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What do you get when you cross bored gods, magical orbs, killing games, acid, and a bunch of confused people from across Entirety...?

7127 readers have visited this universe since GreenSweatshirtGal created it.
Topics: acid fantasy, almighty beings, amalgamation, anything goes, ballin\', beware of tcc, bunnies, choices, collection plot, competition, death, dolls, dreams, entirety, explosions, fantastic, free-for-all, gods, gsg, hot-blooded awesomeness, inter-reality, interactive, jolly fun times, lila, lolis, magic, mailmen, manbears, mirrors, monies~, orbs, oress plot, original, paradoxes, player driven, powers, science, semi-canon, souls, spontaneous, spontaneous combustion, sprinkles, strawberries, subconscious, tentacle monsters, test, the power of friendship/love, them, trippy, trolling, and variety (Add Tags »)
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"...Lila is a way of describing all reality, including the cosmos, as the outcome of creative play by the divine absolute..."

Table of Contents
  • Links
  • Plot
  • The Tested
  • Them
  • ”Guardians”
  • Where It Ends
  • Oress List
  • Character List
  • Dead/Alive Lists
  • Where Am I?
  • Rules

(This Roleplay has been completed! Thank you all for the great ride!)


Around 15,000 years ago, some almighty beings known only as 'Them' felt like doing something fun. They created a place called the Test Reality, made a bunch of people, and observed for a while. It got pretty dull, so They announced the Competition: They promised to "Promote" the last living Tested (Their name for Their creations) to Their ranks. Bang! Just like that, the killing began. Not everyone was entirely willing, but it only takes one person to kill everyone else. As creeped out as They were by how quickly it ended, They kept Their promise and Promoted the crazy killer. Everyone else? They (with the exclusion of the Promoted Tested and one other person they requested to have Promoted alongside them) spent a good several thousand years in nonexistence, not being put back into the reincarnation cycle until around 20 years ago.

Around 40 years ago, They got bored again and made a new Test Reality. This time, instead of creating people, they reincarnated them into the Test Reality and allowed them to live normal lives for a while. Some people slowly became aware that they were different from the people around them (only a fraction of the TR's population consists of Tested; everyone else is technically an illusion), other people didn't realize their status as a Tested until the announcement of the second Competition. Also different was Their decision to hire three Manipulators: reality benders specializing in guarding Realities. This, combined with the greater amount present in the second generation of Tested, caused the Competition to last much longer. Also unlike the previous Competition, people were far more empathetic and actually found it difficult to kill each other off. The only reason the Competition even ended was because of one bloodthirsty, power-hungry Manipulator. One more difference: a magically-skilled Tested created a bunch of shiny magical orbs and gave them to people to increase their chances of succeeding in the Competition. It worked pretty well.

So, what relevance does this have to you?

Around 24 hours ago, you woke up in what appeared to be some really nice, fancy hotel lounge along with several other people. Okay, maybe you just partied too hard last night. No big deal. But, wait a sec. Your bodily functions? Gone. Your reflection? Gone. Your family and friends? Your memories of how you got there? All of your magical or otherwise supernatural abilities? Your weapons (unless your weapon is a part of you or something)? Gone, gone, gone, gone. Even stranger, you had Xs etched into the backs of your hands and found a cool lookin' orb next to you that seemed to call to you. It's highly unlikely that you recognized any of the other confused people here...they might not have even been your species! You somehow got the feeling that going home wasn't an option...and, so far, it seems like you were right.

The second everyone awoke, an angel, a tentacle monster, and a bunch of angelic chinchillas popped up out of absolute nowhere and announced themselves as superior beings. They explained that all of you had been dragged out of your own universes and thrown into the Test Reality: a "Reality" created by a bunch of almighty beings known as Them. You were now officially a Tested, AKA Their personal plaything. Fortunately, They didn't have much interest in messing with you personally. Instead, there's the Competition. Whoever wins the Competition gets to become one of Them. Golly gosh, that sounded swell! Too bad that to win the Competition you have to be the only person left alive, not to mention that there's no other way to get out (or in). Also, that orb there? That's called an Oress; it's a nifty little orb that gives you these ballin' powers (the orb is just for show; it could be stolen and your powers would remain) designed to help you in the Competition.

