Lords of Rock

Lords of Rock


A desert planet on the edge of charted space, its people engulfed in endless civil war. But some of them want more. They are nothing in the eyes of most but perhaps, one day, they too will reach the stars.

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On the 2nd of August, 2e,450, with the arrival of Sorillian Dreadnought Class Starship “The Devil’s Trident”, a world aptly named the Rock surrendered their independence to the Kingdom of Sor. An isolated planet on the edge of charted space, the Rock had long existed in a state of flux - its cultures at war; its lords locked in a delicate balance of power; its people unaware of a universe beyond their skies. When Sorillian forces arrived, their superior firepower enabled them to quickly take control of the desert planet. The power structures that had been kept in place for the last two centuries had been dismantled in favour of colonial rule. The Rock was suddenly a dot on a much larger map.

The Rock had been invaded by the Sora System and the people's ways of life had been upheaved and ruled by new law. One year later, in 2e,451, the Kingdom of Sor was overthrown - the first political causality of what was soon to become the Oblivion War. With Sor’s destruction the Rock was abandoned, the colonial government ravaged and the world left lawless and in a state of anarchy and disarray.

In the vacuum of power warlords rose up across the sands: each village, tribe, or peoples taking up arms to defend themselves from their neighbours. It has been twelve years since the Oblivion War ended. In the west the new Holy Matranical Empire is rebuilding from the remnants of the devastated planets. The Rock remains in endless civil war. This is the story of those born into this conflict - soldiers, slaves, nomads, and civilians - thrown into an unforgiving landscape where power is essential to survive. Right now they are nothing in the eyes of most, but perhaps, one day, they too will reach the stars.


Lords of Rock is a space-fantasy thread set in a galaxy far from ours. In this universe's equivalent of ancient history humans reached the stars far before we could in our time with the use of magic, harnessed by a race of element controlling magicians known as the Phoenix. These ancient humans, both Phoenix & non magical alike, migrated across the galaxy much like our prehistoric human ancestors. But their paths were forgotten, and magics that were once known were lost. Unique human races and cultures evolved across hundreds of planets, some spacefaring and prosperous, others isolated and primitive.

Those days have long passed. It is now an age of industry. Feudal kingdoms rule across the stars, and their medieval cultures are slowly being overtaken by new steampunk technology. Phoenix, once the masters of technology and magic, are now normal citizen, just ones born with the ability to control the elements. The Rock, a newly discovered planet, was colonized by these solar kingdoms at their apex- right before the Oblivion War, a war that would decimate all of civilized space and the order they maintained. The war is now over but the world will never be the same. This thread is about exploring that world. Lords of Rock does not focus on any great empires, on kings or queens. It focuses on the post-war colonized, the leftovers on an abandoned planet invaded, and the characters who have to navigate its dangerous deserts. The team will be thrown together as a world changing event begins on the Rock and they will begin the adventure of a lifetime.

Lords of Rock is highly cooperative and requires a lot of communication in group chats and on Discord. It was primarily designed for the members behind threads like the Ultimate Organization, the Great Guild Fortune, and Nomad Clan. If you think you'd like to join submit a character or message me! It can be a confusing universe but this is a really easy place to jump in. We're happy to have new members come in and join the story.


Your character is living on the planet and at the start of the thread the Rock is their life, and it is all that lies ahead. They are not someone, they are anyone. They are not destined for the stars; they are destined for the dirt.

UPDATE: Now that the thread is well on it's way new characters have to be introduced more carefully. If you'd like to join submit a profile and we can figure out a plot to introduce them!

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Character Art Database - Optional art to use for character or side-character creation.
Map of the Rock - This will be updated as the adventure continues and we find more locations.
Map the Charted Space - A map of the all known space.

