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What do you get when you cross bored gods, magical orbs, killing games, acid, and a bunch of confused people from across Entirety...?

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Setting: Castle Oress2010-11-29 02:34:10, as written by Smiley
Somewhere, in a seemingly abandoned room, floating above the ground was a large, glass sphere with several strange-looking devices attached to it, and the glass had fogged up due to the internal temperature. After a moment, a loud hissing noise was heard, and a fog-like substance shot out of the devices. The sphere slowly un-fogged, revealing a sole occupant floating in the middle, carrying a sphere, who had apparently been in cryo-stasis.

Jin hadn't been in Cryo-stasis for long, so it was unexpected that it would shut down so soon. His system, realizing the stasis chamber had shut down, began its standard boot-up process Without opening his eyes, he was able to see words go flying past his vision. This was his startup code, and it was just a standard thing, so Jin mostly ignored it. Then Jin opened his eyes, and his H.U.D. popped up with a message, saying, 'Good morning, Jin.' then it disappeared. Jin looked down at the little sphere he was holding. "Good morning, Pixet." Jin said to it. Another message popped up on his H.U.D. saying, 'Cryo-stasis time: 9 hours and 41 minutes.' then it vanished. Then the glass sphere opened, and Jin dropped down to the floor, landing on his feet. This was when he realized something was off.

Jin glanced around. This was not the room where he had been when he began cryo-stasis. Jin looked down at 'Pixet' and asked, "Pixet, what is my location?" A few moments later, a message popped up on his H.U.D. saying, 'Unknown coordinates.' then the message vanished. "Unknown coordinates? How can that be possible?" Jin asked. Another message on his H.U.D. said, 'Interplanetary travel, perhaps?' then it vanished. Jin knew interplanetary travel was possible, but who would have brought him here, and why?

"Scanner, on." Jin said aloud. The scanner over his left eye turned on, booted up, then showed him a grid as he looked around. He stopped his vision on the door, and said, "Scanner, identify material." The scanner had a quick wave go across it, and the door was highlighted by a digital outline. A wave went across just the outlined area, and then a message popped up, saying, 'Material: Metal alloy, similar to copper.' then it disappeared, along with the outline. Jin looked down at Pixet, then at the door, and walked up to the door. Jin held out his left hand, still holding Pixet with his right, then said, "Pixet, Ion ray." A wave of energy flowed out of Pixet, up Jin's arm, across his chest and to his other arm, and his arm began to transform into what looked like some kind of small energy cannon. Energy began to gather around the opening, and after a moment, it fired an Ion beam, blasting the door off its hinges. The Ion ray transformed back, and Jin's arm was now back to normal. "Well, Pixet, time to find out where we are." Jin said, taking a step outside the room.