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What do you get when you cross bored gods, magical orbs, killing games, acid, and a bunch of confused people from across Entirety...?

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Setting: Castle Oress2010-11-29 01:52:14, as written by Mantis

Charteuse approached the tall lady that greeted her. It looked like her bag was a bit heavy, but she kept it on her back as she walked. She looked around once more, looking at the other people in the same room, then back at the lady.

"Excuse me. Do you know where exactly we are?" she asked the lady.


Kim-Ko shyly waved back at the tall lady who greeted her. She noticed that there were two ladies, one lady and one lady machine thing anyway, were crowded around something, it looked like a map. She quietly got up and approached the two and the map, trying to get a good look at the map and not disrupting the two in their search for whatever they were searching.

"I need to find someplace nice and quiet. I can't be around all of these people..." she thought to herself as she finally got a look at the map and studied it. The flower shop on the map might be a nice place. Plus it didn't look that far away from where they were from, or was it that far? She didn't even know where she was on the map! She meekly looked over to the two others looking at the map, and then the tall lady, who was then approached by another lady. She looked over to the two that were next to her, hoping they were friendly enough.

"E-excuse any of you k-know where we are on this m-m-map?" she timidly asked.