Evidence suggests that the Rock was once a verdant world, half sea and half an ever-green continent, inhabited by mammalian life. Now the remnants of this green period have vanished, only a few clues lingering to the what the scorching, desert world once was. The mammalian life has been replaced by gargantuan desert roaming insects. The days on the rock can reach temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius, and the nights dip to -30. The only remaining water springs from the Floe, a massive glacial region in the north where water cascades down into riverlands. The riverlands, known as the Kajo Narrows, is the only place on the planet where jungle and vegetation still flourish. Whatever flora and fauna that remained from the green period can be found along the waterways of the region. The majority of the Rock's surface is occupied by two massive deserts: the westerly Great Wastes and the easterly Hollow Barrens. The Barrens were once the site of the Rock’s great sea but are now a sunken badland. In the north-west of the Rock stretches Alakat’s Maw, a mountainous region of desert tundra and arctic sheets. In the south-east are the Imani Fields, a sparse subtropical grassland that grew from the intertwining rivers. Due to the Rock’s uneven rotation the planet has two regions that always face and face away from the sun named the Shroud and the Bright. The Shroud is a freezing tundra kept in perpetual darkness and dust storms. The Bright is a boiling, volcanic land of sunlight and melting earth. Both are incredibly inhospitable to life.



The Yyb birthed democracy on the Rock and have been a fair, peace-loving people throughout their history. Ruled by an elected priesthood the Yyb saw all as equal in life, believing that their time on earth was one phase between the before-life and after-life, and that different deities oversaw each of these stages of being. The Yyb Theocracy ruled over much of the Rock’s deserts before the arrival of the Skylanders, who brought with them a foreign disease known as the Watalan Plague. This decimated their population and splintered the once unified society. The Yyban began exclusively worshiping the the god of life before, and attempted to rebuild what remained of their lands in the desert. The Yybal began to worship the god of death and remained isolated in the ruins of their ancestors. Now the Yyb continue on as democratic theocracies, and though both the Yybal and the Yyban are isolated they maintain the belief of absolute equality, and welcome all, especially those who wish to worship and study the history of the Rock, a history that they once played a much larger role in.

The Skylanders are the youngest culture on the Rock, having arrived three-hundred years ago as a crashed crew of space pirates, and their mercenary origins are reflected in their culture. The crew consisted of a few thousands outlaws comprised of races from across the galactic kingdoms. After the crash the galactic past of the Skylanders was forgotten as survival became crucial on the inhospitable desert world. A patriarchal social structure was put into place, with the Phoenix, the most powerful of the crew, becoming the ruling class, and the weakest becoming thrall slaves. The Skylander arrival disrupted the Rock and plunged the planet into chaos and war, from which they emerged the dominant culture. Their short cultural lifespan has been one consumed by fighting, leaving them untrusting, warlike and aggressively individualistic.

Sudean culture rooted in order and discipline. Born on the fertile rivers of the Kajo Narrows the Sudeans created mathematically precise farms, armies, and social structures, and were one of the first societies to prosper and expand across the world. The Sudeans worshiped a bureaucratic pantheon of gods, led by a sun god. In Sudean society each person belonged to a god, other than the thrall slaves, the unwanted. The sun god only watched over only one, the emperor, who ruled by divine right. All other Sudeans were assigned to deities as teenagers, by the emperor and his deciders. Once allocated Sudeans are stuck in a caste and a career for life, cogs in the Sudean machine. This system was shattered when the last emperor, Ajab Abaj, was dethroned by the Kingdom of Sor and colonial rule put in place. With their faith shattered the once mighty Sudean society has split apart, fraught with internal conflict between it’s orderly past and its chaotic future. The Sudeans have long waged war against the other cultures of the Rock and are known for their discipline as well as their communal nature. There is no direct parentage save for the Imperial lineage, individuals instead being raised by the maternal caste. All members of a caste are considered family, and love and affection are more commonly displayed in Sudean society than any other on the Rock.

The origins of the Nomads are a mystery. Organized in small chiefdoms and clans the nomadic tribes claim no land. A solitary people, even to others of their own kind, the Nomads worship the land of the Rock and the wildlife. Animals are viewed as part of their families and of equal value to human life. The Nomads have been on the Rock for many ages and have never seemed to have a homeland of their own, they instead continuously roaming for unknown reasons. Nomad children are named after animals, actions, and the earth, and are marked by various tattoos given to them in adolescents, making them easy to spot. Because of their unique names, appearances, and solitary nature Nomads have long been considered outsiders even by the other Rockian cultures. The few times Nomad clans have gone to war with the other cultures the battles have been thoroughly one-sided. The Nomads are not considered a great military people, instead known as craftsman, traders, and animal handlers.