The group was given two addresses, one listed as "about the Oress" and the other "about Us", as well as a iPad-like thing headed with the words "Dead List". After that, the strange almighty beings left, leaving all of you to decide what to do on your own. There was no time limit given, and They never said that having someone winning was a necessity. As such, it would be entirely possible for everyone to live nice, long, potentially eternal (your bodies won't age beyond this point, and you'll never die of natural causes) lives...but, obviously, things aren't going to end that way. Dude, who wouldn't want to be an almighty being? Even if you 'Oress Holders' don't dig killing, there's a bunch of other Tested (wherever they came from) who probably do...

After you all gave your names to each other and nothing more, it was decided that any further decisions would be made the next morning. Maybe falling asleep would wake you up, and all of this would be a crazy dream... Unfortunately, you woke up this morning, so it looks like you'll have to tough this out. Lame.

So, what'll it be? Are you going to adjust to your new life? Perhaps make some friends and try to keep peace? Maybe you'll even go on all kinds of silly misadventures! Or will you shoot for godhood, killing everything in your way? Whatever your choice...well, it's your choice! Form groups, go on your own, search for answers, train with your Oress, do whatever you please. This world was made for sport, but who's to say that it's not your game?

The Tested

See those Xs on your hands? They mean you're a Tested now. Believe it or not, being a Tested doesn't just mean that you're in the Competition. Things are a little bit different for you, anatomy-wise, and this will more than likely have an impact on you.

There's a lot of stuff gone. First, there's bodily functions: going to the bathroom, salivating, sweating, illnesses, hormones, and just about anything else you can think of are completely gone. If you ever feel dizzy, nauseous, have aches, or anything like that, you're probably overusing your Oress. Second, there's parts gone. Male or female, any sign that you ever had a reproduction system is gone. Lame! You're stuck in a different universe and you can't even have sex?! For God's sake, you have less features than a Barbie doll! You don't even have a belly button! At least you'll never naturally get dirty again (being a Tested won't keep you pretty if you roll around in mud), so you don't have to worry about showering, changing, or getting ready for the day in general. Nothing's preventing you from doing all of that stuff, but don't feel bad if you miss a shower. It's impossible for a Tested to naturally emit any kind of scent, anyways.

So, why is this? Well, your body is now a mere shell filled to the brim with your soul. Souls work differently here, because your soul is a liquid the color of your Oress and it serves as your life force. The only ways to kill a Tested are by asphyxiation/drowning, damaging their head in any way that would kill a human (or whatever you are), or causing them to lose an excessive amount of their soul (which is bled like blood, but can also be lost by excessive use of an Oress). Don't get cocky, though. You may not have nerves or sensitive organs, but getting stabbed in the chest (or anywhere else, for that matter) is still going to hurt like hell. Not to mention that torture would be much easier. Once a Tested dies, their body dissolves into thin air. But your story doesn't end there...more on that later!

Eating is weird (as it's now unnecessary), the results depending on the strength of your soul. Your soul will start to vibrate in order to effectively dissolve the food, but how that feels is affected by your soul's "strength". If your soul is strong (meaning that your power with your Oress is impressive right off the bat), the vibrations will feel more like you're being stabbed to death by millions of little pins and daggers. If your soul is weaker (meaning that you'll have to work hard to get your power up to the extent of the strong-souls), it'll feel rather pleasant...but you'll end up acting like you're tipsy. Supposedly these effects wear off if you eat a lot over time and adjust yourself to it.

Be careful...even innocent absences can be dangerous. Example: the lack of sweating makes it easier for you to overheat in the middle of the battle; just because you can't die from heat exhaustion doesn't mean you can't pass out from it! Sometimes the Oress can have effects on your body, as well. The previous holder of Fyel had a higher body temperature than normal, the previous holder of Icisa had a colder body temperature than normal, the previous holder of Kinet found it hard to resist movement, and the previous holder of Aelle wound up floating around so much that her legs became too weak to walk.


Ah, of course, our lovely hosts! Despite how superior They seem, They don't act very godlike. They're actually pretty cool; They don't necessarily want to see people sad, They don't necessarily want to see people die as a result of Their actions, but what are They going to do? It's like how we're addicted to hearing all of those bad things in the media. Death and struggle is just more interesting than sunshine and a boring daily routine. They are immortal, after all...this is Their afterlife, so They've got to find SOMETHING to entertain Themselves with! Not that Their residence, known only as There, isn't exciting...

Don't be surprised if one of Them approaches you out of nowhere for some small talk. Although They generally refrain from interfering with the Competition, it's not uncommon to see Them ambling around or talking to one of the Tested left over from the previous Competition. Speaking of which...


