Living Legends: Home for Wayward Paranormal

Living Legends: Home for Wayward Paranormal


(WIP) A safe place for the worlds most twisted souls who are forced to walk this earth after their time was up (Invite Only...sorta) (Check the OOC for updates)

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You're tales of suffering have been told countless times. You are known widely for what you have done or what has been done to you.
You are greatly misunderstood.
Or perhaps you're not.
Regardless, You need a safe place to hide and that is why you are here.

This is a home for creatures, lost souls and wandering spirits who have been discovered and their tales retold. Here you are free from prosecution, hate and fear.

Understand my lost souls while you are free, there is a one cardinal rule for our collective safety.
You must not lure humans here.
This is a place away from them. You may go and try to find whatever you may have lost but you must not bring them here.

La Lloronda
La Lloronda
True Name: Unknown |Age:Unknown|FC: Dania Rameriz|Origin:Mexico|OPEN
A poor unfortunate soul who in her descended into madness only to find when her sanity returned, she'd drowned her own children. Now her soul forever grieves the lost of her children.
She is known for her sorrowful cries

The White Lady
True Name: Unknown| Age: Unknown|FC: Jennifer Lawrence| Origin: New York|Reserved for LittleFox
A vengeful spirit, who seeks out the men who took her beloved daughter from her.
She is known for begin shrouded in white surrounded her bloodhounds to which she uses to sniff out the evil in all men

Bloody Mary
True Name: Mary Jane Worthington| Age: 215|FC: Katie McGrath|Origins: Pennsylvania|Taken by MaliceInWonderland
A Witch who was said to take young girls and use their youth to keep herself young was burned at the stake for the accusation. In her death, She cursed the world, in that if anyone should speak her name a mirror, she would return for their souls. However, it was true that she did in fact slay those girls. She is not a spirit you want to come across.

True Name: Marie ???| Age: 17| FC: Alexis Dziena| Origins: Montana|OPEN
A young woman, whose father foolishly married a wicked woman that killed her two younger brothers for money. Knowing that her family were direct descendants of a child saved before Bloody Mary could steal her youth, She was able to call upon the witch to snatch the soul of her Stepmother. It was not with out risk as now the young woman is a lost soul is now connected to Bloody Mary and must deliver her souls.

Mary Whale: Bloody Mary
True Name: Mary Whales| Age: 15-19|FC: Emily Browning| Origins: Indiana|Reserved for Echo_Rose
A poor soul whose very life was the bane of her father's existence. Her father a wicked former slave owner, lost his beloved wife during child birth. He hated his daughter and when the civil war ended and the slaves were freed. Her forced her into work. Regardless of the abuse, She loved her father. The very sight of her was too much as she looked like his dead wife. In a drunken rage, entered her room and stabbed her repeatedly. Her spirit confused and hurt. She stalked his soul and drove him mad until hang himself.

True Name: Chloe ???|Age:16|FC: Jennifer Freeman|Origins:Louisiana|OPEN
This poor child was a mixed blood slave girl, who was a governess for a Judge's two daughters. She was beautiful but mistreated. She mistook the Judge's constant groping and eventually rape as love. She felt one day that he was tired of her. So she eavesdropped on the Judge. Enraged when he caught, he slice off an ear. She wore a green scar over her head to hid the scar.
Feeling as though she needed to prove herself, she went out back grabbed an oleander plant. While the judge was away she planned to put a small amount into the family's birthday cake. Hoping they'd get sick and she could nurse them back to health. Unfortunately she put too much in as the family grew sick and each one of them died in their sleep. The judge returned to find his family dead and blamed the black girl so he sent a lynch mob who grabbed her in her sleep and hung her. Now she walks hoping to find redemption for the innocent that she mistakenly slain and the judge who she thought loved her.

True Name: Hanako ???|Age: 7-13|FC:Ai Kago|Origins: Japan|OPEN
This origins of this little soul is a mystery. All that is known is that if a person were to sit in the next to the third stall of a public restroom on the third floor and knock on the wall, three times and say. “Hanako-san, are you there?” A child will answer. “I'm here.” Sometimes, a bloody hand print will appear, sometimes a white hand will reach through the wall. If a brave soul where to enter that stall when the voice answers. A little girl in a red skirt would be inside. In Some cases, there has been said that there is no little girl at all and there is a three-headed lizard waiting for it's next meal. If they are one in the same, remains to be seen.


The Jersey Devil
True Name: Unknown|Age: Unknown|FC: Ezra Miller|Origins: New Jersey|OPEN
Legend has it that this creature was actually the child of the devil himself as his mother was a known witch. His birth was a great event as the entire town came to see the birth of the devil. When he was born, he appeared normal until about a moment or so after his birth, his body changed and he morphed into a creature with the body of a snake, the head of a horse, bat wing's and a forked tail. The Monster of Leeds crashed around beating the women including his mother to death with his tail. He then disappeared into the forest of Jersey where he still dwells.

