scars, and two piercings are just the many specific details to him. Not to mention the large birthmark on his hip that he has had as a child. It is obviously there while many people don't notice it, he knows its there. Other than that there isn't much to Van other than many days he loves looking nice when he can while others he could care less what he looks like as long as his girlfriend is pleased with how he looks.

The Ups And Downs Of Me
{"Things that you are just going to have to deal with because well I'm not changing."}


{Funny, Flirty, Confident, Independent, Sarcastic, Stubborn, Rude}
Van first off can be quite the joker. He can be funny though some times he is the one to get in trouble for being a joker in class or trying to be funny. Teachers don't always like him because well he interrupts class with a snarky remark that could get a laugh out of people. Van isn't the person who tries to make people laugh just to make them feel better or to make them happy its just not who he is. That is unless you count his girlfriend. He tries his best to make her smile or laugh, purposely trying to make her feel better or make her happy when she may be down. She may be the only person, other than his siblings, that he truly cares about and hates to see upset. Other than be a joker and funny he is quite the flirt. While lately he hasn't been flirting it is very evident that he is a flirt, loving to flatter girls and see them blush. He loves messing with girls by flirting with them even if they aren't the best looking. Its just who he is he loves flirting with people, male or female. Not to mention that he is quite the confident person, rarely is he ever concerned about he looks because he knows he looks good. He's got the body girls want from a guy, and has that bad boy appearance that many girls fall for. He knows he doesn't have the best personality or the best grades but why should that matter if your hot and are charismatic? Nothing in his mind, he's fine with the way he is and makes his opinion clear.

Next detail is that he is very independent, mostly because he has always had to look to himself to take care of the people he loves such as his younger siblings. Another reason why he is so independent is because well his parents are always too busy. His dad is busy with doing drug deals and working while his mother is too busy doing all of the stuff that she has almost every single day. He knows how to cook, clean, and take care of his brother and sisters since that is what he has done since he was younger which is also the reason why he loves his siblings so much no matter how many times they fight and argue. Maybe because of being so independent leads him to be a little rebellious, stubborn to other people. He makes it clear that if he doesn't want to do something he isn't going to do it so you might as well drop it.
|Habits & Oddities|
-Smokes on a regular basis-
-Taps tunes into things when he's bored-
-Draws on his arms and hands when he gets bored-

-Playing the Cello-
-Doing Martial Arts every now and then-

▲ Playing The Cello
▲ Drawing
▲ Being left alone
▲ Flirting with Girls
▲ Cussing
▲ The Occasional Fights
▲ Being with Felicity
▲ Getting into trouble
▲ Smoking
▲ Parties
▲ Smoking
▲ Working out
▲ Using Drugs
▲ Being Outside when its warm
▼ Jocks
▼ Rude People
▼ The color purple
▼ Getting Sick
▼ Messing up a drawing
▼ Assholes
▼ When people cry
▼ Feeling Weak
▼ Feeling Trapped
▼ Clingy people

My Parcel Secrets
{"All of the details that no one needs to know about."}


Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Drawing
  • Charismatic
  • Team Player
  • Playing an instrument
  • An exceptional fighter
  • Drugs
  • School
  • Lazy
  • Stubborn
  • Short Tempered

-Has a bad smoking problem-
-Paints/Draws his emotions down onto a sketch book-
-Has Minor Asthma problems-
-Occasionally uses drugs-

-Losing his siblings-
-Being stuck in tight spaces-
-Never growing old-

Digging Up The Memories
{"Memories that need to be buried deep, deep, deep under ground."}


At least 3 detailed paragraphs

|Place Of Origin|
San Diego, California

|Birth Date|
December 22nd

|Relationship Status|
Taken, currently in a relationship

|Family Tree|
Father || Antonio Maxal || Drug Dealer/Business man || FC: Gerard Butler ||
Mother || Stripper/Writer || Janiet Maxal || FC: Jennifer Aniston
Younger Sister || Annie Maxal || 17 || Student || FC: Leda Muir ||
Younger Sister || Zoe Maxal || 16 || Student/ Works as a Cashier at a local store || FC: Acacia Clark ||
|| Damion Maxal || 15 || Student || FC: Logan Lerman ||[/font]

Theme Song
{"Do I really need a Theme Song?"}

[url=PageForSongHere]"Title Of Song Here"[/url]|| Author
Lyrics here

So begins...