When the second Competition ended, there was a huge debate over There about what to do with the Tested. Eventually it was decided that, with the exclusion of the Oress Holders (no one's quite sure where they are...with the exception of the two who got Promoted, the two who were already Promoted {it's a long story}, and the two who were left alone for other reasons), all of the Tested would be left where they were. So now they're all just kind of hanging around, waiting for something to do. Then, just like that, you pop into the picture with another Competition behind you.

The first group of 'Guardians', as they shall be known from this point on, are the members of Halyn's Alliance. Halyn was a Manipulator who was fond of messing around, so she allied with a bunch of Tested who were aware of their, uh, Tested-ness before the Competition began. Honestly, they didn't do much; they were pretty neutral, choosing only to kill when threatened (or when Halyn felt like killing someone). Since all of the Manipulators left at the conclusion of the second Competition, the future of the alliance is in question. Knowing Halyn's second-in-command, however, it'll probably be even more neutral than before.

The second group consists of the members of Umbra's Alliance. Umbra Tear was a close friend of Halyn's as well as (for better or worse) the creator of the Oress. Behind the bloodthirsty Manipulator mentioned in the Plot section, Umbra's Alliance was the leading cause of death during the second Competition. Their motives are rather fuzzy, but it doesn't seem like they're entirely bad people. They're perfectly capable of remorse and's just that they're also perfectly capable of killing stuff.

The third group are those old Oress Holders. Poice and Flyri were Promoted (despite the fact that they didn't win the Competition), Vitara and Neren were both members of Them before somehow becoming Oress Holders, Ciess and Shan were left alone for undisclosed reasons, and Pixet didn't have a Holder (as it was artificially created by Poice) As for the rest of the original Oress Holders...none of the other Tested know where they went, so how would you? Looks like we've got a mystery, gang!

The last group...well, there is no last group. There are maybe, oh, three other people who were unaligned. They just sort of wander around and disregard the Competition, effectively hiding themselves from all of those crazy murderers.

Keep in mind that you, by no means, have to join (or even interact with) any of these groups! Everything's up to you!

Where It Ends

So you're all, "yo, GSG, when does this RP end...yo?". I feel that. While the Competition ends when everyone is dead (so the last person alive, the winner, would have to kill themselves to claim their prize), the RP doesn't.

When you die (because you will), you get sent to a pleasant little waiting room connected to a lounge, which is where you'll be staying until everyone else dies. There's not much to do but talk to dead people, interact with Them, or just sleep all day...all of which can be surprisingly entertaining.

After you die, I'll make you a pretty black-and-white avatar that basically means "I died". See rule #8.

Once the Competition ends…then, who knows? Does it really end there…?

Oress List

About the 'Powered By' thing. Let's say Jeff has Fyel, and he's about to battle someone. Jeff is very, very angry because Other Guy is a total jerkface. Fyel's power maxes out, but he still has to be careful: overusing an Oress generally makes you feel icky. When Jeff isn't battling, if he uses Fyel often, he'll probably be a bit angrier. If he doesn't use Fyel often, his personality will be largely unaffected by his Oress.

Keep in mind that you don't have to actually use your Oress. You could go find a weapon and forget it ever existed; nothing bad is going to happen to it if you ignore it. Also know that the orb itself isn't what gives you power; it's bonded with your soul, after all. Someone could steal your Oress and nothing would happen. They're still indestructible, though. And they don't bounce. ):

A note about appearance: not all of them are all flamey inside, I just really wanted to recolor those things. They all look cool on the inside (yet they all feel like hollow glass orbs), but it varies for each Oress. They're all small enough to hold with one hand: think POKEYBALLZ.

ImageMaiex: The Magic Orb
Allows you to use stage-magic themed...uh, magic. Pulling random things out of a hat, (razor sharp) card tricks, and so on. It looks all sparkly inside. Ooooh!
Powered By: Open-Mindedness
Belongs To: Fellmund Narwhalt (TheCreepyCanadian)

ImageFyel: The Fire Orb
Allows you to control fire and heat. Inside is an eternally burning flame. It's hot to the touch, but can't burn the user.
Powered By: Anger
Belongs To: Durnam Andorae III (Zetta)

ImageKinet: The Kinetic Orb
Enhances all physical abilities to the extreme, especially speed and strength. Kinet constantly vibrates, with little sparks sometimes seen inside.
Powered By: Activity/Energetic...ness...
Belongs To: Loret Chicane (GreenSweatshirtGal)

