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A band of desperate and weary survivors struggle against the odds in a world succumbing to a deadly disease, it's victims driven only by a desire to kill. Survival is all that matters (2 spots open, grab them while you still can!)

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Owner: Jerred Alain
Game Masters: Jerred Alain
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Setting: London2011-01-26 02:34:42, as written by Architect
The sun was a welcome sight to Henry as he awoke in his makeshift shelter of an SUV. With a groan he stretched his body until he heard a satisfying popping and cracking to relieve the stiffness.Suddenly he heard the loud voices over bull horns and speakers telling the people they were under some kind of house arrest order. Henry looked around in his small shelter. I'll be damned if I've got to stay here. With that thought Henry emerged from the trunk of the vehicle. And, hugging the wall of the small collapsed shack, checked to see if the coast was clear. A small armored car was driving down the road in the opposite direction of him. Henry waited for the car to turn the corner and quickly ran to a small alley. To his relief he spotted a fire escape ladder that was hanging pretty low. With a running start he leapt up and grabbed onto one of the lower rungs. Only small grunts of effort escaped him as he pulled his body up one rung at a time. When he reached the first platform of green bars he paused to ctach his breath. He looked up and saw there were several platforms until he would reach the roof of the average sized apartment building. "Roof beats a trunk anyday." And with a sigh he began the climb.

A small amount of time later Henry hoisted himself up onto the roof and to his surprise saw a man who was possibly in his forty's standing there. Henry paused and made a motion to grab for his crowbar when he saw there was no need for alarm. Henry had encountered many infected in New York and this man did not look like one. Then the man noticed Henry standing there and offered a friendly gretting. "Hey there stranger." His deamonor was an attempt and hospitality but Henry picked up on some anxiety and worry. Cautiously he approached the man who decide his concern was funny and laughed at him. "Don't worry friend I won't bite."

"Poor choice of words in this times 'friend'" Henry cringed. "don't you think?"

The man laughed at this. "Too true stranger, anyway you can call me Michael, what's your name stranger?"
"Henry, Henry Andrews." Henry replied with. "If you'll forgive me for asking, you seem troubled is something the matter?"
"Ah.." Michael sighed and walked a few steps. "Yes there is. You see I came up here with a friend of mine, but for some reason the damn bloke decided to attack me not too long ago."
"He probably got infected with the virius." Henry paused. "Wait a minute how did you deal with him?"
Michael chuckled sadly. "Well that was a stroke of luck. Before I knew it he had pinned me down under him. I managed to kick him off me and he cracked his head off a wall. He's right over there." Michael made a motion with his hand and Henry spotted a fresh corpse slumped against the wall.

"You got very lucky, if he had gotten a-" Henry noticed that Michael's ear was bleeding. "um he didn't happened to bite you did he?"

Michael smiled best he could. "No no, he didn't bite me." His nose started to bleed. "Oh excuse me." He put a finger under his nose and tilted his head back. "I wa rather lucky he just got some spit in my eye as he was screaming."

Henry let out a relieved sigh and turned to look down at the street. "Oh that's good. You must have some serious luck Michael, I've seen some good men suffer alot at the hands of infected." Henry took a moment to grapple with a memory. Then he realized it had grown rather quiet except for some labored breathing he could here. "Michael?" Henry turned to see the man with his his eyes glazed over and blood was seeming to ooze from the man out of every possible hole. Ah shit Quickly Henry pulled the crowbar from his belt and Michael attacked him. Michael tried to bite at Henry's face but Henry jammed the crowbar horizontally into his mouth. Using his chin Henry pulled his shirt over his mouth and nose as he struggled to keep the man off of him.
"Death...suffering....Disease!!!" Michael growled at him
"Not that nonsense again..." Henry sighed. He jammed his leg against the mans waist and using the added levrage, caused the man to loose balance and kicked him over his head. Henry quickly rolled to his feet, crowbar raised to defend himself, but there was no one infront of him. Just the roof's edge. Henry smiled slightly and placed the weapon back on his belt. He looked over the edge at the street and sure enough, Michael laid sprawled across the sidewalk.