The Naraat hail from the north most glaciers of the Rock, a cold, bitter region called the Floe that contrasts the endless heat and desert that envelop the rest of the planet. As a result, the Naraat people are secluded from the rest of the Rock's politics, visiting the south only to raid villages and towns that reside on the rivers that run from their glacier home. They are proud and territorial, living in stone and metal huts, and worship a god of earth. They are the only monotheistic society on the Rock. Naraat people tend to dislike outsiders and prefer to keep to themselves by inventing new, crude ways to use Phoenix magic. The majority of the Naraat population are Phoenix, leading to a form of absolute democracy where decision making is conducted by large clan meetings. Almost every Phoenix in their ranks are trained in the art of metal channelling, creating beautiful, powerful weaponry. Because of this their people specialise in smithing, metal working and firearms crafting. The Naraat are highly militaristic, preferring combat to negotiation and simplicity to complexity.

Beyond the Rock there exist thousands of cultures across the worlds. The most pervasive galactic culture on the Rock are the Sorillians, the leftovers from the invading Kingdom of Sor who remained stranded on the Rock after their kingdom's destruction. Another near culture are the Longbaons, the people of a neighbouring planet who too shared the Rock’s interstellar isolation for most of their history. Though the worlds and societies across the galaxy vary wildly, to Rockian natives any off-world cultures is that of an outsider, and considered by its people foreign, "galactic".


Since the fall of the Sorillian colonial government warlords have risen up across the Rock, though they vary in size and power. There are hundreds of warlords and unrecognized states across the Rock. Listed below are the ones of greatest importance in the events set to unfold.

Head of State: Cardinal Zambob, General Darvis, Councillor Tsarai
Population: 1,640
Government: Originally organized by Zambob, the city of Sanctuary is ruled by himself and two others. Zambob is the spiritual leader, whereas Darvis and Tsarai are the military and political leaders respectively. All three are responsible to each other and to goals they come up with together to ensure the continued peace of the city. The three rule with absolute power.
Description: Named after a broken spacecraft and built using its remains, Sanctuary lies far north in Alakat’s Maw. It regularly sends pilgrims south to gather followers for Zambob’s vision of a better Rock. Most of the citizens of Sanctuary were led there by these pilgrims. Pilgrims are encouraged by the promise of becoming “sanctuary nobility” and receive special benefit upon recruiting more citizens.
Culture: Skylander

The Cradle
Head of State: Sherriff Cletus the Fetus
Population: 220
Government: The Cradle is a clan made up of Rockian war orphans. Cletus is the leader, a position called Sherriff, and loosely democratically chosen by his fellow children. He is not actually a fetus, but rather a child with a nickname given to him by the tyrants of the Rock.
Description: A relatively new clan run by children. Cletus and several others are phoenixes and use their ability to defend their home. The Cradle is housed in one of the most defensible fortresses on the Rock.
Culture: Skylander

Head of State: Commander Tamil “The Serpent”
Population: 2,800
Government: Cobran is under absolute rule of the Commander Tamil, and beneath him there’s a chain of command in ruling over the colony, each with military titles such as Scout Leader, Captain of the Army, etc.
Description: Cobran is a relatively new colony residing in the southern mountain ranges bordering the Bright. The town is hidden away from the rest of the Rock; an underground complex of large caverns in the belly of a mountain. It has become a refuge for people of all cultures fleeing the warring desert, including and most especially former thralls and those who would otherwise be killed or worse in the clans of the Rock. Twelve years have past since the colony was formed and Cobran Caverns is thriving, full of bizarre traditions such as inserting snake venom into a warrior's skin as a coming of age ceremony. The origin of this ceremony is unknown to people living outside of Cobran, but tales suggest of a giant snake that protects the mountain and the people who live within its caves.
Culture: Skylander, Yyb, Sudean, Nomad, Naraat

The Dead Kennels
Head of State: Mad Dog II
Population: 120
Government: Collectively known as the “Mad Dogs,” they are a band of battle brothers wherein the title of Mad Dog is mostly honorary, and followers simply obey the Mad Dog’s word out of respect, rather than strict enforcement. Most issues are solved through butting heads if compromises can’t be reached, though murder within their ranks is greatly frowned upon.
Description: First and foremost, the Mad Dogs love violence. They will readily seize new territory by force not out of any sense of conquest, but the sheer thrill of rising in power to become the ‘Top Dog’ of the Rock.
Culture: Skylander

