In Medieval Europe, there is a prison in the center of Europe. This prison is home to some of the most criminally insane throughout the contintent. Yet in the prison there has been a breakout....

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The fears of Europe are all bundled inside a single building, a haunted building. Inside this building, a fortress of tremendous size, are some of the most dangerously insane criminals across the world - those who have been caught.
Throughout the echoing halls of the prison there are cells of stone with wooden doors, and inside these cells are a variety of people. Upon entry they are stripped of armour and weapons, the only reasons they aren't killed is that nobody can do it. If they catch a look, no matter how trained, or they hear a voice, or even the slightest twitch. The executioner can no longer live his life.

Yet now, criminals still on the street have infiltrated this fortress, and freed one prisoner. This prisoner is dead, yet many have been freed by his hand. Now it is the inmates turn to takeover the prison, escape, and take their revenge...

http://s1327.photobucket.com/albums/u680/RubyPiranha/?action=view&current=europe_814_zpsd0cd7493.jpg - A map of Europe, locating the prison.

The Prison locations:

The Prison is basically a large square. From the entrance of the prison, facing south, cell block A is in the top right corner, cell block B is in the top left, cell block C is in the bottom right, cell block D is in the bottom left, and cell block E is in the center, all on the lower floor. On the bottom floor there are stairways to the top floors and hallways connecting all the cell blocks. The grand prison gates are always closed and practically impossible to get past. On the second floor is the control of The Prison. With the control of the magic barrier in the center, along with the weapons storage. Dotted around the center of the second floor are guard rooms to sleep in.

Toggle Rules

1. You may play as a criminal or guard.
2. Do not gmod, it just dulls down everything.
3. Language is fine.
4. Unless you are doing a brief talking or a combat action waiting on the other person, please be descriptive.
5. Remember the time period we are in, no guns or modern weapons! However, as I would like an element of magic in this magical spells are fine, but the prison has an anti-magic system that needs to be disabled.
6. When creating a character you MUST include these things: Which section your criminal is in/guard patrols (A,B,C,D or E). A picture (Optional) and at least two lines of description in both fields. And finally how your character got in the prison (criminals only).

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Ruby nibbled slowly on the last bite of her bread. She spat on the floor and rubbed her hair with grubby fingers. Her charm was fading, and she was sick of living in her cell. She felt sick to her stomache, how would she last another three years or more in this place? "Lady Ruby Aussi, sitting on the floor, going through the fields and killing them all," she sung to herself in a high pitch as she cradled her delicate body. Suddenly the cell door flew open, and a fellow inmate was letting her out. Without time to ask a word he had ran off, and Ruby didn't ask any questions. She heard guards running through the hallway, screaming for the prisoners to stop. But they were prisoners no longer...

Ruby crawled out of her cell and stared at the torchlight, she grabbed a loose brick and rose from the floor, preparing herself for a fight. She hid behind her cell door and waiting for the guards to come past, where she hit one around the head, knocking him out as he was in armour. The other guards seemed to have not followed him, so Ruby trudged out of her cell and travelled down the hall of her cell block.

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Character Portrait: Lady Ruby Aussi


Character Portrait: Lady Ruby Aussi
Lady Ruby Aussi

"Can you afford to trust me?"


Character Portrait: Lady Ruby Aussi
Lady Ruby Aussi

"Can you afford to trust me?"

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Character Portrait: Lady Ruby Aussi
Lady Ruby Aussi

"Can you afford to trust me?"

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