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Syra Onnet [56] A thrall who seeks more from life.
Captain Ash [16] A man gone wild, either by lust, by wars, or by the desert sun. Or maybe he's just clinically insane.
M'Kama [12] Life and death, two sides of the same coin. With that in mind, he crafts his own luck.
Neko stacy [4] I am sweet and loving, i protect and comfort
Mathis Gladys45 [4] New
londy [4]
lauraine [2] Today most of the people from all over the world are using the internet from different devices like PC, Laptop or smartphone etc.The internet has given birth to many online crimes, known as cyber-crimes, created by expert hackers. As each and every detail

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#, as written by Nulix
"She loves da' metals..." The gun totting dward said, resting his dirty feet into the waters and looking down solemnly. "She has many prisoners.. many thralls... she gives 'em somethin', de' give 'er metal back. She don't... eat it 'doh. She just burn it, like we's gonna burn you!"

"Metals... STUPID metals," The middle dward frothed, punching the pile of gold they'd climbed down futilely. "Meats! We just! Wants! MEATS."

The gruff dward crossed his arms as Seru drank. The water was hot, it threatening to burn her throat as it went down, but it felt clean enough. From across the bubbling pool she heard more voices through the smokes- this one a mans.

"You know who I am...and ya damn well know what I seek. My ring. All I want is my ring. No funny stuff. I'll know it when I touch it..."


Qunith squinted at the impotent man before them. "If it's wound up here you must not have held onto it very tightly," They hissed to Arubak. "All metals here are for the forge."

The witch laughed, shaking her head as she cradled her hands. "Oh dear, oh dear... so much complainin. Yes, yes I'll help you find your ring. But why are the rest of you here?" She turned back to the wind that shielded Otis. "What brought you so far from home?"