Head of State: Emperor Hammad "Akameeddes"
Population: 2,200
Government: A rogue city state still attempting to keep the Sudean caste system in place, Hammad "Akameeddes" rules as the new Emperor, claiming that the sun god was a false deity, and that the god of war, channelled now only through him, is the true god of gods.
Description: One of the few Sudean states that has not fallen to anarchy and disarray after the fall of Ajab Abaj, Gorjaan is an intensely militaristic, dictatorial state under former Sudean general Hammad, now self titled Akameeddes after the god of war. The caste system is enforced with marshal strictness, and new ceremonies honouring the god of war have taken place across the city states, such as arena battles and human sacrifices.
Culture: Sudean

The New Confederate Boroughs of the North
Head of State: Supreme Leader Big Noose
Population: 3,700
Government: The New Confederate Boroughs is led by an oligarchical council of town leaders, much like the North Boroughs before them. Among these men a supreme leader is nominated. Currently that leader is Big Noose.
Description: The self-proclaimed successor state to the North-Boroughs. The Confederate Boroughs believe in restoring order to the Rock as it was before the arrival of the Sora System, including reinforcing the North Boroughs strict gender and thrall laws. Their main goal is to reconquer the lost capital of the Horenor.
Culture: Skylander

The Republic of Rex
Head of State: President Slaytan
Population: 600
Government: An intensively isolationist state, led by a former farmer named Slaytan. Slaytan rules with absolute power and has a symbolic council, though he rarely listens to them. Despite its name, the Republic of Rex is not a republic.
Description: Slaytan’s main belief is that agriculture and manpower is the Rock’s main strength, and has waged a war against newcomers and the Rock’s academia. All literate people & foreigners would be banished from the planet under his rule, and within his territory the use of off-world goods is a severe crime.
Culture: Skylander

The Remnants
Head of State: Crown Prince Theory
Population: 450
Government: The Remnants have always been led by one absolute leader, Crown Prince Theory, though he listens to the soldiers under him. Many Sorillian Legion tactics are used in place in the clan’s chain of command and organization.
Description: Originally made up of forgotten legionnaires from the Sorillian occupation and loyalists to the colonial regime, over time the remnants began accepted other deserting soldiers from the Oblivion War stuck on the Rock. The remnants are a fierce and warlike culture and held control of much of the Sorillian arsenal and weaponry left behind when the occupation ended. As a result, they were able to conquer their surrounding territories easily. The majority of their population, about four hundred of their four hundred and fifty people, are native Rockians taken as thrall slaves in their conquest. The blend of fighting styles from foreign planets make this rag-tag group unique in their approach to war. They wish to take over as much land on the Rock as possible in order to turn the desolate wastes into a haven for soldiers who wish to feel a sense of belonging.
Culture: Galactic, Skylander, Nomad, Sudean

Worshipers of the Occult
Head of State: The Devil Goat Man
Population: 90
Government: The Devil Goat Man’s orders are law, he reportedly channelling the spirit of the dark god itself.
Description: Hidden and scattered throughout the Rock are the Worshippers of the Occult. They reportedly have a hidden sanctuary, though its location has been kept a tight lipped secret. The followers of the Devil Goat Man, Old Horny, believe that life has no meaning, purpose, or intrinsic value, and that the constant state of war on the Rock is proof of that. They have embraced nothingness and believe that there is no morality in the universe, and that the only god, the only power, must be one with no morality either.
Culture: Skylander, Sudean, Yyb

The Holy Land
Head of State: Mayor Arubak
Population: 3,500
Government: A capitalist state under the absolute rule of its unelected mayor and founder Arubak, kept alive by the greed of the populace. The Holy Land is built around one main attraction, the casino “Pair’o’Dice”. The money spent and wasted upon this lavish facility was utilized by, Arubak, a former thrall who, in the chaos of the post Sorillian occupation, built the land of his dreams, a veritable paradise on the Rock of his own vision. A far cry from the desolation and hopelessness of the wastes. A land where the the status is decided by chance, by a flip of the coin.
Description: A society based on spending and wasting money and filled with lavish things no one on the Rock could or in some cases should likely afford. The Holy Land is a veritable haven of debauchery and greed. Casinos, gambling halls, and brothels line its streets. Nearly every building is designed in one way or another to get its visitors to spend money. However lawless it may appear to be, there are certain set rules in the Holy Land, and those that break them are said to pay a deadly price.
Culture: Skylander

