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What do you get when you cross bored gods, magical orbs, killing games, acid, and a bunch of confused people from across Entirety...?

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Day 3
Time: Night | Weather: Apocalyptic

|Ritzy Apartment Building|

"Yeah, I feel you...I think you've just gotta have a nice balance! Be one of those background characters who tags along on wacky misadventures and stuff! It's pretty awesome!" Fredericks nodded, then taking a moment to notice that everyone except for a sleeping Narelle and Naj (thankfully, Naj was asleep in a little corner) had left the lobby by now. He then glanced over at the nearest window, noting that it was kind of night and stuff.

"Whoa! Is it already that late?! That's pretty crazy...guess that means you're staying here tonight? I don't think anyone else will mind...

|The Mall|

Larya backed away slowly, deciding to use Fellmund as a meat shield.

"Oh, this is gonna be gooooood..."






Sprinkles screeched, suddenly reverting back into his original form and crashing through the ceiling.




Puppy looked at the screen, cringed, and then nodded.

"Yeah, looks like it is! I don't know if the Flower Shop has a TV, so let's just bring this whole thing with! Good thing it conveniently doesn't require any wires and the DVD player is built in!"

What's that? You hear glass breaking...?

Anyways, Puppy attempted to lift up the TV, but he's kind of a wimpy Chilly so that didn't really work out.

|Outside of Castle Oress|

"Sounds good to me!" Poice agreed, just because he's an agreeable guy. Assuming Elia took Durnam's hand, Poice would turn back to Nago.

"So! What did you want to ask about?" he, uh, asked.

Of course, if Elia didn't take Durnam's hand and therefore the two didn't leave, there was no questioning. Just standing. Yes.

|Castle Oress|

The elevator then proceeded to cry itself to sleep. )':

Naturally, Nette was kind of caught off guard. I mean, she's busy strangling this stupid rabbit, and then all of a sudden this weird...this weird something came spinning out of the elevator and took her hand. She couldn't decide which was stranger...was it the fact that this something's species was totally unlike anything she had ever seen, or was it because she wasn't expecting the new Tested to be so, uh, friendly?

Then she remembered that one of her best friends was a tentacle monster. Ah, there we go. Everything seems reasonable now.

"Uh..." Nette began, still not entirely sure how to react. Tentacle monster, tentacle monster. Okay, let's rock this. Nette cleared her throat and started over.

"'Sup, Lorelei? The name's Nette. So you're totally one of those new Oress Holders or whatever, right?"

Awwwww yeah. Playin' it cool. That totally worked. It totally worked. Who knew Stan could be so handy for one's sanity?

Meanwhile, Peylet nodded to DBA, willing to do anything to get out of here. But while Nette was distracted with Lorelei, He decided to glance back at Peylet and DBA. Just a simple glance, that was it, but it looked more like someone just stabbed Peylet in the face given the "FGSFGDLGF D:" she fgsfgdlgf'd before ducking behind DBA again. Hot damn, she really doesn't like almighty beings. Especially when you only reach their chest at best. Damn tall people, being all unintentionally ominous. ):<

Anyways, that's probably the most emotion you'll see out of Peylet. Ever.

|Umbra's Mansion|

Neren nodded, taking a moment to take in the whole hit list thing.

"Feel no need to summon me tomorrow, Aita. I will arrive of my own accord. Good night." she said, vanishing afterwards. Once Neren was gone, Ara turned back to Aita.

"I don't think you'll have enough energy for a sleepover party, should get some sleep! I'm really sleepy, too..."



Golly, that was hard to react to.

Now, Umbra never doubted that Julias was capable of some crazy shit, but after all of the creeping and stuff...well, it was hard to take in Julias in his current state. She actually had to mentally convince herself that he was still the same person. Poor li'l Julie...people have difficulties recognizing you when you're not being harassed by Halyn!

Stunned quite beyond silence, Umbra just sort of stood there, trying her damnedest to hide her shock. On the other hand, she figured that now might be the best time to ask him to take care of Koren. On the other other hand, she wondered if he was about to do something about him anyways.

Hm. Intriguing.

Either way, Umbra decided to back out of the door. She figured that Julias probably wasn't planning on staying in his room all night.



There was no response to Koren's demands...well, the room slowly grew darker, but I don't think that was the response Koren was looking for.



"What's shakin', Joe? I'm just chillin' and stuff, waitin' to catch up with some old pals of mine. How about you? You joinin' this alliance?" Bunny asked, ignoring Lun's pleas for help. :3


Zalika followed Skar inside and had her mind brutally raped by what happened next.

Just kidding! She followed Skar inside, but didn't seem very impressed or disturbed by all of the crazy food creations and whatnot. Ola just became terribly confused, Mate was still huddling in a corner, Aracely just gave up and started blankly staring at the nearest wall, and Loret suddenly glomped Charles.

"Mr. Olive, something about you...something seems incredibly lovable about you for some reason!" she squealed, cuddling that adorable British olive.

Just when you thought things couldn't get any stranger, Neren walked in. Did I mention she's still wearing those booty shorts? Because yeah. Recognizing that there was no way that could be Neren, Ola and Mate proceeded to pinch themselves, now wondering if maybe everything that had happened today was all a part of some maddening dream.

|Doll Shop|

"Huh? Oh, yeah, my name!" the Chilly jumped, pulling out his handy-dandy Chinchilla Encyclopedia.

"Well, I was thinking of finding something chinchilla-related because puns...and then I thought that I should make some ridiculously fancy name so I can be like 'Hey, my name's (insert long fancy name here), but you can just call me (insert concise form of long name here)!' and stuff. But then I realized that LaPlata Costina Raton sounds like a chick name."

Golly, coming up with Chilly names is strangely difficult.


The temperature of the water around them dropped sharply, apparently indicating that Fray was officially scared shitless. Well, even without the temperature change it was pretty obvious: Fray's trembling was perfectly visible and Mr. Fish was half-dead.

"O-Oh...uh-huh...that's, uh, that's cool...a-and stuff..." Fray stuttered, quickly turning around and moving on, presumably leading the way towards the depths of her subconscious.

"mr. fish i am going to die here"

"As will I, considering I can no longer breathe. Somehow, this has no effect on my speaking. How convenient for communication. I add nothing to this conversation but comfort."


All of the other acid neon blob fish things started slowing down, noticeably focusing all of their attention on Ignis. This is probably a bad thing.


"Well, it's not really's just a terrible job. See, I'm stuck with Arella...she was that angel chick who was with me back at Castle Oress. She goes around all of these different Realities and arrests people for no reason, and I can't stop her. So I'm stuck helping her turn these innocent people into Chillies and---" Stan stopped abruptly.

"Opposite side of the spectrum, huh...?"

Oh man, here comes the suspicious eyebrow raise! Does Stan even have eyebrows?!