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What do you get when you cross bored gods, magical orbs, killing games, acid, and a bunch of confused people from across Entirety...?

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[Yay for living in a completely different time zone! Post time now kgo.]

Enna grinned as Amity stammered out her interest in a performance. It's what she did and she enjoyed making other people smile. That and off brand, cheap as anything vodka. But in the absence of that, she'd stick with the people smiling bit. Looking around, she found a low table and dragged it over to where Amity and the tall woman were waiting. She knelt behind it, and looked to the two women.

"Now, as I have relatively no idea who you two are, we can honestly say we've never met before? Wonderful. Now, this table."

She motioned to the table. All things considered, it was a very nice little table. Solid oak and everything. She gave it a rap with her knuckles and listened to the heavy sound it made.

"This table is clearly solid yes? No holes or places for me to conceal anything in." She knocked a few more times, on the sides and the underneath of the table, satisfied that it was solid, she reached up to her ear and took out one of her earrings and held it up.

"This is quite clearly a normal, regular, remarkably cheap knock off and fake diamond earring yes? Given to me by my jeshrat (lit. @!#$@!) of an ex-husband." She let each of the women hold it and then placed it on the table. Looking around the room once more, she found a neat tower of small glasses on a side board near the lifts. Hurrying over, she grabbed one and came back, taking everything out of her pillowcase and wrapping the glass in it.

"My intention today ladies is to make this earring pass through the table. I shall be using this glass as my hammer, if you will, to give it a solid enough thwack to send it through the oak. There is nothing in this glass is there?"

She held up the glass for all to see, there was nothing in there except some lonely dust at the bottom. She rewrapped the glass and placed it on top of the earring. She waved her right hand over the top of the glass and pulled it away. The earring was still sat there.

"Huh. Well, not always on the first try. Lets go again."

She placed the glass back and waved her hand again. Removing the glass revealed the earring was still there. Enna frowned, looking to her Oress.

"You're no help. Okay, third times the charm as they say."

Once again, glass back, hand wave, remove glass**, earring there. Scowling she placed the glass back on top.

"This normally goes perfectly, I am so annoyed now!"

She slammed down on the glass and instead of their being a smashing sound and blood everywhere it seemed to vanish, the pillowcase collapsing on itself as soon as her hand hit it. Blinking, Enna looked at the pillowcase, then looked underneath the table. The glass was sat directly under where Enna had placed it.

"Ahhhh. That's why. Wrong magic words, so instead of earring, I sent the glass through!"

She grinned and looked up to the two women.

"So. Any good do you think?"

((**It was at this point that Enna dropped the glass without notice into her lap and then placed it under the table whilst using misdirection to keep the two women occupied. As can be seen in this video: :D))