ImageVitara: The Life Orb
Gives you healing abilities, the ability to create shields, and increases the amount of hits you can take. The inside somehow looks soft and smooth, and it always glows softly. If you focus, you can feel it pulse a bit...
Powered By: Hope
Belongs To: DarkBlueAce (DarkBlueAce)

ImageLirna: The Light Orb
Allows you to create and manipulate light. Lirna always glows brightly, but fortunately not bright enough to blind anyone. Still bright enough to not be able to make out any features on the inside.
Powered By: Happiness
Belongs To: Vayd (Ikiros)

ImageThyx: The Storm Orb
Makes you able to summon and control storms, thunder, lightning, and electricity. Somehow, there's always a storm going on the inside.
Powered By: Extreme Emotion
Belongs To: Mr. Thorren (TheCreepyCanadian)

ImageCrona: The Time Orb
Allows you to look into the past and present (viewing the results of the Competition doesn't seem to work, however), rewind (max of a day), fast forward (max of a day), and pause time temporarily. Crona ticks quietly, with all of the current dates and times displayed faintly inside.
Powered By: Remembering
Belongs To: Lorelei (Lodnir)

ImageFlyri: The Flora Orb
Lets you use plants in combat; gives full control of trees, flowers, vines, etc. If you look very carefully, you can see clear flowers all along the inside of the orb.
Powered By: Benevolence
Belongs To: Kim-Ko (Mantis)

ImageSytel: The Psychic Orb
Gives psychic abilities: clairvoyance, telekinesis, telepathy, etc. Inside is a swirling, shifting pattern that speeds up the harder the user thinks. If they're thinking extremely hard, an eye will open up inside of it.
Powered By: Anticipation
Belongs To: Koren Verrome (Zetta)

ImagePixet: The Technology Orb
Allows you to control anything artificial and related to technology, really. Also, random teleportation. Yes. The inside of Pixet looks strikingly similar to a motherboard.
Powered By: Apathy
Belongs To: Lokk (Exuro)

ImageMikimi: The Transformation Orb
Mikimi allows you to transform into nearly anything; whether it's changing into a rock, becoming invisible, or just morphing yourself a different outfit. The inside of Mikimi is constantly changing, usually responding to the thoughts of the user.
Powered By: Capriciousness
Belongs To: Peylet Kelzwick (GreenSweatshirtGal)

ImageCraya: The Creation Orb
Craya allows you to make near anything (so long as it's not explicit godmodding) appear from thin air. Within Craya is a liquidy mass that slowly swirls around the inside of the orb.
Powered By: Inspiration
Belongs To: Vers Andorae XII (Zetta)

ImageIcisa: The Ice Orb
Allows one to summon and manipulate snow and ice, as well as freeze objects and lower temperatures. It's always snowing inside of Icisa, and it's cold to the touch.
Powered By: Coldness/Harshness
Belongs To: Cinda (PaperPikachu)

ImageSola: The Soul Orb
Sola allows you to temporarily (all of the following last a day at best) possess people, swap souls with them, force other people to swap souls, and rip out the souls of others (basically making them have an OBE and be all ghostly). However, this Oress can be dangerous to both the victim and the user; the user will experience phases of mind "erosion", eventually becoming a mindless, unmoving cadaver if the abilities are abused. Unlike the other orbs, Sola is completely clear and free of any cool effects.
Powered By: Introspection
Belongs To: Preston Kim (roler200)

ImageQuasea: The Water Orb
Lets you create and manipulate water. Quasea is full of water, yet it doesn't feel any heavier.
Powered By: Self-Confidence
Belongs To: Garune Themiax (koolkat104)

ImagePoice: The Poison Orb
Allows you to create and control all kinds of poisonous substances and acidic materials. It also makes you invulnerable to poisoning. The inside of Poice looks rather like a lava lamp.
Powered By: Hatred
Belongs To: Joe "Slept With the Fishes" Ravioli (Mantis)

ImageNeladi: The Sound Orb
Gives you the ability to change voices, take away voices, give voices, adjust the volume of anything, create sound waves, and so on. Neladi pulses with the sounds of the world around it. Cool stuff.
Powered By: Carefree...ness
Belongs To: "Jane Doe" (roler200)

ImageLesni: The Space Orb
Gives you nifty space-themed (lots of stars, the moon, black holes, galaxy things) attacks. The inside of Lesni looks like the night sky. Sometimes you can even see shooting stars!
Powered By: Anxiety
Belongs To: Charteuse (Mantis)

