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A band of desperate and weary survivors struggle against the odds in a world succumbing to a deadly disease, it's victims driven only by a desire to kill. Survival is all that matters (2 spots open, grab them while you still can!)

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Owner: Jerred Alain
Game Masters: Jerred Alain
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Ernie leaned against a cold brick wall, looking up at the sky and the distant column of black smoke that curled and twisted into the air. His breath turned to white steam as it left his lips, his arm crossed over his chest, closing the front of his denim jacket against the dank London air. He could hear the screams and gunshots in the distance as the Infected set themselves upon another crowd of unfortunates. London would not last much longer, he was sure of it, not with the way things were going. The cops were more harm then good, throwing their weight around in the name of "Law and Order". Ernie adjusted the straps of his pack on his shoulders which held everything that he owned, all his clothes, his glove, ball and bat which lay close at hand. He had no money left and he had been kicked out of his dorm when shit started breaking down all around the college. The workshop that he worked for closed down for the same reason, leaving him without any source of income.

Still, none of this bothered him that much. Ever since he had learned that the United States had fallen, nothing really affected him anymore. He had not received any news of his famliy, but he had heard that New York as a wasteland, teeming with millions of these Infected things. His mom, pop, brother, sister, his girl, his whole family lived in Brooklyn. He knew every member of his family by name and it was a large Italian family, they had all been close and likely as not, they were all dead. Needless to say, he did not care if he was roaming the streets, he did not really care if he survived or not, but he sure as hell was not going to lay down and die, if he was going day, he was going down swinging and cussin', taking as many of those things as he could before they took him down, then he could finally find some peace and..who knew..maybe he would see his folks again.

Ernie watched some bum run past him, wide eyed and panting like some scared rabbit. Ernie sneered and looked down the street to see two forms running down at a reckless, breakneck pace..yep, that would be the zombie whatevers. Finally, something to look forward. Ernie reached over his back and pulled out his trust bat, patting it against the palm of his hand. He took a step out from the alley and whistled loudly through his teeth. The Infected nearly stumbled as they stopped and turned towards Ernie, running at him at a the same breakneck pace. Ernie spat and hefted his bat, clutching it in both hand "A'ight, le's do this." he growled between his teeth. The Infected screamed and howled as they closed in on him " Yeah, com'on !!, I know you wanna piece!! Come to Poppa!!" he yelled at them. The fasted Infected reached him first, throwing himself at Ernie. His lunge was stopped abruptly as the end of the bat collided with his jaw with a sickening crack that ripped the jaw loose and sent the creature bodily to the ground. The second Infected snatched for Ernie's hair, but missed as the nimble man ducked and spun, winding up and smashing the bat into the stomach of the Infected, doubling it over and forcing the contents of his stomach out of his throat and onto the pavement.

A sharp crack filled the air as the heavy wooden bat collided with the back of the Infected's neck, cracking his spine like a stick. The creature went limp as a puppet without strings. Ernie spat on the dead creature and looked over at the other Infected creature, who's jaw lay detached and bloody beside his hand. Ernie gripped his bat and walked over, looking down at the twitching creature " Nighty Night, Stubs." he said, picking up his foot and stomping down on the creature's neck, snapping it like a twig. Ernie turned down the street without another word, sling his bat over his shoulder and sticking his hands in his pockets..two down, some hundred million more to go.