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What do you get when you cross bored gods, magical orbs, killing games, acid, and a bunch of confused people from across Entirety...?

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(Castle Oress)

Aracely wrote down nothing, deciding that this lower being wouldn't be able to scrounge up enough money to buy the insane amount of supplies she felt she would need for her stay in the Test Reality.

"Oh, right! We're, Castle Oress, I think it's called? Yep, that's i-" the tall woman was interrupted by Aracely, who gave her the slate. She looked down at it, blinked, then looked up again.

"Um, hey, guys?" she asked her new 'yay-not-scared-of-me~' buddies. "Do you guys need anything from the mall that isn't explosive or poisonous?"


(The Park)

"I think that sounds pretty reasonable, bro. It's always a jolly good time battling strangers without killing them." Bunny nodded, noticing Charles immediately after. He stared for a moment, as if having some kind of epiphany. Something about him was just so incredibly bro-some that Bunny couldn't help but stand there in awe. He was a talking British olive! How does one get more bro-some than that (besides becoming Bunny)? :3

"Yo." :3


(Ritzy Apartment Building)

"One, yes. They have a certain set of requirements you have to reach in order to be Promoted otherwise...I'm not entirely sure what they are, but I could probably ask. Our alliance is pretty tight with most of Them. Anyways, it doesn't seem like you have to do all that much externally, considering that the two non-winning people who got Promoted in the previous Competition never even killed anyone. Two, absolutely. I know a few people who got pretty close to winning just by closing themselves off from the world. Of course, once the more prominent murderers look at the Dead List and realize there are still living people out there, you'll have to come out of your hole and fight for the title. Lastly..." Dicro froze up for a moment at remembering his third question. Lun and Fray seemed pretty dumbfounded as well. Apparently this didn't happen often.

"Holy shit, someone thinks we're cool!" Lun broke the awkward silence.

"Say yes! Do it do it do it do it! This may never happen again!" Fray pleaded, shaking Dicro's arm with such ferocity that it was a miracle it didn't fall off.

"Uh...sure, I guess, if you really want to..." he shrugged, still in shock. This was, after all, the first time someone joined the alliance by will. Most of the time becoming a new member involved being dragged off of the streets by Halyn.


(The Doll Shop)

"What do you want?" Seraye asked, voice colder than her bat. That's pretty cold, man. Someone isn't a happy camper.


(Random Body of Water)

And now there's a Chilly-licious mess everywhere. o manbear u dirty

That definitely set off the "HOLY SHIT" alarms in the minds of the other Chillies, and now some of them actually attempting running.

"Freeze!" a voice far colder than Seraye's voice and her bat combined ordered from the top of a conveniently-placed tree. Without hesitance, every single Chilly on the premises, even those close to death, abruptly stopped where they were. Their faces looked even more terrified than before, which is pretty hard to imagine.


(Flower Shop)

"Well, actually, you see...I've been requested to observe the Competition from the inside. I certainly can't stay at my garden with all of those Oress Holders running around..." her voice seemed a bit bitter at the mention of the previous Oress Holders. "So I searched for the second best thing. And I've found it! I'd love to stay here, and in exchange I could help keep your plants healthy...or at least tame dear Herbert."