The Horenor
Head of State: Co-Mayor Traynor and Co-Mayor Thistle
Population: 9,000
Government: The Horenor is a city state ruled by two-co mayors elected by the people every three years, bound by a book of laws. The co-mayors are meant to balance power equally so that no one person can gain control of the valuable city.
Description: The Horenor, the former capital of the Skylander state of the Northboroughs, is a mercantile city that tries to make friendly relations with its neighbours. An entire universe of trade exists within its seven walls. But, as it is a city ruled by the people, unrest, scandal, and law changes happen often. Snap elections are called when a co-mayor breaks their oath of office, usually at the accusation of the other co-mayor. It is the largest city on the Rock, and some say the most politically corrupt.
Culture: Skylander

High Rise Puddle
Head of State: Lemon Cruise
Population: 70
Government: A loose group of drug farmers who work for the eclectic foreigner Lemon Cruise around an oasis. A form of government has not been properly established, though Lemon Cruise has found himself as the majority leader of the group.
Description: Possibly due to the drugs, the farmers tend to be extremely paranoid and unfriendly towards strangers. Their fields are full of traps known only to them, and the oasis is guarded by trained ferocious beasts. All of the sale of their drugs goes through Lemon, who ensures fairness and equality between the farmers, settles disputes, and deals with potential clients.
Culture: Skylander

The Aces
Head of State: Leader Alzira
Population: 50
Government: An absolute democracy, all decisions are vetted by the people, including the selection of new members, which is based off on skill and abilities. Alzira was elected as leader due to his rare knowledge on how to pilot a starship.
Description: Alzira and his people began as a street gang in the Holy Land who discovered Argent Rapedo, formerly Argent of Rock, had escaped the Rock and became a member of the Holy Matranical Empire’s Presidium. Alzira and his people are devout believers in Argent, who they believe to be the greatest Rockian, and study his and emulate his lifestyle, his history, and his skills- including the ability to fly foreign ships and escape the Rock for greener pastures.
Culture: Skylander

Head of State: Viceroy Guntner
Population: 280
Government: The Dwards are ranked by their prowess in following the teachings of the most horrible father, Viceroy Guntner.
Description: Many years ago, outcast from the Naraat tribes in the Floe, the humble Dwards of discovered a text that apparently fell from the sky. This book taught them how to be horrible fathers. Thus was born the Horrible Father Coalition. Though they have a central base in the Hollow Barrens the Dwards move like travelling salesmen, trying to spread their vision. During their travels they’ve amassed a sizeable group of war orphans who really need some bad parenting.
Culture: Naraat

Head of State: Mayor Kieltyka
Population: 550
Government: A loose democracy, the people of Arkayas are divided into roughly equal groups depending on the number of adults. Each group has two to four leaders who answer to three main leaders of the entire state. In this way, power is broken up and the main leaders are not overwhelmed as population increases. Normally, the two leaders only consult the main leaders when it either concerns another group or it is an issue they cannot handle themselves. Leaders may be elected or added depending on how the community feels their group is being run. It is highly influenced by vote of majority.
Description: Motivated by the collapse of the two main powers on the Rock, a group of women banded together who had been tortured and abused by former gang leader Alarisset’s men. They resolved that while chaos had descended around them they were no longer going to let themselves live in fear. Therefore, this group gathered the few they could, mostly women, and settled a new city. They erected defences and made homes for where the children could rest. They resolved to be a safe place for travellers and those seeking to escape the expected bloodshed to come.
While they do welcome newcomers all visitors must register with a group to be granted more than one day and night of respite. They are more trusting of women though they do not entirely trust those in power. Therefore, leaders are under close scrutiny and can lose favour quickly. Those of Arkayas do not venture out unless it is to do business or to leave the state entirely.
Culture: Skylander, Sudean

White Hand
Head of State: The Albino
Population: 350
Government: A militaristic group under the absolute rule the “Albino”, who they believe to be a legend come to life. The Albino has a council of generals, who lead several captains and lieutenants, soldiers and non-combatants.
Description: The Albino rules with an iron fist, and the White Hand is one of the most organized and crime-free clans due in part to his code of conduct. To outsiders, the White Hand are zealots, aggressively expanding their area of influence, but surprisingly little bloodshed occurs under the Albino’s command.
Culture: Naraat, Yyb

