LondonBridget Halland

A tough hearted woman, just trying to make it by day by day.

a character in “London Burning”, as played by Vio-Lance

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Name: Bridget Ezzie Halland
Age: 39
Gender: Female
Nationality: English
Race: White/Caucasian
Position: Assistant Self-Defense Instructor

Description: Bridget is a "Middle Aged" English housewife, looking much younger than she actually is. She stands at 5'7, and weighs close to 120 pounds. Her skin is palid, and very healthy looking, dispite the situation. All except for her face. Her eyesockets are reddened, and even dark sometimes from overwork or stress.... Or just plain worrying. It's also been quite some time since she's gotten a good night's rest. Her blonde hair is straight, and reaches her shoulders. It's usually kept out of her face by an olive drab headband. If one were to get a good look at her body, it would be well toned, and slim, the only slightest hint of muscle on her abdomen and arms.

Clothing: Bridget very rarely wears anything concidered civilian anymore. She's very paranoid, and often dresses in her husband's old BDUs. These stark, olive drab numbers are jumpsuits, made out of thick cloth and having many pockets. It dries quickly if gotten wet, and is mildly flame retardant. She wears combat boots sometimes, also courtesy of her husband's wardrobe, though they tend to make her feet sore, and she's often seen inside (and when she knows she's safe) in her stockings only.

Personality: Bridget is very world-weary, but very confident. She stands tall and proud, an independant woman if there was one. She is sort of motherly, acting more as a protector than some zombie slayer or street thug. And while combat is definitely not one of her favorite passtimes, she knows how to hold herself well under pressure. She'd rather see herself injured, than one of her allies.

Bridget speaks with a typical english accent, although hers is lessened to a degree.

Bridget grew up a normal girl of the UK, really. Nothing special. Went through high school, graduated with honors, but never really went to college. She went on to work with her mother, a chef, untill the day she met Captain Richard Vicand, of the Brittish Special Forces. The man was on leave, and decided to see the world. Untill the day he had to leave, he spent every day in Britain with Bridget, and they truly loved each other. But Richard was called back to war, and they were separated for a long while. Bridget honestly debated going to join the armed forces just so she could be with him, but decided against it, with the dissuasion of her family.

But a few years later, Richard came back out of the armed forces with a purple heart, he had been wounded in combat, and recieved honorable discharge. Being able to be together again, the two soon got married, and traveled the world. Of course, the didn't leave the UK but once, going to Russia but for a month. After their tour, they decided to settle down together, in England. Still having plenty of money from Richard's discharge and military survice payments, they opened up a business together. Bridget honestly said she would have rather started a family, and after talking it out, that what they finally decided upon. They were going to settle down, and simply raise their blossoming family. There was but one problem. After many frustrated tries, Bridget and Richard were unable to concieve a child. She learned later, that she was infertile, and that her chances of having children were slim. She was heartbroken, honestly.... She opted for adoption, but Richard stated that it would be hard for him to love a child that was not his.

But, Bridget pressed on, her heart and mind strong. She still had other things to live for - much as her love, Richard. They decided that they would follow through with his plan, of starting a buisness. And he knew what he wanted to do.... Martial arts. He was going to pass down what he had learned in the SAS, to anyone whom wanted to learn... and he got a surprising ammount of customers. Bridget mostly dealt with the finacial end of things, but there would be a few times where she would get up and join the class. She took no honest joy in fighting, or even hitting someone, but it was a good way to relieve stress.

Later on, Richard would take interest of his wife's safety, and began to educate her about self defense, and more primarily, Firearms. He still had his pistol from his service in the end table next to his bed, and he was sure that she might need to use it one day. Bridget was slow to learn, but turned out to be a very skilled shooter. While not as fast or as smooth as her husband, she was accurate and effective. Her skill would grow with time, of course, as shooting became more of a pastime between the two.

About the time of the Outbreaks occured, Richard was called off to "Defend their country". He left Bridget, and went to do just that. With all of her love and luck, she said goodbye to him. She only received a few letters from him, before the letters stopped. And she assumed the worse.... For many weeks, she mourned, before she pushed herself to move on. Her heart was deeply wounded, but time would heal it, slowly. She's overcome her hardships, and she believes she stronger for it.

She still lives in her house, though the power is out, it is well insulated. She's also taken to minorly fortifying it. Nothing drastic, just making sure to lock all the windows and doors, and generally pushing something in front of the windows. She still goes out during the day (usually later in the day), but she carries her husband's pistol with her usually, tucked away into her shirt. It truly is more of a memento than a weapon, but she's no stranger to using it.


Sig-Sauer 229 - Bridget owns her husband's old sidearm, which he left her to take care of herself. While she's at her home, she's usually got it tucked away in a safe, her only loaded 12 round magazine with the firearm.

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