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What do you get when you cross bored gods, magical orbs, killing games, acid, and a bunch of confused people from across Entirety...?

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Tags: acid fantasy, almighty beings, amalgamation, anything goes, ballin\', beware of tcc, bunnies, choices, collection plot, competition, death, dolls, dreams, entirety, explosions, fantastic, free-for-all, gods, gsg, hot-blooded awesomeness, inter-reality, interactive, jolly fun times, lila, lolis, magic, mailmen, manbears, mirrors, monies~, orbs, oress plot, original, paradoxes, player driven, powers, science, semi-canon, souls, spontaneous, spontaneous combustion, sprinkles, strawberries, subconscious, tentacle monsters, test, the power of friendship/love, them, trippy, trolling, variety (Add Tags »)

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Aita examined the Oress carefully. Entria... Entria... Entria... A small voice seemed to call out to her, but she ignored it. It was a pretty pink after all! But that man, why the emotion Oress? She thought to herself. He was far too creepy and old and creepy for something as great as that... Aita shrugged happily, nonetheless, and pulled out a strawberry from her secret stash of strawberries, and began munching happily.

"Does anyone have any bread?" She gurbled out between a bite, "I could really go for a strawberry sammich right about meow. Hehe~"


(Doll Shop)

Elia smiled lazily, but deep down you'd know she was greatly delighted for the hospitality. "Deal. I have a feeling I'll feel right where I belong here. I can protect the shop too if you'd like. I'm really a good fighter..."