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What do you get when you cross bored gods, magical orbs, killing games, acid, and a bunch of confused people from across Entirety...?

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Setting: The Park2010-11-29 04:16:51, as written by Tæfarós
(Dat Park)

So that didn't go too swimmingly. A few elderly passersby, their equally small, yet more bourgeois dogs in tow, nearly started at the disabled pink mess that announced itself to the world. In spite of himself, Oser had to silently thank the bunny for not playing up his failure like a complete dick, and, upon consideration, the chick's anxiety was to be expected. Desire and passion were qualities he needed to strengthen, apparently, seeing as hopping for a quick raid in a public loo hardly counted. And in the interval that passed, he took a moment to grasp the scale of this so-called Reality and its scenario as words eluded him--judging the magnitude of what was to be was certainly more effective out here, where he could properly gawk at the architecture and the inhabitants without getting lost in that clusterfuck of new arrivals.

From a weather standpoint, the day was perfect. Too perfect.

"Okay, I'm gonna have to agree with this piece of prey, just this once." Gesturing to :3-face, he took a few cautious steps away from her, hands held outward, Oress pocketed. Expression: neutralized. "Chill for a sec, all right? I'm just as spooked as you are, but c'mon, I'm the least of your worries."

He paused. As if that sounded convincing in a free-for-all, hide-yo'-kids situation.

"I just wanted a break from the other guys, yeah?" he said, offering another cheeky smile. "You and I are both as lost as the next sap. How about a little non-lethal training before all hell breaks loose? A chance at learning about your Oress--doesn't sound like too bad a deal, does it?" With a step on the bunny's paw, he repeated to the creature, "Does it?"

Averting his gaze from her face, he broke waiting for her reply and noticed a duo of participants heading their way. As long as this meeting didn't bloat itself into a disaster, he could tolerate a few newcomers, at least for a bit. The robotic dude and the aimless girl with the anime hair--yeah, they'd be right. The idea of putting those Pokeballs to use got him shifting weight from one foot to the other, throwing sloppy one-two punches in a lame effort to relieve the tension in the air.

"By the way, name's Oser. Used to be a god and all that--looks like I'll have a try harder this time."