ImageAyle: The Age Orb
Allows you to change your/someone else's age, either physically, mentally, or both. Ayle is warm to the touch, full of bubbles which lazily float to the 'top' and then pop.
Powered By: Acceptance
Belongs To: Aracely Genet Bonne-Terre (GreenSweatshirtGal)

ImageEntria: The Emotion Orb
Can manipulate emotions, although it depends on the will of your intended victim. There'll always be at least a subtle reaction. Entria has a heart (the stylized kind, not the realistic one) which beats like a real one when the user is feeling something strongly.
Powered By: Love
Belongs To: Cel (GreenSweatshirtGal)

ImageSumai: The Replenishment Orb
Lets you make food appear out of nowhere, and then manipulate it. Seriously. Oh, and you can make it come to life. And turn into it. Whenever the user gets hungry, the food that the user craves most appears on the inside. Jerk.
Powered By: Hunger...?
Belongs To: Rokkskar (TheCreepyCanadian)

ImageArode: The Earth Orb
Gives you the ability to create/manipulate rocks, sand, earth, etc. Arode is full of rocks. It sounds like a maraca if you shake it. (:
Powered By: Stubbornness
Belongs To: Yorito Morimiya (roler200)

ImageAelle: The Air Orb
Gives control over clouds, wind, and so on. You also get the ability to breathe in any climate, including outer space. The inside is full of clouds, with a constant wind blowing them around.
Powered By: Calmness
Belongs To: Aya (PriestessPaula)

ImagePriste: The Metal Orb
Gives you control over all metals, jewels, etc. Priste's interior is crystalline, and it looks damn cool.
Powered By: Pride
Belongs To: King of Hearts (FrozenTranscendence)

ImageNeren: The Death Orb
Lets you perform major life drain, and bring the dead back to life. Neren is full of a thick, black mist, but a dim light is visible in the center. If you listen closely, you may hear a sigh every once in a while...
Powered By: Sadness
Belongs To: Aita Iire (FrozenTranscendence)

ImageShan: The Unknown Orb
Allows you to control darkness and shadows and stuff. Shan is completely solid, allowing no glimpse into its darkness.
Powered By: Guilt/Regret
Belongs To: Spark (PaperPikachu)

ImageCiess: The Mirror Orb
Specializes in the manipulation of one's Life Energy; basically, you can control this weird liquidy pink stuff and morph it into different shapes (like cats or babies or knife storms). Also can do some healing, but the process is different (and more painful) and isn't instant like Vitara. Overuse can lead to exhaustion. Ciess is reflective, the center of it serving as a mirror.
Powered By: Desire/Passion
Belongs To: Mr. X (Lodnir)

Character List



Dead List

Who's Gotta Go

(Anyone in the bottom row of the Dead section is a non-Tested, and non-Tested don't appear in the Alive section as their deaths aren't necessary for the end of the Competition.)

Where Am I?

Castle Oress

Umbra's Mansion

Ritzy Apartment Building

That One Cafe

The Park

Doll Shop



Random Body of Water

The Mall

Flower Shop


Court of Ten-Thousand Hearts

Amusement Park

Happy Fluffy Bunny World

Test Reality Outskirts





"The concept of Lila signifies freedom as distinguished from necessity."

1) First and foremost, don't be intimidated by anything ever. I only bite people when they are delicious cupcakes, and answering your questions is my favorite thing in the world. I'm not super harsh or strict; I'm in this for my love of RPing, you feel me? All of this looks like a lot, but it's kind of short when you get down to it. If you ever get lost, drop me a PM or post in the OOC. As mentioned before, I actually adore answering questions!

2) Second, listen to Ram Shanker Misra up there! This RP is about you reaching your own conclusion. This is my RP, but you're the players. Don't be afraid to put your own twist on things! After all, you just got your character dragged away from whatever they were doing before...maybe they were in the midst of an epic battle, maybe they were fighting a curse, maybe they were on the verge of death, maybe they WERE dead and just got dragged out of their long as you don't change the plot or make things all about you, think as freely as you wish.

3) If you saw the word 'rules' and immediately thought "RRRUUUUURRRRRRRUUUUUU", I love you.

4) Comply with normal RPG rules, as well as common sense stuff like "don't be a jerk" and "don't godmod".

5) WE BEGIN AT DAWN! And by dawn I mean Saturday, November 27th. Starting before Thanksgiving would be a little too soon for me, but starting on Thanksgiving or Black Friday would be crazy. If this changes, I'll let you know.

6) At first, only make one character. If we have less than 10 people join within 5 days, I'll allow two characters per person. I'd like to get all of the Oress spaces filled, so I may even allow 3 later on.

