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A band of desperate and weary survivors struggle against the odds in a world succumbing to a deadly disease, it's victims driven only by a desire to kill. Survival is all that matters (2 spots open, grab them while you still can!)

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Setting: London2011-01-29 19:50:05, as written by winged1107
"Well, looks light we can't leave here, which is a good thing considering. Though I'm not sure how long that door will last against zombies. I’d give it maybe two day, three days at the most." She told the girl, grinning a little at the whole ridiculousness of the whole situation. She had never thought once in her left that she would ever have to worry about zombies, in fact she remembered spending most of her childhood watching zombie movies and thinking they were the coolest thing ever though it never once popped into her mind that one day she would be fighting zombies. Well, I guess there’s a day for everything, Avery thought to herself.

She watched as the girl called Elise paled and shivered. Avery had learnt that she had been running from the infected and went into a sewer, which would explain the state she was in though Avery wasn't happy at the state of her hands. She wished she had been able to patch them up for the girl but she really didn't have much of anything to fix them with. Avery hopped up, which made the girl jump slightly; she seemed so nervous and it made Avery a little sad. She didn’t know what made the girl so jumpy and she would never ask but it seemed like the girl had seen something she probably shouldn’t have. Avery shot a smiled her way to try and soothe her nerves and walked over to the counter, grabbing her purse and a sweater.

"Here, take this and wear it, you're shivering," She handed it to the girl who accepted it with a small thank you and she put it on, zipping it up. "And give me your hand," She Elise as she started to dig through her purse and pulled out a box of Band-Aids. They were the kid SpongeBob Band-Aids but they were the only ones she had. She thought they were cute so she had bought them a while back in case she ever get herself a paper cut on one of the books.

The girl started with a small protest but she still put her hand out anyways and Avery wrapped the worst parts in Band-Aids, afraid it would get infected or something. She wasn't good with medical terms but she knew enough to realize that scrapped up hands and no fingernails could mean a bad infection and Avery didn't want that for the girl. Avery didn't know why but she liked the girl in front of her and she wanted her to feel comfortable, which wasn't surprising because she liked everyone. But still, Elise seemed like a good person to be stuck with in a zombie invasion, she seemed like a fighter, which was exactly what Avery was.

Avery sat back down in the chair, feeling a little uncomfortable on the wooden chair but relieved she had someone with her. "So, how much longer do you think we'll be able to stay here for?" Avery asked, grinning slightly. She knew she should be absolutely terrified of the infected but Avery just thought it would be fun.