The Necropolis
Head of State: Mordecai, “The Grave Traveller”
Population: 780
Government: A society run by the Head Priest or Priestess, elected by the populace among a group of their peers. Though the head priest may be in charge of the direction the tribe will take for the future, they must call a vote with a council of religious figures among the Yyb to discuss matters.
Description: The Yybal are a tribe worshipping death and the afterlife, though they do not precisely revel in death itself. The Yybal are one of the oldest tribes on the Rock but they accept newcomers from all across the planet to join their tribe. Most outsiders are those who've heard the legends of those who originally ruled the Rock who are said to be buried deep within a hidden chamber in the pyramids long forgotten by mankind. The members of the Necropolis aim to find these long buried rulers for some unknown purpose. Their leader Mordecai is a grim sort whose true heritage remains a mystery. They have a month long ceremony celebrating the Dead, and their festivities can be heard from miles away, though it is rumoured that their celebration has a hidden purpose.
Culture: Yyb

ImageThese are the states beyond the Rock, many trying to rebuild the legacy of the fallen galactic kingdoms that came before the Oblivion War. They are the great powers of this world, and though their attention has not yet turned to the Rock, in time it may...

Holy Matranical Empire
Head of State: Holy Matranical Empress Anaszia Kusiliosc
Population: 160,000,000
Government: An absolute monarchy ruled by Empress Anaszia Kusiliosc. A self-proclaimed holy state and succesor to the Empire of Ulfire, the Vindican Empire, and the Kingdom of Sor. The Empire boasts itself as the victor of the Oblivion War and also the central point of reference for the wide-spread Matran Religion, with the Empress being the religious head. It is maintained of both directly controlled imperial territories and vassal states. The ruling body of the Empire is the Presidium, who report directly to the Empress.
Description: The cultures of the Matran are as varied as its worlds. Though many aspects of the Imperial culture feel like continuations of the galactic kingdoms that came before it the Empire has played fast and loose with its feudal heritage, often making new nobles out of the conquering warlords across the worlds as opposed to reinstating old ones, and having custom governments and laws in place on each world as needed for maximum political stability. The Empire has also attempted to maintain each of its subject’s cultural independence, trying not to anger any of the vassalized people whilst still in a fragile state of rebuilding the galaxy. The policies of the Empire have been less aggressive than that of galactic kingdoms past, the Matran trying to merge foreign religions, languages and customs with the existing cultures rather than replace it.
Culture: Galactic

Empire of Longbao
Head of State: Empress Mellodia En
Population: 300,000
Government: An absolute monarchy resurrected after various succession crisis' with the help of the Holy Matranical Empire. Formerly a very isolationist Empire, the previous emperor forced Longbao to expand by introducing them to the galaxy. This introducing to the galactic kingdoms led to the exploitation of Longbao’s land and the decimation of its people, nearly eighty percent of its population wiped out in the Oblivion War. Now under new leadership, the world still keeps to itself but now harbours close and much more amicable ties to the Matran.
Description: A wondrous planet mostly covered in large bodies of water and very few patches of land, in the last ten years the Empress and her people have worked on rebuilding Longbao to what it once was. It is a long and arduous process, but the world is finally beginning to become prosperous again. Longbao also have begun to expand their power on their neighbouring worlds with expeditions into surrounding Dark Space and peacekeeping missions on the Rock and the jungle planet Jopak.
Culture: Galactic

Most Serene Republic of Neijei
Head of State: Supreme Magistrate Tui Fugong
Population: 138,000,000
Government: A mixed government model combining the autocratic principles of the former Baon Empire with an elected Harakan government. The Supreme Magistrate is elected by a council of nobility and reigns until death or abdication. A Supreme Tribunal operates in secret to uphold the laws of the Republic, their judgement higher than even the Supreme Magistrate's.
Description: The young Neijei republic is a combination of the Apho Xenxii Republic and the Harakan People's Republic merging. Two upstart states with skewed versions of democracy, the powerful Neijei republic is one of the Holy Matranical Empire's nearest and largest competitors. Neijei is a prosperous merchant state, their trade flourishing more so than any other system in the galaxy.
Culture: Galactic

