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What do you get when you cross bored gods, magical orbs, killing games, acid, and a bunch of confused people from across Entirety...?

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Enna's eyes were drawn to Amity's Oress as it began to glow, but there was nothing sinister behind that. She just like shiny things. Happy that her crowd was happy, she stood up and took a little bow, putting her earring back in and plonking her hat back onto her head and tipping the rim over her eyes as she flicked the back of it.

"Thank you, thank you. You've been a wonderful audience!"

She shoved her glowing Oress back into her pillowcase along with the pillow she was taking with her. She returned the glass and the table back to where she got them and walked back over to Amity, Loret and Charteuse with more of a spring in her step and most likely a song in her heart (if that was even still there. If not, then a song at some point in the center of her chest. Whatever, it was a happy feeling.) She held her hand out to whoever would take it first, if anyone.

"I'm Enna Magus. I know we did introduction type things before, but I am atrocious with names."

It was nice to meet new people. Sad that they had to die at some point, but nice all the same.