7) Let's try and stray from one-liners, but I don't expect billions of paragraphs. I'm a short poster myself, so don't feel pressured into writing a lot. A couple sentences would be cool, but that's certainly not the limit. Post however much you feel comfortable with! Expect my posts to be shorter and expect them to be divided into sections for whichever characters I'm using: my role in this RP is to interact with you, not be a player myself.

8) Have an avatar! It doesn't even have to be of your character, or even have to have anything to do with your character, so long as it's not a solid block of color. You can have a rubber duck as your character's avatar and I'll be happy. If you have an image you'd like to use but suck at making avatars, just ask me and I'd be happy to resize/crop it for you. Also, please don't use a black and white image...otherwise it'll look like your character is dead before the RP even starts! If you really like that black & white image, put a dot of color somewhere or make a colorful border or something...whatever it takes to make it look different than a 'dead' avatar.

9) Be sure to obey your mighty co-GMs (Zetta and FrozenTranscendence) as well! All of your cupcakes must go directly to us. Especially me.

10) Swearing, romance, and violence are all a-okay with me...just keep it around PG-13 or so. Following RPG rules and whatnot, mmyes.

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Characterization: Proficient Plot: Advanced Depth: Advanced Style: Proficient Mechanics: Proficient Overall: Proficient
ViceVersus wrote:Hey GSG! First thing I want to say is WOW. This is a massive-scale RP that (as I have said to other folks before) in the hands of any other GM, would just roll right off my sticky little attention board, but thanks to your presentation, I managed to read all the way through your lengthy introduction, and here's why. You've created an intensely detailed experience on an entirely different, yet familiar plane. By using words like "They" and "Them" you've effectively de-personified the RP, but what makes it magical and what makes me feel like I'm involved is when you started using the second person. "You wake up in a hotel .. " etc. Why? Because that puts me, the reader, in character right away before I even think about what I'm getting myself into. That's a brilliant, brilliant move and people don't do it enough. Any roleplay or introduction that makes the reader think -- "wait! What happens? What happens to ME? I need to find out!" gets a huge thumbs up from my end, and for that reason I would actually suggest putting that "What Relevance Does This Have To You" section FIRST instead of after the "Theys" and "Thems" if you know what I mean. Continuing my analysis of your introduction, I found myself torn between thinking some of the information could have been revealed in-text, during the roleplay -- and thinking that it all needed to be out there. This is such a MASSIVE RP that almost every detail DOES need to be explained, even down to what characters can eat, what their personal hygiene would be like .. because when you're throwing us out on a branch like this, we NEED that direction. Again, the use of the first person tied it all nicely, and I'm glad to give this RP full marks on Depth, and Plot. Moving on from that, OW MY EYES. Picking new colors for the Oress was nice, but SHEESH. That bright yellow and the bright neon green hurts my face, lady-love. I couldn't even read what the abilities were! One final thing I want to say about the introduction is I LOVE that you've made dying a vital part of the plot. The added note on you providing a black/white avatar made me smile. There are so many little, tiny conventions you've added to your massive story here that allows me to follow along, and be interested. It's brilliant. Now, to what you've all been waiting for -- a commentary on the characterization and actual writing of the story! Just glancing down the list of names, I was excited. There were some names I was familiar with (hey Taebby!) and some that I've never seen around before. This is quite an extensive list of users, even setting aside that some of your players are doubling up. Roler's post in particular brought me into this strange, fresh new world. The posting started off a little rocky not so much in terms of mechanics, spelling and organization but in terms of me, myself getting acclimated to the elements of the story world that I now have to realize I'm in. As I said before, Roler's Preston really got me clicking, and everything after that sort of added to the experience. And that's what you want in a good RP! As much as you have different, unique people there still needs to be a cohesive feel to the story. Some posts were broken up differently, some italicized and some didn't but I still felt like I was reading the same tale. Still -- don't lose yourself in this massive sandbox world that you've been unleashed in. GSG has created nice fetters for you, but if you start running I'm not sure you'd be able to stop because narrative is a tricky, tricky beast. Thanks for reading, and keep writing y'all!