Kingdom of Thalseen
Head of State: King Ludoman VI
Population: 41,000,000
Government: An absolute monarchy in the vein of the galactic kingdoms that came before. The Kingdom of Thalseen aims to rebuild the Vindican Empire to what it once was. They have recognized and taken in much of the landless nobility, swearing to restore their lost titles.
Description: Thalseen continues the tradition of the Vindal nobility, having made it out of the Oblivion war with it's feudal government intact they were able to garner the support of several of the old nobility. Thalseen has attracted landless nobles from across the galaxy, from the former Sora System to Trypia. They do not recognize the Holy Matranical Empire's new government and insist that the lands of the empire be granted to the old nobility, though these requests have fallen on deaf ears.
Culture: Galactic


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M'Kama knocked once more, this time adding, "Thelloni, are you home? This is M'Kama of the Yybal. I was apart of your excavation team out east several years ago."


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Price gave an appreciative nod to the girl at the desk as he took a seat in the lobby. Was a lovely place all in all, much like many of the mansions and palaces of Sor, Ulfire, and now the Matran. Reminded him of what he left behind...


Ash's face lit up as Otis finally stirred. "Otis old boy! Finally returned to us!" He exclaimed as he ran over to the unsteady young man. "Far too much as happened. You got shot, if you couldn't tell, and we've been ah..." The Captain looked up to the canon. "Well, we've been fairly busy since that." Ash went into explaining the battle that had broken out, and how he wasn't exactly sure what set it off, but that it may have been one of Arubak's trigger happy men.

"That, or that woman who walked in on our meeting about the bullets. Well... Perhaps there's one other person..." He trailed off for a moment before looking at the others. "M'Kama wasn't on the battlefield with us, at any point. I don't know where he is or where he went, but I know he wasn't in that battle."

Ash went quiet as he let Otis take in the information he had relayed, looking once more to Horik and Syra, and also waiting to get some input from Seru. "We do need to locate some place we can stay safe, especially with the canon. Not sure I like the idea of waiting here though, feels to exposed. Anyone have any other thoughts or ideas?"

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Re: Lords of Rock

Oh wow! Thats really nice candlejack, we're open! Some of our rps are really focused on being new member friendly, this one is a weirder, harder sell but I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Re: Lords of Rock

First time back in a solid while but this caught my eye as something interesting. I may ask to join if there comes a point in the story where another character could or should be introduced. I'll be reading along.

Re: Lords of Rock

Okay! First post is launched but we won't be properly starting until this weekend, most likely! I just wanted to set the stage for what was to come so everyone could get their first posts ready! We're still waiting for a few more users to submit characters so we wont start until thats complete.

Re: Lords of Rock

That's some great enthusiasm, guys, but let's temper that metal while it's still hot.

Anyone brave enough to make a character in this thread will have a great time. This is true writing, where memories are made, laughs are heard, and tears are shed for the stories we will create together.

Please... don't miss out. Join up! You won't regret it.

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They love rice on the Rock! I'm glad you're getting in character AtlasAtrium!

They also make pies out of ant dung!

Re: Lords of Rock


Re: Lords of Rock

Now that sounds enticing Pirate of Pie! I love sci-fi fantasy that combines all desert settings into one for post-colonial anti-imperialist character based adventure! We almost have enough profiles to launch so we'll probably start later this week or on the weekend!

Re: Lords of Rock

Oh man, I can't wait for this to launch! Hey potential players! Y'all ain't never seen an rp like this! Not on this site unless you perused, browsed and otherwise absorbed the contents of the previous works of this group.

Action, drama, comedy, adventure? You want that shit?! It's all in here! We got all the ingreidents, the fresh recipe straight from gradma's cookbook. We firin' up the grill, setting the oven to precisely 350 degrees. It's the end of summer baby, you want your Roleplaygateway family cookout, you came to the right place.

So, gather your friends, gather your family. All of them won free season passes to the wildest ride of the summer, fall, winter, AND spring! Don't miss the opportunity to experience greatness on a cosmological scale. I can promise you, you won't be disappointed.

Lords of Rock

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Hey everyone! Welcome to Lords of Rock! We're getting our profiles in and will start in a week or so! Please feel free to comment here any questions.