Van Maxal's Story

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Time: 3:00 A.M.
Date: Friday, January 13th, 2013
Location: Cleveland, Tennessee
What's Occurring: Last Day Of School Before Christmas Break



ImageFor some reason or another he hadn't been able to sleep for the past couple of months, which really sucked. He could feel the tiredness of his eye bags, he didn't have to see them to know they were purple and blue shades. He knew if anyone saw them they'd freak and ask what was wrong, so he had been covering them with concealer her borrowed, without asking, from his mom. He was so tried and ready to just fall asleep, to doze off until a world that wasn't real, but lately that hadn't been working for him. Every night he tried keeping himself entertained by doing things likes reading, watching t.v., dancing, and just other pass times that's made him forget about the fact he needed some sleep; at the moment he just watched at the ceiling. He felt slightly lonely, but it's not like he could just call someone up at three in the morning, that thought had already crossed his mind and he had decided it wasn't the best idea. School starts in just about four hours, 7:50, that's not to far. Optimism was key for him.

"Ok, this is enough of the silence!" Finally growing tired of the loneliness, he sat up and let his feet touch the warm white carpet. He's room wasn't very grand, in fact it was very simple. The bed was barely big enough to fit two people in and was pushed up against the right wall next to the door, the same wall was covered of pictures of so many things that Axel had taken pictures of, on the opposite wall there were random black and white poster of old famous stars and more pictures he had taken, there was also a keyboard in front of the window (which he was trying to teach himself to play), the view from the window was beautiful though. Outside the window was nothing but snow falling atop of trees and floating on the pond in his backyard. In the summer he'd swim in the pond with his friends, the closet thing to a lake in Cleveland since there were none. In fact Axel lived out in the woods with his brother, he wasn't in the school zone for Cleveland High, but he went there anyways.

Once he was completely up on his feet he walked over to the wooden door, pulled the golden nob, and then made his way down the hardwood floor. He only took about three steps before reaching his destination and stopping in front of another wooden door. Raising a clenched fist, he hit the door before opening it himself. As soon as he entered the warm he was attacked by coldness, he immediately got cold chills all over his body. "Why the heck do you insist on sleeping out here? You're going to catch your death!' His voice was barely below a yell as he called to his brother, who forever reason thought it was okay to sleep in the screened-in patio during the winter. It was cold to Axel, but he knew his brother was probably finding warmth from the fact he was lying on a bed that he had drug in himself years ago and was bundled in a cocoon.

"Why the heck did you come in here? We have to be at school soon!" Before Axel had time to react his brother had already brought his arm back and threw a pillow towards Axel's face. When it hit him it didn't hurt at all, it was the most comfortable thing ever either, but at least there was no pain. The pillow bounced off the ground followed behind his glasses. "If you had broken those I would have made you buy me new ones." "Like hell I would. Can't you go bother someone else?" He watched his brother flop around in the bed before quickly falling back to sleep. Thanks for the heart warming conversation. Feeling the defeat he sighed and left the room shutting the door behind him.

Knock! Knock!

"Who the fuck could that be?" The groan from his brother's room only made him laugh as he walked through all the twist and turns to make his way to the living room to the door. Normal people probably would have thought it was crazy he was about to open the door at three in the morning without any weapon, but he wasn't worried, he could handle himself against an intruder.

Opening the door he was kind of shocked to find a girl wearing a black leather jacket with silver studs. The outfit was sexy in it's own right though, with the tight white shirt, the skin hugging high waisted pants, black heels, and black leather gloves really said something about the girl. "Nice glasses, babe." Saying so with a smirk seemed to put her in an even worse mood. "Move out of my way." She pushed passed him and entered his home without asking. She was not in the mood for his jokes. "My fucking bike broke down about half a mile ago, so this was the closest place to civilization to go. Out of anger I broke my shitty phone, so I'm going to use yours." "Go ahead, Blazer, I don't mind." By the time he had spoke she was already heading for the phone.

ImagePicking up the house phone she quickly began to dial the number of her girlfriend and listened to the rings. Blazer wasn't exactly sure if she had answered or if was just getting a machine, but she decided that shed speak regardless. "Hey, it's me, I just wanted to let you know I won't be able to pick you up on my bike today, it kind of broke. So, Axel has agreed to pick you up instead. Bye, love you." Sighing she hung up and place the phone back done. "I never knew I said I'd pick her up." He was trying not to laugh as Blazer glared him down. "Well, now you are." "I might not have enough room." "Your car can seat four people, how do you not have enough room? "Sometimes I pick up Jace-" "Yeah, I don't give a damn. I'm going to take a nap and I'll see you in a few hours." He decided it was best not to say anything as she curled up on his couch and feel asleep within minutes-sometimes he fought that she even slept, she was so full of anger that he thought that she just ran off of evil. As he stood above her he watched her shiver, Crap. Taking in a deep breath he laid next to her, wrapped his arms around her, and pulled her in close to keep her warm.