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What do you get when you cross bored gods, magical orbs, killing games, acid, and a bunch of confused people from across Entirety...?

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Setting: Castle Oress2010-11-29 00:46:48, as written by Mantis

When she woke again she quickly sat up and looked around. Still in the same room that she woke up to before. Still the same room where she was greeted by chinchillas and tentacle monsters and stuff. Still the same room where she was told of this "Test", her Oress, and everything everyone else was told.

"Am I still tripping?" she asked herself out loud in her room. She looked around and quickly answered her own question, "...Of course not. If I were tripping I wouldn't have ask if I was."

She got up and noticed that her duffle bag was still with her. She dived towards it in bliss and held it tightly.

"It's okay baby...momma's here now," she quietly told the bag.

After a few seconds of realizing what exactly she was doing she quickly got up and slung the duffle bag strap over her shoulder and headed towards the door. Before she left though, she felt like she had forgotten something. Turning around she looked at the dark purple orb that she was told about the night before. She walked over to it and stared into it, which resembling celestial bodies inside. She tucked the Oress inside her duffle bag and continued out the door. She walked down the hallway of doors, looking around until she found an elevator. Being the only logical solution, she called the elevator, got in, and pressed the button to the first floor, ignoring the fact that there was no button for the second floor.

"Space huh...that's cool. I also guess this means that there are more people here," she quietly thought to herself as the elevator descended.

Once the elevator opened to the first floor, she simply stepped out and looked at everyone.

"Sup?" she simply said out loud, and not to anyone in particular.

Waking up from what she thought was a nightmare, Kim-Ko looked around and began to quiver slightly in fear. She didn't know where she was, she didn't know how she got there, she didn't know where her precious sword was, and she didn't know what to do. Assuming that this means that her "nightmare" wasn't a nightmare at all, but real, she was frightened even more by the giant tentacle monster. She looked around the room in fear, and noticed the greenish orb, or Oress as she recalled them calling it, on the ground. She picked it up and noticed the beautiful flowers and such growing inside.

"T-that...that's pretty..." she quietly said to herself as she was looking into her Oress.

She then proceeded to exit her room, slowly. The idea of killing people to become a god didn't excite her at all. What if she was the first to die? What if she had to kill somebody? She was at least hoping for someone nice enough to talk to and to perhaps be her friend in this time of need. She saw the elevator door open, looked around, and quickly entered and pressed the first floor button. She studied the panel as she descended and noted the lack of a second floor button. She didn't pay much attention to it, and the ding of the elevator went off, signaling that they had reached the first floor. After the doors opened, she quietly walked out and simply sat down on one of the couches quietly, watching whatever the other people were doing.

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