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Character Portrait: Those Lovable NPCs GSG's many, many characters. I'll probably make these pimpin' someday!
Character Portrait: Jin Shahrivar
Jin Shahrivar played by Smiley
Technology. It's my specialty.
Character Portrait: Relik
Relik played by Gigaspine7
A somewhat childish robot assistant with a highly advanced AI
Character Portrait: Rokkskar He's a manbear. A goddamn manbear.
Character Portrait: Amity
Amity played by Amity
I... I don't know what to say.
Character Portrait: Aita Iire Crazy Loli
Character Portrait: Gerard Ulbrite A wanna be hero whose ability makes him appear a villian
Character Portrait: DarkBlueAce I am the guy. It's me.
Character Portrait: Elia Mirror from the Past
Character Portrait: Fellmund Narwahlt Everyone's favourite perverted-thief-magician.
Character Portrait: Enna Magus Thank you! You've been a wonderful audience!
Character Portrait: Durnam Andorae III "I plan what things get blown up. You blow 'em up."
Character Portrait: Spark
Spark played by PaperPikachu
22nd person to die. We can still be friends though, right?
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Umbra's Mansion

Umbra's Mansion by RolePlayGateway

Totally not ominous or anything.

Amusement Park

Amusement Park by RolePlayGateway

It's so amusing!

Ritzy Apartment Building

Ritzy Apartment Building by RolePlayGateway

You can't not like something that can be described with the word 'ritzy'.

Happy Fluffy Bunny World

Happy Fluffy Bunny World by RolePlayGateway


That One Cafe

That One Cafe by RolePlayGateway

You know, that one!

The Park

The Park by RolePlayGateway

It's the park, stupid.

Doll Shop

Doll Shop by RolePlayGateway

Can't dolls not be creepy?


Limbo by RolePlayGateway

lol u ded


There by RolePlayGateway

What do you mean, where? There!

Castle Oress Lounge

Castle Oress Lounge by RolePlayGateway

why is the picture so spooky

Castle Oress' Third Floor

Castle Oress' Third Floor by RolePlayGateway

shut up and go to bed

Castle Oress Balcony

Castle Oress Balcony by RolePlayGateway

The perfect place for romantic outings. Unless you fall off.

Castle Oress Arcade

Castle Oress Arcade by RolePlayGateway


Castle Oress Cafe

Castle Oress Cafe by RolePlayGateway

That's a cool chair.

Castle Oress Pool

Castle Oress Pool by RolePlayGateway


Castle Oress' Basement

Castle Oress' Basement by RolePlayGateway

There's probably monsters down here. Or centipedes. What's the difference?

Castle Oress' Roof

Castle Oress' Roof by RolePlayGateway

Don't fall off. That would be rude.

Random Body of Water

Random Body of Water by RolePlayGateway

Is it a lake, an ocean, or what?

The Mall

The Mall by RolePlayGateway

Haha, you're poor!

Outside of Castle Oress

Outside of Castle Oress by RolePlayGateway

Nature and sunlight? What are those things?


Graveyard by RolePlayGateway

Where souls go to die. (:

Court of Ten-Thousand Hearts

Court of Ten-Thousand Hearts by RolePlayGateway

Look at all the treasures!

Test Reality Outskirts

Test Reality Outskirts by RolePlayGateway

The end of the road.



Because this RP wasn't trippy enough.

Underwater World

Underwater World by RolePlayGateway

Where is this place...?

The Cave

The Cave by RolePlayGateway

All of the cool parks have caves.

Flower Shop

Flower Shop by RolePlayGateway

Manliest flower shop ever.

House of Cards

House of Cards by RolePlayGateway

Most likely a devious trap. But you go in anyways, 'cause you're bored.

Castle Oress

Castle Oress by GreenSweatshirtGal

That place where you wake up.

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Charteuse and Kim-Ko

[[Ritzy Apt. Building]]

Charteuse looked behind her and saw Lun!

"Woah, dude! have no face and stuff!" she said, as her hand reached out to Lun's face.


Meanwhile, Kim-Ko watched from behind Shan as Umbra and Soleil walked out of the room.

"I-I think i-it looks n-nice!" she said to Soleil and Umbra, trying to perhaps lighten up the situation.

...Oh dear...


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And then Aya and her Party got to the park, though I forgot exactly how they were getting there. Whatever, it doesn't matter, they're there.


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(Spark and Cinda)


What now, huh? WHAT NOW.

Seriously though.


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And then, slowly but surely, it all slowed to a stop.


[Beyond Entirety; The End]

"Told you it wasn't that easy, you pompous asshole."

His head was still filled with images, senses still overloaded. He felt like vomiting blood, but that would've been both impolite and degrading. Slightly less degrading than the ordeal he just went through, though.

