Universe ZXNelly Blake

Wears Her Hoodie At Night

a character in “Light Fight”, as played by LovelyLisey

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Gender: Female

Age: 17

Species: Human

Gear: Blaster

Abilities: Endurance, Speed, Agility

History: Nelly's jet-setting parents abandoned her with her uncle, who was more interested in firearms than raising a little girl. Consequently, Nelly grew up shy and feeling like she did not have a place in the world. She also grew up with an uncanny amount of training with her Blaster.

Theme: Flyaway by Back-On

Appearance: Nelly has short blond hair and big blue eyes. She tends to hide herself in baggy sweatshirts, pulling her hoodie up over head. She is about average height, but of slender build.

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Nelly Blake's Story