EnglandRosetta Cosette Charleen

"Humans are overpopulated anyways."

a character in “Light and Darkness: A Never Ending War.......”, as played by Pichu-Chan

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Name: Rosetta Cosette Charleen

Age: Looks to be 18, really 180.

Looks: Image

Like: Playing her guitar, singing, tricking 'idiots', most music in general, having a good 'meal'.

Dislikes: Being outsmarted, having her guitar damaged in any way, having 'meals'/'idiots' get away, not getting what she wants, feeling in-superior.

What are you?: Vampire

Powers: She has the ability to use her voice as a weapon, being able to shatter things, knock down people, and shatter a few eardrums. She can only use her voice in one direction and it takes a few seconds for her to use it it another direction.

She can also transform into a flock of crows. In this form, the crows need to stay together and if one is hurt it also hurts her when she turns back, one dying will hurt her severely, enough to make her suddenly turn back into her normal form.

Weapons: Her guitar, though she hates for it to be damaged, its much stronger than it looks.

Other: -

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Rosetta Cosette Charleen's Story