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Skorn's daughter, she acts as an inside agent for the rebellion.

a character in “Long Live the King”, as played by angelwolfchild

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Full name: Alessa Skorn
Nicknames/Aliases: Asela (This is the only name the rebels know her by.)
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Occupation: Magic user
Appearance: Stands at about 5"9 with a very slender physique and pale skin. She looks delicate but is stronger than she seems. She has long black hair and naturally red eyes. She often wears a long-sleeved black dress, plain black shoes and wears a black onyx pendant around her neck. As time goes by her skin becomes more pale and scarred, her figure becomes unaturally thin and corpse like and dark veins start to appear all over her skin.
Personality: Alessa can appear quite cold at times, almost as bad as her father, but deep down she is very kind and caring, with a deep affection for her brother. She is very intelligent with a sharp wit and sense of humour. She can be very friendly and charming with a strong sense of morality and even stronger will.
Strengths: Intelligent and logical, she can think quickly in tough situations, and has extensive knowledge of magic.
Weaknesses: Underestimates her own power, can be slightly naive when it comes to her brother's safety. She cannot fight very well.
Equipment: A black onyx magic pendant, where most of her shadow magic lies.
Abilities: Shadow magic and advanced necromancy.
Brief history: From a young age it was clear that Alessa inherited her father's talent for necromancy after performing one single spell. However due to her strong sense of morality, she believed that what her father did was wrong and refused to let him teach her more, vowing that she would never use such magic again. She chose instead to practise shadow magic which is easy to harnass but not necessarily evil, as the name may imply to some people. When she learned of her father's plans and the rebellion against them, she wanted to help but didn't want to risk her brother's life by holding him back in battle. So while he went to join the rebels, she secretly sent them word of every new move her father made under the name 'Asela'. But as time went on she began to feel that the only way to fight necromancy was to use necromancy, something she hated. Trying to hide the marks of her spells so her father wouldn't learn she was practising it, she learned that she could reach deeper level's of necromancy, the ability to contact the dead and even pass over to the land of the dead. The more she practised this, the weaker it made her, sometimes making her appear quite fragile and almost corpse-like. With trying to master her magic and somehow remove the old king from her father's power, she becomes weaker and more twisted in body, unaware that the magic is killing her because she is not used to using necromancy. All she cares about is stopping her father and helping her brother in any way she can.

So begins...

Alessa Skorn's Story