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What do you get when you cross bored gods, magical orbs, killing games, acid, and a bunch of confused people from across Entirety...?

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--Vers Andorae XII--

All the while during his walk, Vers contemplated one, very simple question: If Castle Oress is so fancy, why doesn't it have automatic sliding doors?

Vers whistled a somewhat low tone of "Damn, that's one fancy apartment building." Hopefully, he wasn't going to have to blow it up. Destroying something as elegant as this would bother him. Unless he actually blew the place to the ground*. Plus, if this group had taken up residence here, and had links with Them - after all, it would be foolish to have Them here with a bunch of pissed-off-magical-orb-holders - then, this group probably wasn't going to end up in the "ground" as quickly as the others at Castle Oress might.

Vers entered the hotel, unsure of what lay ahead of him in the lobby. An ambush? A surprise belated birthday party? Deadly assassins? A stash of "documents?" A belated birthday ambush planned by assassins who kept stashes of "documents?" Who knows what could be inside!

*Ground is defined as "smoldering crater born through the unholy union of chemistry and a love for explosives"

--Durnam Andorae III

Before Durnam entered the Doll Shop, he took a quick look around, His soldier instincts were telling him that he was being followed, but where his stalker was hiding was a completely different question. Deciding to shrug off any possibility of being shrugged, he pushed the door to the Doll Shop in an attempt to be unnecessarily quiet. Unfortunately for him, the creaking of the door and that little chime betrayed his supposedly* stealthy entrance. That chime seemed to catch his attention for a brief moment. Sure, it was your average store chime, but something about this one seemed too familiar.

Two others, however, were in the store. Durnam, in order to avoid being (potentially) killed, rolled** over to the nearest aisle of those oh-so-creepy dolls. As such, Durnam sunk to the floor (his armor making a light thud noise), and began silently praying to his gods***.

So much for "stealth."

*How stealthy is a walking tin can supposed to be, anyways?
**How does one roll in a tin can suit of armor?
***Demigods not included.