"I guess it was cute, fun. Confusing as hell, but it wasn't bad. Points for entertainment value and effort!" she clapped, voice full of acidic glee. Whenever she smiled, your heart either melted or burst into flames. God, what a bitch.

He kind of loved her.

"Yeah, yeah, laugh all you want. I get it, you win." he huffed, hoping to leave this topic in the dust as soon as possible. In truth, Dicro liked to think that he was perfect and incapable of failure, or that any failures of his could easily be covered up with a quick "I meant to do that. It's a god thing, you wouldn't understand". Even if this subject could be brushed off so easily, it wouldn't fly by Umbra. If she saw an opportunity to taunt him, she'd pounce on it and hold it over his head until it faded. Admittedly, he kind of deserved it. He was the subtle, friendly-faced kind of uppity bastard that grated on your nerves after a while, a fact that had been communicated to him via a blade to the stomach on a rainy afternoon years ago.

Of course, that wasn't from Umbra. If she'd been in Ciess' place, that blade would've gone right through his face. On the other hand, it would've hurt less.

"Good! Good. I love winning. Damn, do I love winning."

"That's not what you said back then," he thought. It was funny how much people changed, and it was funnier when he thought about what she was like in that Reality. She was happier now, for better or worse.

"All right, but really." she sighed contentedly, attempting to get a more professional air to circulate, "You owe me now. I'll keep the damage low because I kind of enjoyed watching that, but don't forget that you lost. You lost."

She was repeating that over and over in her head, he knew it. He could do that, too. Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up. He thought his face might be turning red (the feeling in his face never came back).

"Okay, really, I think I get it. Your job's not that easy, managing a Reality is harder than it looks, and putting in original content just fucks everything up."

"It was a nice little fuck-up, I'll admit that. I think I'll probably keep it somewhere, just for nostalgia's sake."

Hope spot.

"Or for blackmail. Just to remind you that it happened."


"Hey, at least I did something. You just make sure nothing blows up, you don't even have to watch over the Test Reality if you don't want to." he shot back in an attempt to defend some of his dignity. It didn't help much; he was still flopping around in the sand like a dumbass. Dicro hadn't won an argument against Umbra since her Promotion and subsequent replacing of Opine, which he did his best to ignore. That was a painful choice, but Dicro had started caring less and less about unpleasantries since the day he took over Entirety. So they were equals in the other's eyes, but neither spoke it. Their relationship revolved around an unending competition for dominance.

"What? That's all you could come up with? If I counted up how many times something blew up or burned down in your Test Reality..."

"Well---" He didn't actually have anything else prepared, which Umbra noticed in seconds.

"Oh, just shut up and accept it. I already gave you a bonus for the interesting concept. Who would've thought that whole mess could be caused by one little change? Good thing I won the Competition instead of Seraye, huh?" she thought out loud, eyes drifting as a signal of legitimate wonder. Although he made another few minor tweaks here and there, changing the outcome of the original Competition was ultimately all that Dicro did to his personal Test Reality (after Umbra demanded he back up his claim that managing the Test Reality was simple and painless).

It was quiet for a while; there wasn't much else to say and there wasn't much else to do. It felt a little too depressing to just leave the whole thing behind just like that, but it couldn't be fixed. The high had faded, the rush was gone, the thrill was trapped in amber stagnation. Gorgeous to look at, but meant to be at peace.

"So, what about everyone that was brought in? They were legitimately from other Realities, right? You're just going to keep them there?" Umbra asked, chipping away at the silence carefully.

"Don't worry about them. There's a certain group of people out there who'll know what to do with them." he assured her.



"Nevermind, don't worry about it."

"Whatever." she shrugged, standing up and hooking her arm around his. Her grip was comparable to a snake coiled around its prey. He could've NOPE'd right out of there, but he couldn't find the will. Will needed some dignity to back it up. "Let's get out of here."

"Where are we going?"

"I'm thinking back home, and I'm thinking we see if Soleil still has that maid outfit."

"I hate you."

"I try."

Despite the nightmare naturally lurking ahead, the two continued on until the room was empty.

Draped in darkness, the only light remaining clung to the luminescent butterflies Umbra never had the distaste to get rid of. They fluttered about aimlessly, weaving through the stored Realities in complete serenity. It was all over now; not out of completion but not out of spite. Its finale was a natural ending, a gentle rest that had been waiting patiently to embrace the whole since its birth.

Night hung over the beloved mess; finally it could slow down, close its eyes, and smile itself into a well-deserved sleep.




} Good night, Lila, we love you! {


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