The Moth Man
True Name: Unknown|Age:Unknown|FC:Lucas Till|Origins: Virginia|OPEN
This creature origins are unknown. It is unknown as to why he is the way he is or who he once was. All that is known is his glowing red eyes, large wings and humanoid body. Other then that. He is a mystery.

Jack The Ripper
True Name:Unknown|Age:Unknown|FC: Nicholas Hoult|Origins: England|OPEN
This twisted soul is little known as well. All that is known of him is that he took the lives of four women in the most brutal of fashion. He'd written a letter calling himself Jack, describing his deeds but that it all.

Aka Manto (Red Cape)
True Name: Unknown|Age:Unknown|FC: Kenichi Matsuyama|Orgins:Japan|OPEN
This creature is a odd sort. He is known to dwell in public bathrooms.
He is never actually seen but was described as beautiful and therefore hides his face.
He tends to ask if a person would like a different colored something
Like Red or Blue Paper
If the answer is Red. He will slice a person until their clothes are stained red.
If the answer is Blue, He will strangle a person until they are blue.
If a person chooses another color, They will simply be dragged into the underworld.
Sometimes, He will ask if a person wants a garment of some sort. Like A Red Cape. If the answer is yes, the skin will be torn off of the person's back, resembling a cape. If blue. Then All the blood would be drained.
The best way to avoid any sort of dismemberment, is to always answer no, not matter what he asks.

Dr. Jekyell
True Name:??? Jekyell|Age: Unknown|FC: Gary Oldman|Origins:England|Reserved for Fabricator

Toggle Rules

1. This is a semi-literate RP. So Keep that in mind when posting. I would like to see at least a paragraph or two. Grammatical errors may occur but no text talk or babbling like an idiot.
2. If you want to change the FC's by all means. However, if you do, let me know so that I change whoever I originally had.
2.a Please use someone we haven't seen a million times before.
3. Be Respectful. Disagreements happen but don't start no stupid shit.
4. This is a Mature RP. This will included Adult Content, Strong Language, Violence and Gore. You have been warned.
4. You must reserve you're spot. Otheriwise I will reject your character. I hate to do it though so don't force me.
5. As of Late, this is an invite only RP simply due to the fact that I hate when people claim to join and don't or join and then disappear a day or so in. If you are willing to stick around. Then you may reserve a spot. (see rule 4)
6. Check the OOC fourms for Reservations, Updates and things like that. You need to be active so I know who's commited and whose not.
6.a Due to the unreasonably low character count on my DS. I'll post whose's taken and whose open in the OOC fourm. So I need you to check that out daily if possible.
7. Have Fun. Please.

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Re: Living Legends: Home for Wayward Paranormal

I don't think I can join. I'm sorry.

Re: Living Legends: Home for Wayward Paranormal

Hey guys. While I'm polishing up the Living Legends Reboot.

I have another Rp that I've been working on for quite some time now.

The Tribe: Youth of the Nation

You all are invited xD

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Aye still interested, if you can throw me a PM when it's up I'll submit again. and Hopefully finish him this time xD

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Alright Cool xD. I'll probably do the remake some time this week so be on the look out.

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xD no problem.

I'll be creating a reboot for this, soon Since I've only gotten 1 WIP. So if you guys are still interested please let me know so I can keep your reservation.

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Yeah. Getting better. Thanks. :)

And he looks awesome. Thanks. :)

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Oh dear. You're good now though right?

I would suggest Dominic Purcell

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Sweet. What actor do you suggest for Vlad?

And I'm sorry. I just got out of a major bout of depression. I will try to have Vlad up soon.

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Hey people how are those characters coming?

I don't mind if they are WIP's either I'd just like to see you guys are still willing to participate.

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Oo that is perfect! The most underrated actor in history I swear.

He's all yours!

The edited CS is in the first post of the Thread.
I can't wait to see him

Re: Living Legends: Home for Wayward Paranormal

@Almost *hugs* Yay! You can have both if you like!
Give my a FC for Vlad and He's all yours!

@Fabricator You are very welcome and you may have Dr. Jekyll. Do you have a FC for him?

Re: Living Legends: Home for Wayward Paranormal

Dr. Jekyll.

That is all.

Nah it's not, thank you for the invite, I'd like to request the above if at all possible?

Re: Living Legends: Home for Wayward Paranormal

Hmm... Might I have Vlad the Impaler/Dracula if possible? If not, I'd take Jack the Ripper.

Re: Living Legends: Home for Wayward Paranormal

According to legend. No. She's just another unfortunate Mary. She was given the name after the original Bloody Mary.
She's all yours xD

Re: Living Legends: Home for Wayward Paranormal

id love to reserve mary whale she connected to bloody mary some how?