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What do you get when you cross bored gods, magical orbs, killing games, acid, and a bunch of confused people from across Entirety...?

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Tags: acid fantasy, almighty beings, amalgamation, anything goes, ballin\', beware of tcc, bunnies, choices, collection plot, competition, death, dolls, dreams, entirety, explosions, fantastic, free-for-all, gods, gsg, hot-blooded awesomeness, inter-reality, interactive, jolly fun times, lila, lolis, magic, mailmen, manbears, mirrors, monies~, orbs, oress plot, original, paradoxes, player driven, powers, science, semi-canon, souls, spontaneous, spontaneous combustion, sprinkles, strawberries, subconscious, tentacle monsters, test, the power of friendship/love, them, trippy, trolling, variety (Add Tags »)

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{{oh my god man elia and durnam are finally going to meet again except it'll be depressing because he doesn't remember her </3 also yeah verity was that batshit crazy manipulator of mine who was responsible for most of the deaths in the previous competition}}

(somewhere lolol)

The map on the 'About Us' paper would lead Vers to a pretty ritzy-looking apartment building. Man, this Reality is full of all kinds of fancy places! I guess They just like showing off their architectural skills.


(Castle Oress)

Aracely grinned, rather pleased with Verity. She'd make a rather nice slave vassal.

"I'm glad you asked! I happen to be an Emere; a child of Heaven who can travel from home to Earth whenever they please. I suppose you could call me an angel...but we Emeres are far closer to our Father than angels. Unfortunately, coming here stole my ability to return home, which is why I'd like to win this Competition as soon as possible. Wouldn't Father be proud if I returned home with such marvelous power?!" she calmed herself down and cleared her throat.

"So, what exactly are you, then? I've never seen anything like you on Heaven or Earth..." she asked, rubbing her chin in thought.


(The Park)

"Whoa, whoa! Looks like someone needs to take a chill pill!" Bunny hopped back, surprised. How could someone be afraid of a fluffy bunny? Then again, perhaps she was aware of Bunny's massive arsenal of nukes and his bustling business of selling illegal items on e-bay...but, still! Wook at dat wittle face! :3


(The Doll Shop)

"You're a fighter, huh?" she asked, pulling Elia up. "Well, that sounds pretty helpful, too. You're just the whole package, aren't you?" she smiled, although she wasn't really feeling that smile. She glanced back at the stairs.

"Ah, right, your room. It's up those stairs, first door to the left. There isn't a lot there besides a fluffy bed, a dresser, and a closet, so I apologize in advance. Not that you'll really need a fancy bedroom here in the Competition, ha. Anyways, I'm expecting a couple of my co-workers to drop by today, so you came at the perfect time introduction-wise. It'll save us a walk, at the very least..."